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My darling BJ just dropped this into my email and I feel you guys should read, you will like it:

I know, don’t say it, I know
I can feel the thought that probably
Something is wrong, or you left out
The mumbling of your heart tells it all
Not like you do really care or….maybe you do a little
But this season won’t just let you be
With the feeling of love all round
The crisp air that reminds you; the fresh burnt wood that gives ideas
The flavour of that scent,everything right now kinda ring love
No matter what is, it speaks love
Why is the frequency high

Truth is, I love you more dear heart
More than any PULSE BEAT
That can bring you down,
You are strong, you are beautiful
You are amazing, you love right
And you had lost love, despite the pain
You still give your all, like the water fall
I’m proud of you, dear heart,
I celebrate for being strong, to stand alone as you wait
You are more stronger and more beautiful

Soon, it will be your time
The endless fluttering
The beautiful whispers
The non stop erotic thrills
and the continuous bliss.
But for now, keep going
Stay on the path and stay beautiful
Take yourself out if you can
Fill yourself with tunes that rhymes with happiness
Just one request, no sniffing
Dear Self!

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