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He Proposed In A Very Annoying Way – Nigerian Couple Share Their Unique Wedding Story

nigerian couple

Ayotunde and Temitope’s love story is one that may seem more romantic than spiritual, however, the spiritual undertone should not be missed, as the connection between these two lovebirds was actually more spiritual than emotional.

It is a beautiful love story, one that talks of going for and speaking what one wants into EXISTENCE; the PRESENT and the FUTURE.

This love story of Ayotunde and Temitope resonates with us in every sense of the word and we hope it inspires you to appreciate and fall in love with LOVE

Ayotunde knew what he WANTED, and WENT for it!

Enjoy the Content Below:

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    January 22, 2020 at 4:19 pm

    You people have not seen that video where the pastor said, “We don’t do that here”?

    You people went to propose at someone else’s wedding. It’s truly annoying. But your love story is great. *Roll eyes*

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