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Portrait of Ayo Adio

We met at Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall when I had the Product photography of a female entrepreneur that I met at the WedExpo Lagos Dream wedding.

While I was discussing with Ayo, he informed of his desire to have a timeless portrait of the likes of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King III.

The response he got was:

Well, we can achieve that for you, and then we went about getting the props up.

What did we play with?

Okay so, to illustrate Deedee’s love for outdoor/ lifestyle photography, we decided on using his friend’s shop in the Mall.

I had my tripod set up as a stand to hold my speed light and then set up the octa box temporarily on  the stand for the shoot

Thankfully for us, the shop had the perfect aesthetics and background for what we intended to achieve.

Portrait of Ayo Adio

He wanted a Timeless picture, and did we give him that?

Ayo has very cool head features and we took our pictures to Lightroom and had plenty fun playing with it.

Note: Most of the pictures were taken in jpeg (Not quite a good thing to do considering flexibility when processing in post production, I will never advise on shooting in jpeg. Raw is usually the best to shoot your subject in).

See how the pictures turned out! Were we anywhere near?

Let’s have your thoughts and comments.

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