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Happy Dating Anniversary Messages

Happy dating anniversary

Happy dating anniversary messages: You must have come across people celebrating the day they started dating just like some couples celebrate their marriage after one year. Some celebrate ten year marriage anniversary. Most of the time, dating don’t last up to ten years at most 7 years except in some rare cases. We have some messages for you to send to your lover on your dating anniversary.

Happy Dating Anniversary SMS

1. This is our third year; our love story has been a great one. It has been the most beautiful experience in this world for me. Happy anniversary.

2. Amidst struggles, fight, troubles, and sorrow, we have never thought of living with each other even for once. This is worth celebrating.

3. Our love is not of this world alone but of heaven as we are deeply in love and refuse to break up.

4. When you have a good woman beside you, this world will be a great place for you to live. Have a great day.

5. Today is our dating anniversary, I am happy to have you in my life. Happy anniversary to the best love ever.

6. You have been patient with me since these years, this is a sign of the true love you have for me. I love you.

7. Today being one of the most important days of our life, I remember the first day we met. How gorgeous you were looking for.

8. A smile from you is one of the best gifts someone can have in this life; you are so much important to me.

9. Somehow, my love grows for you every single day of my life; I never thought of falling deeply in love with you until the day I finally married you.

10. You are my blessed guy, the future husband I can’t joke with his matter. You are special and lovely.

11. Anniversary of a blessed love that came my way. The most beautiful love story I have ever heard about and experienced is the one I have with you.

12. Some people believe so much in the Romeo and Juliet kind of story but the one I have for you is beyond that.

13. With you, my life is complete because you are my missing rib. All I need from you is a smile and this day will be well celebrated.

14. the love that flows in my heart for you comes in a great speed of light. Indeed, it is the most beautiful experience from the day we met.

15. I am happy that I have found a special man like you all my life and my success in this life has to do with your support and the special love shown to me.

16. Happy anniversary to the most beloved girlfriend ever in this world. You are so much loved and the truth still remains the same.

17. I love you more and more every second I set my eyes on you. I can imagine this world existing without you to make me smile.

18. Wishing you sound health and a healthy mind to celebrate this special day in our life. It is not easy to stay together up till this moment.

19. I have searched the whole world for someone more interesting than you are but can’t find. I love you, my dear angel.

20. I will always be yours now and at any time. You are the best person in this world for me. I wish you all the best.

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Happy Dating Anniversary Texts

21. I love the future because I cannot stop imagining how a home will be sweet with you in it. Happy anniversary.

22. All in my thoughts, I have always wished to be your wife. I am so much in love with you like never before.

23. When things were bad, you were with me and now that things are good it is because you never get tired of me. I love you.

24. I have accepted my fate in life that I will spend the rest of my life with someone special. A gem of passion.

25. The most precious thing I ever encounter so far in life is that I have you as a lover. You are so sweet.

26. Anytime I look at your bright face, I remember the entire moments we have shared together. Happy anniversary to my dear love.

27. I can’t cope in a world that lacks your face because you are the air I breathe and the heart that beats in me.

28. To my beloved angel, today marks one of the most special days of our life. I wish you all the best in this world.

29. Every minute of an encounter with you changes my mood. It gives me a sense of being loved by the most handsome man on earth.

30. The entire time we have spent together speak good of you, this is the more reason why I cherish you so much.

31. With this little time I spent with you, my life has been changed for good. My heart beats well for the most beautiful woman.

32. Whenever there is smile sparkling on your cheeks, I understand that you are at the best mood ever. I love you.

33. The fate that led me to you must be the best ever occurred to a man. You are so sweet, loving and nice. I wish you all the best.

34. Indeed, you are my best friend and the best date ever. My thought is always focused on getting married to you one day.

35. I think of a day I will wake up to see you next to me. I look forward to that precious time that will bring us together as a husband and his wife.

36. Let this world understand the kind of feelings I have for you it will be the best so that no one will have to bother to intrude the bond between us.

37. Let us bless this day with our laughter and enjoyment. We are always there for each other this has been the most beautiful thing in my life.

38. You are simply the best man for me; I appreciate your love for me. Happy dating anniversary for my angel.

39. I am so much in love with you because you are always at the point of rescuing me from sorrow through your love.

40. The best place for me to be today is your heart. It is my joy and the most beautiful home I want to dwell for the rest of your life.

