What You Need to Know About Rideshare Accidents and How to Handle them

What You Need to Know About Rideshare Accidents and How to Handle them

Rideshares came as an absolute lifesaver to ease traffic. Unlike the traditional days when you had to walk along a street to find a taxi, times have changed. Thanks to technology, finding a ride is now made easy at the click of a button.

However, accidents sometimes happen even when you are careful on the road. Sometimes, you can be the passenger or driver. However, irrespective of your position, the course of action follows a distinct route.

The guide below offers practical tips on what you should do in the unfortunate event of an accident. Additionally, here’s what you need to know should such an incident happen.

The Insurance Cover

When the accident happens, the relevant insurance company is bound to step in. In the case of rideshare, every driver should have a valid personal insurance cover. Additionally, another insurance carrier who can shoulder the damage includes the rideshare company insurance.

Therefore, if the accident results from the other driver’s actions, their insurance company will sort out the injuries. It is also essential to note that the rideshare liability coverage is dependent on the specific period in which the particular driver is currently in at that moment.

For instance, period zero is where there is nil coverage if the driver in question was not logged in the mobile applications. The second category involves period one, where the driver has not accepted a ride request from a client but is active in the app.

Such a scenario warrants compensation on your injury claim of up to $100,000 in a single incident. You may also receive compensation under period two, where the rideshare driver has accepted your ride and is in transit to your pickup location.

The payment will go up to $1,000,000. Another compensation category involves one in period three, where you have started your ride. Should an accident happen, you can receive up to $1,000,000 and compensation to the car with no limits, together with coverage to motorists who may not have insurance.

After the Accident

Whether you are driving for or riding with rideshare, the standard protocol after the accident is the same. The safety of everyone matters. It will include drivers of both vehicles, passengers, and also other road users. However, you should only move yourself and others if you are sure the movement cannot trigger more injuries.

Call for Help

It is also advisable to immediately ask for help from an emergency medical service provider. Contact 911 immediately for a medical team dispatch to your site and wait for help to arrive. Never leave the site if help has not arrived unless it is necessary. It is also advisable to contact your lawyer after the incident to provide the legal framework to get compensation for the personal injuries.

The blog on https://www.brookslawgroup.com/tampa/ elaborates how a professional team offers a suitable remedy for addressing any legal concerns you may have following the accident. Additionally, your attorney will be the mediating party between you and the rest, especially with the insurance companies’ representatives.

Remember, it is advisable not to contact the defendant’s lawyers directly as it may affect your case. Your lawyer has the mandate of proving negligence when suing another party for liability of the case.

Ideally, you must show the defendant had the duty to uphold care. However, you show the defendant actively had a breach of that duty, and thus, you sustained injuries as a result of their actions.

Medical Treatment

Professional medical evaluation following the accident should be prompt to eliminate the risk of developing other injuries that can be detrimental to your health. Your doctor will provide a diagnosis and treatment of any damages you may have and offer the most suitable treatment plan.

In such instances, it is also essential to record all the medical treatments you undergo. The records are instrumental in building your personal injury case.

The Report

After the incident, it is advisable to report to their respective company immediately. Ideally, you can contact Uber through the application and request assistance from the support team.

Making a report after an accident is mandatory in helping the authorities conclude the incident. No matter how trivial the accident may appear, it is advisable to report it as soon as possible.

Ultimately, remember that safety comes first before and even after an accident. Therefore, always uphold road safety no matter your position in the traffic cycle. Observing all traffic laws and regulation is a top priority.

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