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My web designer, Tunde would be having his introduction next week. Funny thing was I never knew he was really courting some girl. All I knew was that they were dating – more like boyfriend-girlfriend thingy. So, I was apparently shocked when he sent his invitation of introduction after dating the lady for six months.

Hmmn… Six months dating and now introduction! Interesting!

To further add to the ramblings and thoughts in my head, I was gisting with one of my girlfriends (not ‘the girlfriend’) Tade and while I mentioned Tunde’s issue and how concerned I was at the speed of getting engaged, she laughed it off and added that her sister dated and courted the husband for three months before they got married! I was like, what the heck?

This usually forms an interesting angle on dating and romance in our world today. I am a traditional person who believes so much in courting for some specific number of years before popping the question!

Ask me why?

Okay, thanks for asking!

I would base my argument on understanding and knowing each other!

I honestly disagree beyond all sort of human reasoning that 3-6 months is enough to understand your partner to the point of popping the marriage question. Do not term this as myopic, as I am more traditional than reasonable, but truth be told, how can someone claim to understand his girlfriend enough to want to marry her after dating for just three months?

I believe most cases, it’s usually an issue of desperation, peer and parents’ pressure, or the fallacy of age and aging that would make someone decide on such decision. Don’t crucify me yet, as I am a traditional African man.

Let me add a twist,

Research has shown that couples that dated  more than two years have less highly tendencies of having a divorce in their marriage!  Na research oh Mbok! Anyway, to some reasonable extent, I tend to agree with whoever made the research!

Being together for a while establish a certain level of friendship and connection!  It takes sometime to understand a man/ lady enough to want to spend the rest of your lives with him/ her. Hmmmmn!!!

Hey guys relax before you vent your thoughts; I would not say there are guidelines or formula regarding how long to date/ court a lady before marriage since you are your decision, I’d only say for obvious and apparent reasons 1-3 years should be ‘reasonable’ enough to engage a lady, and not 3-6 months.

What do you guys think? 3-6 months would work for you to marry your man or woman shey?

Let me have your thoughts and comments!

Yours In Love


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  • Reply
    October 6, 2016 at 11:00 am

    Traditional people need no dating abi courting (You are nothing near a traditional African man biko). On the other hand. There is no fast and hard rule on time frame. To each his own. 6 months is long enough for a serious minded person to know if this is what they want or not.

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    April 24, 2020 at 12:53 am

    There is no specific rule to these things. My younger sis married her boyfriend of 5years and the marriage ended 6months later. I have a friend that married her husband 3monrhs after they met and they are still happily married 4 years going now.

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