The Most Popular Catholic Art Decor Items And Their Meaning

Your faith is a prominent part of your life, so naturally, you will want your home to reflect your values and beliefs through different art pieces and decorations.

Throughout history, the Catholic culture has been a center for art. The works of Michelangelo, Bernini, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many others have been viewed as relics meant to reflect your faith.

Although huge sculptures and murals aren’t exactly used in interior design anymore, there’s still a multitude of Catholic Art pieces that you can display in your house to express your beliefs.

The Most Popular Catholic Art Decor Items And Their Meaning


1. Sacred Heart Medallion

The sacred heart medallion is a symbol of the love and devotion Jesus Christ has for mankind. It is a beautiful metallic heart-shaped piece that can be placed in different spots of your home.

It also has a hook in the back and can be easily hung on any wall, door, or catholic altar.

It’s available in different forms, sometimes surrounded with flames or light and you can select custom designs while still symbolizing the catholic message of love.

The engraved letter M on the heart signifies the presence of the Virgin Mary when Jesus Christ was being crucified.

2. The Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary symbolizes the unending love a mother has for her children and her God.

Whether you choose a Virgin Mary painting, a simple print, or an actual statue of the Virgin Mary as depicted by the HouseofJoppa.com, you will feel relieved to know that she’s watching over you and your family.

Her presence will also remind you to not lose faith in times of difficulty and suffering because there’s always light at the end of a dark tunnel.

3. St. Benedict Home Blessing

St. Benedict, also known as the patron saint of Europe, helps protect your house from the devil, gives you strength and courage in times of trouble, and prays for a peaceful death.

St. Benedict’s home blessing, similar to a rosary in appearance, can be placed around doorknobs, hooks, or just kept on the catholic altar. It is meant to keep your home blessed and protected from evil.

4. San Damiano Wall Cross

The San Damiano white wall cross features an engraved image of Our Lady and St. John at either end of the cross.

The white color symbolizes purity, and the piece itself is meant to remind you that the blessed family and saints are looking over your loved ones and protecting them.

You can hang this piece in any room where you want to feel the blessings of God.

5. Divine Mercy Statue

The divine mercy wall statue symbolizes the immense mercy and kindness that our Lord provides us with.

This piece is a reminder that God’s mercy is not limited to some people, but accessible to all. You can place it on any wall, hang it above your doorways, or above your fireplace mantel.

The Most Popular Catholic Art Decor Items And Their Meaning

For Catholics who love to showcase their faith and beliefs through pieces of art and different relics, there are numerous Catholic art pieces available.

Indeed, there is a power behind symbolism and faith. These art pieces remind us of God’s presence, mercy, and kindness in times of difficulty.

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