Dee Love Paragraphs

Paragraphs For Her to Make Her Day

Paragraphs For Her to Make Her Day

You don’t have to go overboard with thoughts on how to send paragraphs for her to make her day. All you need to do is check the collection we have for you. Jump right in!

Great Paragraphs for her to Make Her Day

Sweet Paragraphs For Your Crush: The Best Collection

1. She is the one I want, she is the one I see anytime I think of a woman. She has always been the most beautiful lady in my life. She is the one I cannot forget for the rest of my life. The other day I became to your home town, upon sighting you, I could not help myself again. I see the beauty that is always irresistible, a beauty of passion, love, and joy. The moment I set my eyes on you, I began to tremble because of the excess beauty you possess really drove me crazy. I could not imagine myself as normal again because your beauty is really charming and heartfelt. If I have the opportunity to put an endless smile on your face, you will always be happy because I will never allow anything to hurt you. Your love will have been my number one reason for hustle. I will do everything to ensure that you don’t suffer with me. I love you.

2. You will never understand what makes me happy whenever I see you because I don’t understand either. All I know is that I am in love with you. There is no way I can possibly do without you in my life. There is no day I don’t think about you as the most beloved companion I can lean upon whenever I am down. You are always the sweetest love that makes me happy anytime any moment. I love your smile. It is carved and shaped from the ocean made of honey. You are the cutest person I can always depend on because you always make me happy. Thank you and I love you.

3. One thing I realized about you is that you are special. You have been the best for me since the day I set my eyes on you. You have made it easy for me to enjoy this world as I have always wanted. No wonder I saw in you, the very quality I want in a woman. Thank you for your patience, thank you for your understanding and support. You are a woman I can be proud of at any time. The reason being that, at the time of hardship, you stood by my side. You didn’t run away the way most women will have done. This is one of the reasons why I will always be yours for the rest of my life. If this love is football, I will go with Chelsea, if love is Subject, I will go for Chemistry and if love is human, I will go for you.

4. You may not actually understand the waves of love rising on my mind for you. Sometimes, it baffles me, trying to make you understand that your love has reached a deep part of my heart. But the reaction I receive is not enough to appreciate the mountainous love I have for you. Never the less, I will not forget you. I will be with you side by side. I will always think of you every day and night so that you will stay connected to me. In no time, I will make you the happiest woman in the world. Believe me, I have a tangible surprise. I love you. I will cherish you for the rest of these days.

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5. Mountain is large, there is no argument about this, but there is something I discovered is bigger, which is your heart. You were able to make me happy; I will never forget this impact in my life. Love is the purpose why you and I are together. I so much love you because it is really necessary to make you happy. It is ideal to see that your face is always brightening up with endless excitement. You are the sweetest person ever and my life depends on what has been designed divinely for you and me. I love you.

6. Whatever love is, all I know is that I have accepted you with all my heart. I don’t care about your color, I don’t care about the language love speaks, all I know is that I can’t live in a life where you are not accommodated. You are more than special, and your love is a perfect touch to my heart. If you want me to live long, just accept the special love I am trying to show you. I will never love any other girl like you. Love is a fantastic fever, it goes and comes at its own will, but the kind of love I have for you stays forever in my heart. I have overcome the power of love all because of you. I want to be where you are all the days of my life. I love you beyond your imagination. You are the cutest angel of my life. I need you to know this. You will always be my ideal angel, the blessed rib I found.

7. Love is a creamy joy when you apply it properly, you enjoy it better. You have actually won my heart in such a way that I can’t explain, this means you are a dream comes true, you are the taste of joy in my life. There is no day I don’t think about every memory we share together. This is the reason why I have dedicated this time to specially write this letter to you. I want to make you feel like a superwoman, a respected angel and the most beloved joy that came to my world. I love your smile like never before and pray that you understand the aim of my love for you. I need you more than you think and you are a pillar of true love. I wish you sound health so that you will last with me.

