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What to Buy on Black Friday 2019

what to buy on black Friday 2019

It is just one month away, isn’t it time to start planning on what to buy on black Friday 2019?

Black Friday in 2019 falls on Friday, 29th of November – but as with every year now – most of the best black Friday deals will start to appear prior to the date. The largest consumer shipping event of every year is rapidly moving towards us,taking no prisoners as it is now just couple of weeks away, and there is no other better time to start pepping for the ineluctable whirlwind of shopping deals this year.

Black Friday is the most highly anticipated shopping day of the year, involving heavy price reduction immediately following U.S thanksgiving day, from Friday (the original black Friday) through Monday (cyber monday).

But to really take advantage of the Black Friday this year, there is a lot you seriously need to know. And that is why we are here.

While it occurs around the month before the Christmas season, it is the best time to come across holiday gifts at very cheap rates. So, I urge you to make a note in your calendar, like, right now! – this one is not a day to miss.

If you are searching for the coolest deals on your favourite product, you will find them during the black Friday sales.

However, getting the best deals possible is not as simple as showing up on a Friday morning and expecting that a cheap speaker set will land on your cart – who does that?

One thing you should know and never forget about the black Friday is that there is serious competition among retailers even as the D-day waxes bigger and bigger each year., they will want to slash the prices of their products on the actual day itself – but this is not only what you should bare in mind.

Many of them are actually offering competitive deals in the lead-up to the main event, too! Some of them starts slashing prices a full two weeks be fire the D-day,examples are retailers such as Amazon, currys,and Argos. In this connection, we are here to make sure you make the most out of this forthcoming black Friday and to see that you do not miss out.

Best deals on Black Friday 2019; what are your expectations ?


Ordinarily, you should expect to find some super, great bargains on all the latest and greatest home appliances, children’s toys, beauty, as well as tech gadgets. So if you are reading this now and you’ve got your eyes on a particular product for Black Friday, you’re worth waiting to see if its price has been slashed or dropped.

Looking back into 2018, Curry’s product had some really great TV deals on offer, while Amazon unleashed a number of their Echo and Fire tablets.

For those of us that remembered last year’s black Friday, you will agree with me that its sales period was really massive success for Amazon. As declared, it was the single highest shopping in the company’s history.

So, as for on the 29th of November this year, it is quite accurate to expect Amazon throwing in a tidy sum of new surprise to help the company keep that “biggest ever” promise with its customers. Chances are retailers across the globe are going to get in on the black Friday madness, which now stretches over a whole week!

This brings us to the heart of this article. We have carefully divided this article into two part that will help you to know top-on-the-line products to buy in black Friday 2019

First, I will be sharing with you the best black Friday shopping guide for this year. Afterwards, we will identify few items that offered maximum savings or relevant from a timing perspective.

So guys!, if you’d love to kick off your holiday season the right way and make the most out of your black Friday shopping in 2019, here is our pick on what to buy.
Plus, an imperative shopping guide for the biggest day in the U.S calendar. Can’t wait for black Friday this year? Here’s a guide for what to buy.

Thinking About What to Buy on Black Friday 2019?

Most brand will like that their deals are kept veiled until the day they go live. But you can be sure there will be loads of deals around. Let us help you take out the hustle that comes with the Black Friday, with these top tips.

1. Plan ahead

This should apparently be the first on our list when it comes to black Friday tips and buying guide for 2019.

If you think you are going to just march into that local mall in your area on a sunny black Friday and march out with a white nylon bag containing king’s ransom of bargains, then you had better adopt a better strategy this year.


For this forthcoming black Friday, you’ve got to have a plan. It is not too late to start planning your shopping deals. By now, you should have planned the stores you are going to, what type of order you will make, and of course, the time you will wake up on black Friday.

For everyone who have got eyes on a big-ticket item, such as a TVs, You need to understand that you will certainly have a great competition from fellow shoppers.

For example, if I’ve got eyes on a laptop for this black Friday (big-ticket Item), It’ll be very wise of me to select a store with an arrangement that I’m quite familiar with.

Having done that, I will set an alarm to wake up as early as possible. This will help me save the pericios moments that would have been lavished in my shopping time.

That’s it… having a plan.

So you too, top up the game by planning what you will be buying, from where and the time to line up. A very key

2. Don’t just be told, do some research

This is similar to the previous tip. Doing your research is one good way to get the most out of the black Friday. Hence, digging deeper to find out exactly how much discount will be allocated to the product you wanna buy.

