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How to Save for Christmas in 2019

how to save for christmas

How to Save for Christmas: It’s only the start of the ember months and you’re feeling the Christmas vibes already. Oh, citizens! Why can’t we exercise patience towards this coming Christmas? In fact, going by the way you’re rushing matters, I’m certain you don’t even know how to save for Christmas.

Some Christmas ago, I promised myself happiness for Christmas but ended up on the wrong track of the promise – sadness! All my plans and aspirations were flushed and to worsen things, I didn’t know how to save for Christmas plentifully. As a clingy young man, I pressed on and spent. Guess what, I spent the most money of my life and my brokenness wasn’t found in any dictionary.

Right now, I’m staring at my wristwatch and it’s ticking non-stop. This can only mean one thing; that the days to Christmas are fast approaching and won’t wait. For some people, this will be their best but to some others, circumstances will force them to go low key. For me, I will ball and eat all the edibles. If anyone dares to stop me, I will eat him/her too. I know you would like to be like me and I’ll show you the way. The way is simple though, just start knowing how to save for Christmas.

In this article, I’ll not be teaching you how to save but how to save for Christmas alone. The reason is that I don’t encourage savings, especially in banks because your money is feeding and making them richer.

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Is it a Wise Decision to Save For Christmas?

Unless you want to miss out on the jamboree and fun that comes along with celebrating Christmas, you shouldn’t be asking this question.

As a hustler, it is recommended that you don’t spend your personal savings just to celebrate Xmas. There should be dedicated savings just for that. Whether the time is almost close or we have just a few weeks to Xmas, you should start to save for Christmas.

It is a wise decision to save for Christmas because you don’t get to disrupt the money that is meant for other purposes. Once you start saving for Christmas on time, you get to feel relaxed when the season is around and you are making expenses.

The good thing behind this saving is that you don’t feel bad or have the guilt of wasting money whenever you are spending. After all, you already made plans to use the money for the season.

But if you don’t save, you may be tempted to either use finances meant for other projects just to celebrate Christmas – bad financial decision!

What Christmas Should Be Like

Now that you’re anticipating Christmas, and prolyl anxious about winter’s cold, do you even know what it should be like? Hey, what you’re thinking is what I’m insinuating! You feel I don’t know what you’re thinking? A big lie! Look, you’re already questioning yourself whether truly, you know what Christmas should be like, wrong? Anyway, I will tell you so that you’ll see the need to know how to save for Christmas.

Christmas? Man, this is the time when your lover should call you “My Life”. This should be a thing or a period of joy. If you have a family, gather them and if you can drink, drink but not to stupor.

Have your neighbours ever felt your presence? If ‘no’, Christmas should be the period when you make them holla at you in the neighbourhood.

I’m a single fellow and I’m willing to see through this Christmas on a powerful note. This intention of mine is backed by the reason that I have saved enough! Intimately, I do pity some of the ‘panties’ and ‘skirts’ that will sway pass me. Bro, I’m going to wave them open, look and handle what lies beneath. Bro! Sis! You can be like me, just read on.

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This is How to Save for Christmas Easily and Fast

I’m about to show you how to save for Christmas the way I am doing mine. Mind you, I started mine some days ago and I already have enough and counting. Between now and that day – Xmas, trust me, you’ll save double my amount. However, I won’t reveal my amount to you; save yours while I save mine.

I have just 6 things for you. Forget about those 20-ways junks on the internet. I’m all about simplicity and fact, come on, let’s go on!

How to Save for Christmas 1. Create a Realistic Christmas Budget

how to save for christmas

I choose to use the term ‘realistic’ because budgeting has a rampant questioning problem these days. Although having a budget is very vital on how to save for Christmas, how you do it matters. Now, let me explain why I’m using ‘realistic’ to qualify the sort of budgeting I’m referring to. Many people oftentimes make budgets that make little sense. I realized this because I was once one of such ‘many people’.

How can you budget something which might be difficult to attain? It doesn’t make sense and the painful part is that it will fail right from the start. Thinking big for this coming Xmas is not bad at all. However, when you begin to think far from reality, there is a problem and you might go bankrupt. I highlighted when something this silly befell me in the introductory part of this article. For me, it will be wiser for you to learn from such and not experience what I did.

How do You Create a Realistic Budget?

The one way to cheat poverty during Xmas is to budget well and realistically. This is how to budget well enough.

  • First, identify your present financial position
  • Know what costs most of your earnings and try to adjust
  • Set powerful goals
  • These goals must rally within your achievable circle
  • Ignore some money-taking aspects of the budget
  • Never set a goal you may not reach

How to Save for Christmas 2. Shop Now

how to save for christmas

There is this impression that the Xmas period makes prices inflate. It might seem untrue but it’s actually very true. I grew up in a business-minded family and my dad exposed us 100% to what business is. I can attest to the fact that during Xmas, cost of goods deliberately inflates with reasons unknown even by sellers.

