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NYSC Batch B 2017 Registration & NYSC Portal Issues

batch b 2017 registration

My sister just called in now complaining bitterly about the NYSC batch B 2017 registration and the NYSC registration portal for the 2017 registration.

She informed that a lot of people has already gone on social media, especially twitter to vent their frustration stating that all efforts to complete their registration online has proved abortive. A lot could not even commence their registration not to talk of concluding the NYSC registration. It is not surprising though that the NYSC will still be battling with an issue it promised to fix sometimes ago. This is the period where traffic to the NYSC portal will be huge and as such it is expected that necessary back end provisions are made to absorb the huge influx of traffic.

Why is the sudden issue with resgistration?

Having announced yesterday Tuesday, 24 October as the start date for the batch B 2017 online registration, necessary steps should have been taken to place everything that will ensure a seamless and hassle free registration. But the story is just pathetic and different.

One of her friends called me later today and informed me that 

Those IT guys working with/ for NYSC should be queried or even suspended. Why is ordinary completing a form online a problem. This is even one of the most mundane thing to do yet NYSC is finding so difficult to deal with this issue.

Everything on here is just like heave, you struggle and become born again. Isn’t this registration expected to be easy and run smoothly?

While I believe she has a point, I would just wait for NYSC to come up with a statement stating the issue is rectified already and everyone moves one. Prospective corps member should not complain about the NYSC every time the registration comes up. The NYSC needs to do something.

What’s the NYSC registration like in your area? Have you been able to complete your registration? Do you have feedback for NYSC? Please drop in the comment section below.










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