However, some of these ‘savings’ you see on some items are not as big as they seem or you think. With prices,maybe, only slightly lower than they were a day before the black Friday.

Some companies like Amazon will always see that their discounts look pretty much bigger, thus, revealing the savings they are providing against the RRP of a product.

One tool I will recommend you is the CamelCamelCamel. It helps you find out exactly what discount you are getting for a product. But it is for Amazon products.

Just type the product’s name at the search bar at the top of the screen and you’ll be able to find its real price history.

3. Go for big-ticket items first

On black Fridays, some items are just better sales out there at other times. Having known this, you can now sit down and strategize on the smartest items to shop for in Black Friday and what to sweep under the carpet.

I will site a good example to aid more understanding of this strategy : As the holidays for kids gets closer, smaller products like toys, will continue to be discounted and yield savings, this will he a into December.

If you’ve got eyes on boots and coats for winter, they will become cheaper long after the holiday because the weather begins to change at this period.

Then for techs like laptops, it is best to go for them towards September. Here, we all know that a new school year is approaching.

So the scope of the whole thing is to prioritize the biggest item on your list, go from big malls to small ones – the low price tag attachment on that camera or TV at big malls that you’ve been trying to get will definitely surprise you that Friday.

Bigger items are usually the first to be sold out. So do not miss out, let the big items be the first in your shopping list.

4. Check shipping cost and reviews on more time

People gets so excited about Black Friday deals that they forget to check the specifics of the product that are buying. Taking time to read the expert reviews will not only let the know whether the product is good, but will also how long the product has been there ( old product aren’t up to the botttom)

If you are likely to rely on Amazon, it is best that you sign up for prime,where you will get premium shipping service free of charge. If otherwise, ensure you check out for any extra cost like taxes or shipping before placing an order to avoid saying sorry to your bank account in a grand style.

The use of voucher codes sites also provides list of promo codes for free delivery and no extra charges on certain products. They also inform you about any further discount on the item you are shopping. The choice remains yours, friend.

Yes. Now that you’ve gotten the necessary tips on black Friday shopping deals, we will not feel fulfilled if we do not share with you the best things to buy on black Friday, 2019. Thus, Be our guest….

Here are what to buy on black Friday, 2019


1. Laptops

What on earth have you been shopping in the previous years that you have not still had a quality laptop at a very good cheap rate yet ?. Laptops have been and will remain one of the most advertised doorbuster items on black friday sales till forever

While the discount on MacBook pro laptops are limited, windows laptops offers significant savings. This may be one of the reasons why we’ve seen a shift from windows to mac for some years.

Notwithstanding, some stores may offer their best price down this time.

2 TVs

 what to buy on black Friday 2019

This particularly help you shop on expensive lounge-screen TVs and, at the same time, save over hundreds of dollars that you would have spent during some other time.

Don’t let it go this coming black Friday because average savings can be over $500 (especially for the TVs like 65-inches or more)

For example, Dell comes up with good inventory of wide variety of electronics & access, and backpacks. – but we have noticed that Samsung restrict resellers to maintain the same price during the season. So it is wise to buy a Samsung from a store like Dell. You see the idea now?

3. Electronic gadgets

 what to buy on black Friday 2019

Shh!, the desired item this year may include Google Mini or Apple iPhone X.

New gadgets are released everyday from mostly Amazon, fitbits, Nest, Echo to iPhone, Samsung galaxy and other smartphones.

You should watch from stores like Target, Bestguy and Amazon.

4. Toys

If you are looking for a great time to buy toys to give your kids as Christmas gift,no other better time than the 29th of November.

Spoiler alert : this year, some top store have had their top toy list released already and in the flyer (soon).

Wallmart, Target, and Toyrus are stores to watch.

5. Video games

 what to buy on black Friday 2019

Sony, Microsoft, Or perhaps, Nintendo come up with new games every black Friday. Plus, free gift cards with lesser price on console or free games are offered my most stored during Black Friday.

Available stores to watch includes Microsoft, bell, bestguy, and of course, Amazon

6. Home Appliances

 what to buy on black Friday 2019

Get the best deal ever on refrigerators, washers and dryers during the black friday. Sears and Kmart have them all

We hope to see you smiling bright after this year’s black Friday as you try our what to buy on black Friday 2019.

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