Still on New year new resolutions, you need to read this post by lifestyle contributor Ibiwunmi Adeyeri:

So at my church @theLoftLagos, we have these Tea Party Sessions where we just basically breakout into small groups to gist and rub minds while drinking tea and munching on doughnuts.

Anyways, Sunday being the last day of the year we decided to talk about New Year resolutions, goals and plans. I personally don’t make New Year resolutions but I just assumed everyone else did. Oh I was in for a surprise while one or two people had resolutions, 98% of the group hadn’t made resolutions. The reason being ‘we all know how resolutions go’, you make them in January and by June you hardly even remember what the resolution was talkless of keeping it.

Interestingly, the entire group agreed on one thing – we all wanted 2018 to be the year where we grow spiritually. Gbam!

Now to making the plan to achieve one of our 2018 goals, we went ahead and rubbed minds and came up with different suggestions as to how to proceed. I think generally it was a helpful session; at least that’s what my group members said.

To the crux of my gist, while reflecting on the session I realized that the various suggestion would work for whatever goal one sets whether spiritual, weight loss, financial or career. So I’m going to go ahead and share just in case someone out there needs a plan on how to proceed with 2018 goals.

First and foremost we all agreed that plans were important in achieving our various goals but it is also important to commit our plans to God (Proverbs 16 v 19), who is the Master Planner.


The New Year is probably the best time to try to do something new. Get rid of every stereotyped mindset. If business as usual did not work in 2017 and years past, why do you think it would work now? If going to the gym and your keto diet did not help your weight loss goals in previous year why don’t you try swimming or dancing?

A group member raised a question as to whether one had to read the entire Bible in a year (this is a stereotyped mindset amongst most Christians). The truth is, it is more important for you to study the Word of God, understand and internalize it as opposed to just scheming through the entire Bible and not really getting the message. If reading the Bible thrice a year does not profit you then no need to put yourself in that box.

2018 cannot be business as usual, leave stereotype in 2017.


A journey of a thousand miles they say starts with one step but you actually have to get up and take that step.

At the Party, someone raised a concern as to the fact that she was unable to pray. Another person in the group suggested that she prayed short prayers every three hours as opposed to thinking of praying as being overwhelming and tedious. Dude even set reminders on his phone to help achieve his goal.

It is important that we breakdown our goals into short attainable, measurable items and take steps to achieve. Saving up N1,000 a day may seem like a small fry at first but by the 31st of December, 2018 you realize that you have N365,000 put away.

Apply same to your weight loss goals etc. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you plan to lose at least 1kg a month by the end of the year you would have lost 12kg even if you don’t reach your weight loss goals take consolation in the fact that you are not where you used to be.

Who knew baby steps could amount to much.


Accountability partners actually do work but you have to get a partner who is equally as gingered, someone who can push you to achieve your goals and vice versa. The whole point of having accountability partners is to have someone who helps you stay on track. You can have a different partner for each of your various goals.


I know this particular sub-heading sounds one kind. Lool! But yeah, it is important to seek help if need be for your 2018 goals. Luckily, we live in an age where almost everything is online and there is an App or e-tool for most things.

Be resourceful, go online, ask questions, get professional help but above all don’t give up.

About Ibiwunmi Adeyeri

A lawyer, writer, agropreneur and creative director at Ladunni Alasooke, Ibiwunmi describes herself as a restless soul who is basically a composition of various oxymoron.

Above all, Ibiwunmi is passionate about seeing the will of God being done on earth as it is in Heaven. You can connect with Ibiwunmi on Instagram @aayisha.a.


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