How to Call Nigeria from USA for Free

How to call Nigeria from USA for free

How to call Nigeria from USA for free – Just in case you feel tired of making calls to Nigeria at high rates. There are a lot of free apps for you to make international calls. Are you looking for ways to call family and friends in Lagos, Kano or more importantly any mobile line from MTN, Airtel or Glo, be rest assured that you are covered already. All you need to do is simply punch in the numbers and voila, you are good to go. Looking for  how to call call nigeria unlimited, how to make unlimited calls to nigeria mobile, the cheapest app to call nigeria, the cheapest international calls to nigeria, how to make free calls in nigeria, cheapest network for international calls in nigeria
cheapest internet calls to nigeria, cheap ways to call nigeria? Then jump right in!

How to call Nigeria from USA for free

The first app to use in making free online calls to Nigeria is the Poptox

The Poptox is a VOIP based application that helps people living outside the country make free calls to all lines in Nigeria. Whether you intend to call a landline or you have the need to make calls to a mobile phone number, then Poptox has got you. The difference between Poptox and other VOIP applications is that Poptox has been around for a long time. Other apps run out of business and series of conditions to meet their free calls. Another advantage Poptox has is that it is the first company that offers free calls to all mobile numbers in Nigeria, therefore they have the first entrant advantage and they have drawn customers trust and satisfaction over the years.

Built on a web based technology that doubles as a web browser such as chrome. In this case,you do not need to download any application on your phone. All you need is just a web browser and just the internet and you are good to making calls.

Using the Poptox, you can make call as to landline phones as well mobile phones. Therefore if you are in the United States now, you can go ahead and make use of the Poptox for your free online calls.


CitrusTel is another VOIP phone that require connection via the internet to make phone calls from a web browser. You can use CitrusTel to connect both landlines and mobile phones in Nigeria. All that is needed to be done is to dial the phone number on the dialpad on CitrusTel and press on Call. CitrusTel is not free unlike the Poptox. Only that the rates are lower than other VOIP phones used in calling Nigerian lines from abroad. Get on with it, make your Nigerian calls from either your Personal computer or phone. Go on and call your loved ones today.

The various rates and plans for using CitrusTel can be found here.

The Telos Smartphone app

As long as you have a strong internet connection, the Telos allows you to make free international calls to Nigeria. The Telos smartphone app allows you to make cheap calls to Nigeria beyond wasting your call credits and minutes at higher rates. The Telos app is downloaded on the phone and then you go ahead to make your calls.

Just in case you are calling someone who has the Telos app as well, then the calls are free. What I mean is calls between Telos users do not cost a dime. In fact it is possible to make free calls to Nigerians who don’t have the app, and this is done by earning free call credits on the Telos app you own. Telos also uses the VOIP technology to service calls. They possess a high definition technology that makes calls crystal clear with no lag at all.

The plus is that you can get you family and friends to get the Telos app downloaded so that you can enjoy a hassle free, lag free calls for free. Isn’t this awesome? The plus in Telos is that as you invite more family and friends to download the app, you earn more credits to make free calls to a non registered Telos user.

The various rates and plans for using the Telos app can be found here.

So get on with and make online calls to Nigeria for free.

I hope this provides all you need about making free calls to Nigeria. Have you made calls for free using the above mentioned VOIPs? Did you use other ways of making free calls to Nigeria? Let us know in the comment section.

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