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Happy Dating Anniversary Words

41. Loving you is the most interesting thing that makes me happy. It is the joy that reign in my heart. I wish you a beautiful anniversary today.

42. Whenever I look into your eyes, the fire that burns in it is the power of the love I have for you. Happy anniversary.

43. The most beautiful smile ever seen is the one that emanates from the deepest corner of your heart; it is the best feeling to mark a dating anniversary.

44. I will have been happier to celebrate this special day on the top of Mount Everest to show you how much you mean to me.

45. Even at the expense of my life, I can walk in the middle of the night to show you how much I love you. Happy anniversary.

46. May your love continue to burn in my heart because I love the flame that comes with it; it gives me endless love.

47. Without you, I don’t think I will experience what true love tastes like. You came into my world to design it in the most beautiful look ever.

48. If you were not patient with me, everything will have been bad and everyone will have gone his own way.

49. You are my happiness, my joy and the best lady my heart feels for. I love you so much and wish you could see the passion in my tears.

50. If you heard about my cry, yes it is true, I have really missed you a lot. I want to be your wife. Happy anniversary.

51. You are the light in your own eyes, the passion in your heart and the treasure I adore so much with truthfulness.

52. The great love that comes to my life, the best one I can cherish with all my life because, since the day we met, all you do is making me smile.

53. Happy anniversary to my beloved girlfriend, many spots of rain have fallen, many seasons have come and gone but you are still right by my side.

54. When I said I love you, it is just the truth and there is no doubt about it. I wish you could understand the truth about my feelings for you.

55. If I can have the taste of your love for just one day, it will sustain me for the rest of my life; I hope you will have the best of the anniversary.

56. The best love I have ever experienced in this world is yours. I wish you the best in this wonderful time of our love.

57. Texts cannot explain the true meaning of my love for you, it is right here in my heart and the only action can tell some part of it.

58. Truly, you may not understand that I have always wanted to be with you. I have been missing your kisses.

59. You are my friend, my love, my world and my smile. Anytime I see you, I see the world at large. I love you to the core.

60. I used to think I am complete until I met you. I will never stop loving you for the rest of my life. Happy anniversary.

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Happy Dating Anniversary Notifications

61. In as much as I grow old with you, I will be the happiest in this world. I will always love you beyond this world.

62. Women are known for the fear of growing old, but if growing old with you is the only option, I will accept in a million time.

63. I must confess that you are just like a candy that brings joy to my heart. If you are chocolate, I will taste you forever.

64. I am in love with you not because you are rich but for the special treatment, you give to me from the bottom of your heart.

65. You have always been there in anytime no matter how sweet or bitter it is. I love you so much and will do so forever.

66. The sweetness of your kisses reminds me of the first day we met. You know I was sad and then you made me happy.

67. It is strange how you pass through the realm of life and still did not meet the one meant for you. Now I am with you the best of them all.

68. I feel like to make you smile every single minute because you are really worth it. The time we have spent together really matters to me.

69. Wishing you the best in this world because you eventually touch my heart with the reflection of your love.

70. Happy anniversary my beloved, I think of you every minute as a mother thinks about his children. I love you.

71. As we were able to reach this point at this point in time, I hope that you understand the great impact you have caused in my life.

72. You are my love, my joy and the blessed angel I wish to spend the rest of my life. I love the way you smile at me.

73. At the beginning of our relationship, I realized that you will be the most beautiful lover to ever step foot in my lifetime.

74. I have lots of things to tell you but I reserve them until we get together as the cutest couple ever met. I love you.

75. I bet I can never love anyone better than you are; this is possible because other men cannot do what you do.

76. Forget about the past pains you might have faced; always remember that we share in the pain and it is our will to live together forever.

77. Missing you so much but still, I have the strength to mark this wonderful day with you. You are my dream comes true.

78. I have these strong feelings for you, special ones that needed to be reserved until we finally become a husband and a wife.

79. You don’t know how much you have touched my heart with your passion. You are the brain behind my joy because you are creative. Thank God for meeting you.

80. I love the fact that you are part of my world; being with you is as colorful as the most beautiful rainbow ever seen. Happy anniversary to my angel. I

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