8. I love many things, in fact, I can dedicate my time loving things but the kind of feelings I have for you is a bit different. It is something I cannot talk about. It is something I cannot forget for the rest of my life. You are the one I love from the depth of the flesh of my heart. You belong to me, I am also yours all the time. If anything should happen to you, I will be the first to cry and the last stop crying. Your words are like a magnet, they have stocked into my memory, and now I dream of your morning and night. You are the most beautiful lady all my life. Thanks a lot, I appreciate you with endless sincerity. Never will I ever see a woman as damsel as you are, you have made it easy for me to enjoy this life with you. Thank God for your true love. It still baffles me every day and night whenever I think of you that someone like you still exists on this earth. I miss you so much.

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9. You don’t know why I can’t stop loving you, even I can’t explain it. All I know is that waves of love keep coming to my heart and then I realized that at some point, could no longer stop thinking about you. This means I am now in love with someone one special which is you. Your innocent face and eyes are just a blessed beauty no man can easily resist. Thank you for being my wife and the mother of my kids. This will really make me happier in life. You are the chocolate love I have, the most beloved queen I cannot do without. You have been taking good care of me, which gives me more confidence to trust you better and better every day. I love your ways. You are the surest angel of my life. Thank you for accepting me into your life.

10. Maybe I am just lucky to have met you in this world. Since the beginning of our Love story, you have wiped away my sorrow, made me happy and also gave me many reasons to smile. I love you because you deserve it. Your character is one of the most outstanding ones ever. You are to me, as a pure bliss is to a saint. Your heart is a flavor of joy, and the blossom tree smells nice in the realm of the kind of love you deserve. You are my pen, I write a love story with your passion for me. I must confess that o have never met a woman like you before. You are simply the cutest person I can boast about. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your efforts in making me a new person, a choice that will always, impact joy and happiness that last on my mind. I need you like never before and wish you understand this fact in life. You are my supernatural angel. I was embedded in you divinely, and no one understands why I still can wake up from loving you.

11. The part of love that makes me happy the most is the part of good character and beauty. Baby, you have possessed the two parts of love that really matters to me. There is a seat of love in my head, I need you to come and occupy it. It is a place reserved by God for you. With is part, can always love you more and more. I can do everything for you as you may want. If you can make me smile, why will I not do everything to make you happy? It is compulsory to be the one that makes me happy. You will be in my heart forever as I nurture your love so that we can grow into a special couple ever. I love thinking about every moment we shared, it is something I will not easily forget. I love you, my angel.

12. Maybe we can’t be separated again, maybe our love for each other will now be the one that does not easily fade away. The truth is that now, I have found my queen, the truly sent angel of my life. The mother of my kids. I salute you, wish you lots of joy, happiness, and success. You made me cry for the first time because I couldn’t believe the kind of love shown to me by you. Thank you for my happiness, I will joyously accept you as my heartbeat forever.

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14. To the true love of my life, the true love of my life. You put a smile on my face when I was sad, your presence in my life has changed everything about me because now, I am free with you. I have fallen in love with you like never before. You belong to me, the most beloved person in the market of love. No other lady can compete in beauty with you. Your choice in life is the reason why we finally met because those with similar choices shall meet at last. Dear miss rib, I am sure I will never let you down this time, I will ensure that you are always happy this day.

15. Being in love with you is one of the most beautiful games in life. I must confess that there is nothing more interesting to me as being by your side. Your heart beats in mine, this means we are one in different bodies. I never want to be a victim of failure, that’s why I decided to hold on to you because, in you, I found the wife material that I have been searching for. I need you like never before, you are the pearl that my heart has been seeking to be with every second. You are the most gorgeous girl in this world. I feel great happiness that cannot be easily controlled.

16. Day and night, tears of passion roll down my cheeks. It baffles me that it is now very hard for me to stop thinking about you. The kiss you mounted on my neck the other day has left the trace of love in my heart that I hardly forget you. Thank you for the very joy sent in RI o my blossom heart. I will always respect you at all times.

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