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Romantic Love Texts To Your Lover

romantiic love texts

Romantic Love Texts: This collection of romantic love texts to send to your lover will WOW you and make you see why it is important to send those sweet love SMS to your lover. Check them out.

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Romantic love texts to your sweetheart

1. You are the air I breathe in the night when everywhere is hot; you are the pillar passion the Lord blessed me with. I love you.

2. The pearl that shines in my heart, the sweetest angel that I have seen ever; my love and the most beautiful girl in the garden of love.

3. I cannot stop loving you because you are my chocolate of grace on the valley of love. I love you beyond the sky.

4. Loving you is like a version of a new love day; it is ever sweet and beautiful. I wish to see the beauty of your face all my life.

5. In your eyes is a burning passion that turns me on like never before; I will never forget you in this world.

6. The light of my heart is one in a million girl, she is so gorgeous, so nice and the most interesting lady in my life.

7. Whenever you appear to me, I see the light of comfort roaming around me as though the sunshine.

8. You are my pearl, my jewel and the petals of the most beautiful flower I have ever seen in my life. I love you my dearest lady.

9. Since the day I set my eyes on you, I have realized that a sweet lady like you is not in any angle of this world. I love you.

10. The flower of my heart grows for you alone; my happiness increases every day because you are part of my life. I love you.

11. You are my blessing, my joy and the only beautiful flower ever smelled in this world. I love you more than the most valuable treasure.

12. I must confess that ever since I was born, I have never seen someone as special as you are; your lively presence cannot be overemphasized.

13. Whenever I look into your eyes, I see my paradise; I smile and say, this is the love I have been searching for. I love you.

14. God knows I am truly in love with you; you are an angelic lover sent to bring endless comfort to me. I wish you all the best, my sweetheart.

15. What else do I need in life when I have you? You are everything to me. I love your powerful smile as it removes my sorrow whenever you smile at me.

16. The aura of your love cannot be taken for granted, it gives me endless joy. I am so concern about you because you are the best lady in my life.

17. I am wishing you the best of moments; this is because you took me from the land of sorrow down to the land of love.

18. You are my angel, my spirit and the missing rib I was told about. If I am jealous because of you; that’s the definition of the love I have for you.

19. Anytime you are around me, I feel deep love from the deepest part of my heart. I wish you understand the feeling better than I do.

20. Your beautiful neck makes me go crazy, I feel like to kiss it. Your warm hug is always the best for me because it energizes my body.

Romantic love texts to your beloved

21. Touching your unusual body is like swimming in the river of milk, I won’t mind drowning to death. Is it bad to die to smile?

22. Thank God for my life because I came across a rare angel like you; I can’t stop loving you because the style of a smile is not in anywhere on this earth.

23. I have come to realize that your presence in my life is a blessing. It is a gift that cannot be pursued in the next hundred years. Thank God for this great privilege.

24. You are the most brilliant star I have ever seen in this world. You are the precious angel in this realm of love. I wish you all the best.

25. In the garden of love, I have only one lady that puts a smile on my face, and it is you. I cannot stop the love I have for you anymore.

26. If this world can tell me more things to hear, I will choose to always hear the whisper of your love forever.

27. The flower of love that grows in my heart looks exactly like you; this is the reason why I water it with a passion that lasts forever.

28. It is my happiness to meet a wonderful person like you, the whispering of your passion in my ears never get me bored.

29. I have been searching for a true love until I finally met you. I love you so much that I cannot stop dreaming about you every day of my life.

30. Loving a rose flower like you is the sweetest honey ever tasted. It is the most beautiful lily I see around me.

31. Whenever I close my eyes, I see a wonderful palace full of light, when I move a bit forward, I see your shining face while you sit on your throne as a princess.

32. I have been searching for the blessed girl that will put a smile on my face whenever I am sad. Shortly after, I met a great lady like you.

33. You are my heart rubber, I love it when my heart was rubbed, I will always love that you hold my heart forever.

34. A rare gem like you is forever celebrated in the realm of joy and happiness; you are the most beautiful woman in my life.

35. You are my woman, everything I possess; when a man finds a good woman, has found the whole world. I love you.

36. There is no reason to say I hate you because the world hate does not exist in my dictionary. All I know is that you are my queen.

37. The princess of my heart is walking gently like a serpent. A sweet step that should be done only for a lucky prince.

38. Whenever I look into your beautiful eyes, I see the tears of passion; I see the most beautiful castle made of bricks of love.

