Nigerian youths are lazy – I learned President of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari, while providing answers to a question at the Commonwealth Business Forum in London on Wednesday, had described ‘a lot of’ Nigerian youths as illiterates who are lazy and want freebies based on the fact that the Country nation is an oil producing one.

See the Nigerian are lazy video below:

To say I was shocked was an understatement. Honestly!

You know why?

I have been on the road for the last one month detailing the daily hustle of Nigerians and how they work so hard to survive in a very terrible Nigerian economy. Yet the President we voted in with our PVCs had the effrontery to say ‘WE ARE LAZY’?

Let me tell you the basic truth.

Whether you are working or not. Infact whether you are busy or not, you can never survive in this country if you are LAZY. So where is the statement from the President coming from?

Nigerians are the most hardworking people ever. We hustle every single day to light our houses, push water into our compounds, pay school fees, put food in our mouths. What does the government do to provide basic infrastructural facilities? Nothing!

So, who is lazy? The Nigerian Youths or our Political class? *scoffs*

In Lagos where I live, people find it so hard to even sleep, because of the need to work to make ends meet. People wake up as early as 3AM and work so hard to pull all the ends together. A lot of workaholics in Lagos are youths. From the white to the blue collar, everyone struggles day in day out, week in week out, yet we are lazy?


A country where if you are not careful, your destiny will be truncated because of the lack of favourable government policies to aid business development. Yet they say Nigerian Youths are lazy?

See whether the President said ‘a lot of Nigerian Youths’ or not. The point is that he should never have said that, when he knows his last three years in office has seen more damage done to the Nigerian business environment, so why say Nigerians are lazy?

Enough of the rants though. These pictures will tell my ‘NigerianYouthsAreLazy’ Story:

Nigerian Youths are lazy

Location: CMS, Lagos Island. He had not sold a dime since morning and I had no choice than to buy Doughnut from him. Yet he says Nigerian Youths Are Lazy. Right?

Nigerian Youths Are Lazy

Location: Broad Street, Lagos Island. Keeping up with what is happening in the Country means Nigerian Youths are lazy. Right?

Nigerian Youths are lazy

Location: CMS, Lagos. Hustling day in day out to make ends meet, even if it means selling under the bridge makes Nigerian Youths Lazy, right?

Nigerian Youths are lazy

Iwo Road: Ibadan. Waking up as early as 5:30am to cater for travelers heading out of Oyo State means Nigerian Youths Are Lazy. Right?

Nigerian Youths are lazy

The hustle of her younger years led to her aging early, yet they say Nigerian Youths are lazy. Right?

Nigerian Youths Are Lazy

Idi Iroko Busstop, Maryland Lagos. He had no financial willpower to rent a shop, yet instead of sitting at home to wait for an Oil Bloc he decided to hustle hard, yet Nigerian Youths Are Lazy right?

Nigerian Youths are Lazy

Masha, Surulere, Lagos. He is educated, yet there is no job anywhere. Better sit at home than work? Yet Nigerian Youths are Lazy. Right?

Yet Nigerian Youths Are Lazy

We find dignity in our labour. No matter what it is, we work diligently to survive. Yet Nigerian Youths Are Lazy. Right?

Nigerian Youths are lazy

Aguda Surulere, Lagos – She knows if she does not sell her KoKo, she will not EAT. Yet Nigerian Youths are lazy. Right?

Nigerian youths are lazy

Aguda, Lagos. An Okada man trying to down his bowl of pap while he goes about his daily work. Yet they say Nigerian youths are lazy. Right?

Nigerian youths are lazy

Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Lagos – Even the youthful Agbero works so hard to ensure he takes home money. Yet they say Nigerian youths are lazy. Right?

Nigerian youths are lazy

Bolade, Oshodi, Lagos – That awkward moment President Buhari said Nigerian youths are lazy and I’m like……&%$$@^@$@

Indeed Nigerian Youths are lazy. You agree?



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  1. Sidney Patterson

    This is really a fucking shame that a country so resourceful that doesn’t help its own people, my heart is torn after reading this article and viewing the photos my wife and I love each and everyone of you


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