Believe me, it’s a magical and helpless situation that even business people can’t find answers to. For me, this is solely due to the fact that people blindly prefer to flood the market during Xmas. This is principally to surprise lovers or to change wardrobe against the New Year.

Moreover, shopping goes beyond buying house items and groceries. Don’t you want beef for Christmas? How about some tasty chicken? Don’t tell me goat meats, dog meats and muttons aren’t your favourites. Hey, I love meaty things! If you claim to be a vegetarian, hmm! It’s good though. You know why? It guarantees enough meat for my constantly hungry belly; I am no glutton, however.

As veg, shop the vegetables now but remain some for me to use in gulping my mutton water. Also, do ensure that you purchase leather belts and shoes made of vegetables – saves a life.

How to Save for Christmas 3. Try High Yield Investments

how to save for christmas

This is quite controversial and not highly recommended if you are a novice to investing. HYIP are investment programs that have a very high-interest rate within a short period of time.

What it allows you do is put in a small amount of money and make over 400% of your interest within the shortest time – sometimes it takes about 2 weeks to maturity.

Why it is called a HYIP is because of the risk factor that comes along with such investment. Let me be frank with you, there is a high chance of you losing your money if you decide to invest.

Let’s just say that the risk factor is 50/50 – you may lose your money and you may also gain much money as interest.

So instead of saving and struggling to meet up with your Christmas savings budget, you can just invest in an HYIP and make a huge profit all at once.

After all, the best way to save is to make more money and more money. According to the SmartLazyHustler, here are some of the HYIP programs that pays.

Once again, you may lose your money, so don’t invest with money you can’t afford to lose.

How to Save for Christmas 4. Cancel Out Subscription Fees

how to save for christmas

Have you ever heard the quote “you can’t eat your cake and have it”? Yes, it applies to this situation. If you want to save for Christmas, then you have to make your priorities to revolve around the season.

Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and several other subscriptions that cost you hundreds of dollars monthly should be eliminated from your budget.

That amount can easily be converted to our Christmas savings budget, ready to be spent during the season. Unless watching these subscriptions are part of your Christmas celebrations, then go ahead and upgrade your subscription.

But if it isn’t a part of your Christmas plans, then cancel it and divert the money for something better during Christmas.

How to Save for Christmas 5. Abandon Irrelevant Projects

“So many things are as useless as a cup handle inside a cup”

There are things that are just not worth doing, no matter what transpires. I may not be able to spot them as they apply on your own end, but do away with them. These sort of things make it 50X difficult for you to get along with your plans.

I remember budgeting an iPhone during my early 20s. I have never been that clueless in my life and that will never repeat itself. Simply because I lusted for an iPhone, I opted not to pay my course registration dues and save for an iPhone f**king 4! Today, such an iPhone is too poor to snap my Xmas fish.

So, what am I suggesting in essence? That you should do away with projects that are less meaningful. The best way to identify such projects is to assess their values. Are you planning to get a new refrigerator?

Think, what’s wrong with your current refrigerator? Would it rather be nice to have a fridge and not have what to put inside? If I visit your home during Xmas, tell me the drinks aren’t cold but don’t tell me there isn’t a drink. I step outside, stamp my feet and search for a better Xmas home.

How to Save for Christmas 6. Suspend Travels

It’s very helpful if you can do this. If you ache to travel, suspend it, if possible. This start of ember months is just few-days count to Xmas and you should exercise more patience. If you travel now, you’ll spend and such is not a saving culture on how to save for Christmas.

While writing this, I was pampered by an old aunt to check in on her in the next town. I’m very serious about my saving and will not go anywhere until Xmas. I’ll pray her to exercise further patience until Christmas – not my fault.

In the end, forget that I mentioned somewhere in this post that I won’t mention my own Christmas savings. It’s just a joke. When done, drop your figures and I’ll drop mine later on for the world see. You know, men need evidence for them to believe the authenticity of things.

How to Save for Christmas 7. Open a High Savings Bank Account

While you are saving money – literally, you can complete the end process by putting the money into the bank and seek for a multiplier.

Some bank products let you earn almost 10% on whatever amount you save for one month – which is great if you start now and begin saving with them.

Most of these savings accounts are real and there is no way to lose your money. Also, I suggest that you visit the bank physically and make enquiries on their high savings account that could multiply your money within the shortest possible period of time.

Conclusion on How to Save for Christmas

Personally, I don’t advise people to save for Christmas; you should make more money to allow you spend more money.

There is no limit to how much you can earn and enjoy just by hustling the right way. Take your time and check out the best ways to make money – online and offline, and build your own fortune!

Merry Christmas in Advance and Merry Christmas!

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