39. Your heart is to me like the most comfortable place to live. It is the best dwelling palace for a prince that deserves the most beautiful woman in the world.

40. Your eyes are more beautiful than the petals of a freshly germinated rose; as a lady, you are the most gorgeous one in a million.

Romantic love texts to your darling

41. I searched the whole world to find someone as gorgeous and kind as you are but there is no way to achieve that.

42. I have the wonderful dream for you; a dream of a princess, showered with endless love. A princess crowned with beauty.

43. You are the garment of my heart. You are so adorable, sweet and the most beautiful lady in my life. I love you so much.

44. The day I set my eyes on you, anything I touch becomes gold. This is a sign that you are blessing to me. I will love you for the rest of my life.

45. It is not easy to find a wonderful lady like you as part of my life; you are just the best for me. The day I met you, I met my missing rib.

46. If you dare live me, my heart will never beat again. I will always be yours. I cannot live for the next two days without you.

47. You mean the world to me; you took me to the land of love and then transformed me into a good person true your love.

48. There is no other lady as romantic as you are. The aura of your kisses quickly turns me on. It mesmerizes my heart to beat faster.

49. There is an electric wave in your touch; whenever I touch your body, the wave dominates my entire body system. I love you.

50. I have always wanted to meet a special person like you; I suffered, cried and tried until I finally met you. I love you.

51. I cannot love any other girl as I love you. I cannot allow any other lady to dwell in my heart better you. I love you.

52. I cannot admire any other person better than you are; I have never seen any face more beautiful than yours.

53. Your slim body makes me feel happy whenever I set my eyes on you. I love the fact that you are the most beautiful lady in my dream and reality.

54. Anytime I am opportune to dream about you, I don’t like to wake up again because you are always sweet in my dreams.

55. I want to taste the sweetness of your soft lips, I want to touch your soft body to quench the fire of sorrow in my heart.

56. There is a burning fire in my heart, only your smile can quench it. If I can still get a kiss from you, I will be the gladdest.

57. Your smile alone can change the world. It is so powerful that no man can resist it. I am happy to have you in my life.

58. The happiest moment of my life is the day we met. I am so much in love with you and cannot stop being there for you.

59. When things feel too harsh for you, always remember that there is someone who has dedicated his heart to you.

60. You are my missing rib, that’s why my heart has been beating for you since the other day we met. Now, you are more than a girlfriend.

Romantic love texts to your true love

61. The most intelligent lady I have ever seen in this world is you. From behind, from every angle of my life, I love you.

62. True love is when you have someone that really cares for you. The best time in my life is the anytime I look into your precious eyes.

63. Whenever I licking a lollipop, I see your image before me; anytime I’m sad, I see hear your voice singing a song of love. I love you.

64. You are my happiness, my blessed angel; the only reason why I cannot stop thinking about you is that it is not possible.

65. Loving you melts my heart. It gives me a super conscious reason to smile forever. I love your eyes as they swing like a rim of joy.

66. I will always be happy tasting your soft lips, I will always enjoy every single moment with you as it gives me a reason to live longer.

67. I realized that you are my future wife, and then decided to be yours forever. I have found in you, the kind of children I wanted.

68. My love for you is a hundred times bigger than the biggest mountain. I love so much that even a million pages cannot contain it in words.

69. There is no word in the dictionary to describe the kind of love I have for you; actions cannot express the real love I have for you.

70. I miss your beautiful face, love your pretty lips and always lost tasting them as they are as sweet as chocolate. I love you.

71. When I met you, I realized that the world is still full of good people. I realized that I am not alone. Good, I have you.

72. In my life, I have been searching for many reasons to find smile always on my face; I finally met you because you are my happiness.

73. Until the end of time, I will be with you as there is no other lady that can stand your position in my life. I love you.

74. When I met you, I realized that my happiness resumed after a very long time. You are the most beautiful angel in this world.

75. I will never stop loving you; I will never stop admiring a beautifully created angel like you. You are my super lady.

76. To the most interesting lady in my life; I want to dwell in you so that you will become my second nature. I love everything about you.

77. When I was sad, short of words and true love to say I love you; I met you and the past pains were washed away.

78. If there is anything called water of passion, it is you; you wiped away my pain and replaced my sorrow with joy.

79. I wish you are here to keep me warm by your super hugs and sweet kisses. I love you.

80. I will never stop thinking about every single moment we shared together. They are precious moments that cannot be taken for granted.

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