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My World Children’s Day Pictures

my world children's day pictures

You had an amazing childhood? I bet you did!

I remember the carefree nature of my childhood. The little toddles of fun and excitement. The happiness that comes with being young and vibrant. The energy that comes from growing up and having full knowledge of the parent’s care and protection.

Oh Childhood! I miss the times!

When you look at Nigerian children in recent times, the fun they are having right and the life they live is quite different from those we were used to in the 80’s and the early 90’s. Children are now groomed to live more in tune with the vague realities of today’s world.

The girl child is now being made up to look different and take on less attributes of a child. The child boy is now being raised in the hope that he will begin to take care of the family at a very young age.

The increase in rape of the girl and boy child is not even helping matters as well. Pedophiles increase by the day and taking away the precious experience; fun and happiness of childhood.

Less efforts are being put by our leaders to effect the proper care of the child nowadays. They leave every responsibility to the parents, ignoring the fact that certain amenities cannot be provided by the parents alone.

Times are changing, trends are changing. It is important to equip ourselves with all the information we need to help children thrive in this technological and virtual world that we find ourselves.

How will you train your child?
How have you been training your child?
What do we need the Government to do?
Have the Government done anything to help children stay safe all over the Country or in the world?

My children’s day pictures. What do you see in the faces of the children in the pictures below:


What do you think about my world children’s day pictures? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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