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Benefits of Break Up in a Relationship

benefits of break up in a relationship

Wait a minute! Why the tears? Why the despair? Why can’t you think? Oh,you think it’s the end of the world because you have been left alone?You don’t know there are benefits of break up in a relationship?

Have you forgotten that you do not have to kill yourself over some spilt milk? It is understandable that you feel sad and disappointed because you have been let down.If you keep displaying the obvious, you would be deemed a weakling.

Yes, you have struggled with Love, waltzed into the relationship, synched with your partner, sacrificed and lostyourself. Well, now is time to move on?

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Benefits of break up in a relationship

I am always filled with admiration today, whenever I see young people who had been heartbroken tell their stories! Love and emotions in a passionate relationship makes one get carried away. There have been cases where the fiery start in the relationship does not necessarily culminate into both parties getting married. There are various instances of relationship breakups, and whenever this happens, if the walk-away is not by mutual consent (even when it is) one party ends up getting deflated and hurt.

Most ladies in relationships are always seen as vulnerable and weak;this is a case of biased judgment and is a mentality for people with incoherent sense of reasoning and lack of apparent objectivity. In fact, men are even more vulnerable only that they tend to put their emotions in check because they don’t want to be seen as weak and vulnerable. Yet they suffer inside, from the heartbreak and consequent hurt.

Benefits of break up in a relationship

A broken relationship with you on the receiving end could be demoralizing and depressive. Most times affected parties tend to lose their esteem and confidence, and as such, the backdrop of the gush of the emotions renders them almost useless and without thoughts at that critical moment. Anaffected party may go as far as terminating his/her life by allowing the backdrop of the heartbreak entrench him/her into that phase of emotional oblivion – sadly, we seldom hear of this kind of stories, but we are quick to judge and tag them with different names. I must admit that the feeling of love is deep, hence we need to stay abreast to sustain life.

Well, I know breakup could be one of the most demoralizing things in one’s life. But aside the fact that it is demoralizing, it could also be a seed planted in disguise for your own personal and emotional growth. Ask me why!, in as much as break up makes you feel very weak and helpless, look on the flip side, doesn’t it give you hope and aspiration? You have been locked up in a relationship where you keep thinking that it’s going to get better, whereas all the indications and signs are there for you to notice the obvious, or sometimes may not be! But wait, take a moment to checkmate yourself, whether you like it or not, there is this sort of energy that emanates from the break up between you and your man/woman. This energy could either be destructive or otherwise, you have the control. The pain from the break up will change you, this is not far-fetched, but you have to decide how.

Benefits of break up in a relationship

After break up, you can decide on the choices you would want to make, should you seek revenge based on resentment and anger? Or you will want to move on to tackle whatever it is that lies ahead. Whatever it is that your choice is, think of yourself, after making that choice! Where does it lead you?

This situation is really critical in determining the after effect of the choices and decisions made after that heartbreak. So in the moment of blindness, hurt and resentment, the sixth sense will be needed to having second thoughts as to the decisions that would be made based on the flurry of emotions. My dear, whether or not you feel bad at that moment, take a deep breath and a step back; your next decision, where does it leave/lead you?

See the benefits of a break up in a relationship

Benefits of break up in a relationship – It gives the opportunity to learn

Resentment, anger and disappointment are really the first thing that comes to mind after the kind of emotions recorded from heartbreak, but hey! Don’t you see this as an opportunity to take a cue and learn from your mistakes on this one? While you may think that your pick of man may be the “wrongest” choice of yours, surely there may have been some attitudes of yours that may be noteworthy. Reflect on these attitudes and attempt to be better at them. Do not blame yourself on areas where you may have been wrong, however see this as a learning opportunity and work on these areas. The moment you begin to do these, it gives you that sense of hope that entering into the next relationship will make you better and it motivates your very sense of learning to say that your very next will be better than the last.

Benefits of break up in a relationship – It allows you challenge yourself

See en? a lot of people, guys and ladies alike believe that break up is really the end of the world for them. It tends to overshadow whatever that is left of them. My dear, take a moment to look out for those things that ordinarily gives you strength whether you are in a relationship or not. Focus on these things and endeavour to channel your energy at it. I tell you, it makes you better and motivated to continually work on your strengths.

Emotions could be crazy. While you are attempting to kill yourself over some guy/lady, channel the energy and resource into something you are good at, and I assure you, you would be amazed at the progress and achievement based on the actions. You could now decide to leverage on this to be better and better. It works!

Benefits of break up in a relationship – It makes you focus and think objectively

As crazy as it may sound, the truth is relationships and emotions do not allow us take in-depth assessment of our partners with more objectivity. But as soon as this happens, it allows us view the relationship as objective as possible. Our brain clears up and then it seems like there is this veil that has beclouded our very sense of reasoning which comes off and then we are able to view the relationship from an objective perspective, although we may have to guide against bitterness at this point. But yes, while the so called love, makes us feel like we could deal with whatever inconsistencies, break ups allows us to view issues from different angles. It seems like our eyes are opened and then we are able to look at the behavior of our partner; positive and negative, allowing us take an in-depth review of things we dealt with and the opportunity to look out for such in the next relationship we are getting into. This allows for relief and also provides you with a picture of what you want in your next relationship.

Don’t you ever think that heartbreak will make you not love anymore, because it is just a phase we never planned for, you will love again and believe me, you will be better and stronger…

Conclusively, It is very important to note that it is not the best to rush into another relationship just shortly after experiencing a breakup. No matter the emptiness and loneliness it might bring, we need some time to heal, learn, love ourselves and regain confidence to build up our self-esteem that might have been negatively affected by the break up. Think of a vacation, learn a musical instrument, enjoy your best sport, take on the next step in your career, participate more actively in your church/ mosque programmes, etc. anything, that gives you joy without depending on another person, do it, just get busy and sow a lot more into your personal development.

You have nothing to lose after seeing the benefits of break up in a relationship, you only have everything possible to gain. When you are ready for a new relationship, you will know!

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    February 27, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    Nice one!

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    February 28, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    Breakup is not the end of the world and life goes on.

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    Chukwuebuka Petrus Ogbuchi
    February 28, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    My eyes was full of tears but after reading this post I have to pick myself up because it has given a lot of options, instead of thinking about my past that I can’t change.

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