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Sad Love Series Episode 5 | I Miss You

Sad love series episode 5

Sad love series Episode 5:

Hey Guys, Welcome to the Fifth episode of Sad Love Series titled I miss you ! If you also have stories to share on the Blog, do not hesitate to share. You can send an email to



It was in 2015 when I met him. We were course-mates in school, and I remember how we met. I was about to take an elective course’s exam in another department and after having settled in my seat, I suddenly felt pressed and needed to use the convenience. He was the closest to me and I had to quickly ask him for directions because I never knew where the toilet was since it was another faculty entirely.

Just as I stepped back into the exam hall, I did not know he had already checked my name off the I.D card on my exam desk and he asked

Did you get the directions? Lolade baby?

I smiled wryly, the fact that he mentioned my name was completely unexpected.

Yes I did, I responded. Thanks a lot!

After the papers, he asked me if I was in Chemistry department, and I responded in the affirmative. He told me he wanted to see a top lecturer in the department and fortunately I was to see same lecturer after the exams. So, we decided to walk together to the lecturer’s office. He was a fun and chatty person and his company was much needed after a difficult and highly technical Maths Exam.

Just before I got into the lecturer’s office he requested for my mobile number. I gave it to him happily and that was how our friendship started!

He was such a loving person, chatty, witty, intelligent but I noticed he usually falls sick and gets into mood swings. I also realized that he spends a lot of time outside school and he will just tell me whenever he gets to school that he had a recurring health issue. He never really explained what was wrong with him, as much as I ask him. He would only wave it off and tell me it’s fine.

I later realized that he should have graduated two years before but he had carryovers which made him write exams for two years. The Chemistry paper was the last of the two papers he was supposed to compete. He explained all of this to me, but I never really cared because he made me happy and different! Oh Yes, he DID!

He told me our relationship will last till death do us part. To me that meant forever and always! Who wouldn’t think so really? When there is so much happiness and bliss?

This continued for like a year and graduation day came, I expected that he would up and celebrate with me but I did I did not see him come. At this point I was so in love and attached to him. He seemed different from the other guys I dated. There was something special and heavenly about him! But he just disappeared from my convocation and from my life. It was devastating and painful. I could not reach him anywhere. Went to his house outside the school, and I learned he had packed out.

We were a year together at that time and there was no friend to reach out to on his whereabouts.

Only if I had known that heavenly people are made for heaven!

I later met a friend of his at the wedding party of a course-mate of mine 7 months later. I was so happy that I asked him about Tobi. He did not tell me anything but only gave me Tobi’s number to call him after the wedding. I was eager and so I quickly called him when I got home that day.

He now told me to meet him in town the following week and he would take me to where Tobi was. I was so excited and angry that Tobi could just leave me to myself for 7 months like that. So many questions were begging to be answered.

Why go AWOL?
I thought he LOVED me
I thought he meant FOREVER between us
Is this his definition of FOREVER?

He took me to the traditionalist’s house where Tobi was receiving treatment. Tobi was suffering from cancer of the LUNGS. I was devastated to see my Prince charming so lean and emaciated! Immediately I started crying, all my supposed anger completely washed away.

He started crying as soon as he saw me too. A look of shock and surprise on his face because he never expected to see me. My own Tobi looked so tired and weak. I rushed to him and hugged him so tightly, without a care in the world. I realized how much I have missed him.

I was so happy, and I started asking him questions but he did not provide any answers as he slept off like almost immediately. After then I made sure I visited him everyday for one month, and he took time to explain everything to me.

How his sickness started from when he was 14 till that time he was 27. he has been battling with this cancer for years and he was told he would only last 1 year but here he is 13 years after still battling with it. I prayed and cried with him that he would get better.

We reminisced over the past year, laughed and had fun together. He remained in the home while he recuperated and I was happy he got better and stronger. He was gradually getting his strength and figure back!

My Tobi was coming home. I thought happily, but did he come home?

I remember that morning, exactly one month after I saw Tobi again. We were just talking and he told me he wanted to rest that I should quickly help him prepare a drink, he was told to always drink whenever he wakes up after he sleeps off.

I never knew that was going to be the last time I would see Tobi alive!

I ran off at 4:00 am to prepare his drink, and I never knew Tobi lost his battle with the cancer as soon as I left the traditional home. He never wanted me to see him struggle with life while I was by his side so he told me to leave.

Even though, your death still hurts me Tobi, I miss you. You were just like the breeze. Came into my life and blew me away, and the next minute you are GONE. GONE FOREVER! You are an angel Tobi and you deserve to be with God in heaven. You truly a man I will always love and never forget.

I have not been able to see a man as special as you and I miss you so so MUCH! I know you are no longer here physically but you have created a space in my heart and locked yourself in there.

I love you and I miss you OLUWATOBILOBA!





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