Prayer SMS to my love – Why not try to send your love a prayer sms and text message today. My collection of prayer sms to my love will sure help you. Don’t you think?

Amazing Prayer SMS to my love

1. May God give you the grace to smile, the power to laugh and the opportunity to be a blessing to others. May you always be the reason for others to smile and thank God. May you levitate others with the glory of God in your life. You will always rise and rise such that you’ll continue to shine.

Beautiful prayer SMS to my love

2. You have an amazing heart and a beautiful soul, and I know you deserve someone with a heart as great as yours. You are indeed special and my prayer is that God will make me more perfect for you. May you stay blessed and different. God is with you already darling.

Special prayer SMS to my love

3. Every day I pray for you that our love never wanes and that our love never grows old. I pray that you continue to love me the way you have loved me. I pray that the fire of our love never runs dry and you have every reason to profess your love for me every day. I appreciate the day you became my heartbeat. I love you darling.

4. I pray that peace will always go with you as you go about your daily activities. Grace will surround you and favour will be your portion in everything you lay your hands on. The goodness, mercies and blessings of God will be with you as you step out today. Be rest assured that God is with you, dear.

5. Every word that comes out of your mouth today will have the stamp of God. Everyone you meet today will be touched with the blessing of God, and everyone you talk to today stays happy in God forever. It is your turn to be a man/ woman of glory. Stay glorified darling, God is with you already.

6. You will never have any course to lack anything, remember why you have God? He will always provide for your needs according to his riches in glory. Be rest assured that everything is sorted by God. Relax Boo, God’s got you already. It is well with your soul.

7. No weapons fashioned against you today shall prosper. Every evil machination that wants to attempt to get into your way will fall off the road. God will protect and guide you from the evils of the world. You are an overcomer and you will overcome all kind of evil things on your way. You are blessed already darling. Stay happy.

8. Mercy will never be far away from you. God will increase you in every way and every angle. You will have every reason to be happy and smile. The glory of the Almighty will never depart from you. Your enemies will never have any cause to smile, they will never be victorious. God will keep you, protect you and guide you from all the enemies that may want to stifle your greatness. It is well with your soul.

9. I know sometimes things don’t pan out the way you want them to be but be rest assured that God’s got you and he will send his showers of blessings on you soon. Do not despair, have faith and lines will fall into beautiful places for you.

10. As from this day henceforth, the works of your hands will be fully blessed by God. You will be set up for great wonders by the grace of God. You will be the leader in everything you do, and you will never regret loving God and doing his will. He’s got you, darling, keep the faith.

11. Whatever you go for today, God will make it manifest in your life. Whatever you plan today, God will make it happen for you. Whatever are your desires today, God will bless you with the willpower to make them come into play for you. You will achieve all that you are set out to achieve in Jesus Name.

12. It is your time to move into the day and have the best of it. It is your time to make use of the opportunities that come your way. Go for it dear, God will beam the heavenly lights on you. He will surprise and make everything work together for your good. Keep calm.

13. For everything you do this week and throughout the rest of your life. God in his glory will shine all the blessings of his royalty on you. Every evil authority that has come together to displace you will scatter before your very eyes in Jesus name. God with grace, the almighty God is with you.

14. I woke today and my thoughts were of you. You are the best gift of God to my life. I see myself as a blessed lover because of the gift of God through you. You are a special man/ woman and I won’t give you up for anything in this world. You are the light that will shine on my path. Thanks for being my lover, I appreciate you.

15. Loving you has been the most exciting thing in my life. I feel like God really rewarded me for my search all through the years. Every day I feel excited in every way, and I am sure God sent you my way to heal me of my pains. I love you so much because you are blessed already.

16. As you move around today to search for what you will eat, I pray that nothing will eat you in Jesus name. The strength that God gives without stress and toil will be for you. You will find every work you lay your hands on easy. Stay blessed.

17. Every scheme of the devil will never have any place in your life. You are already sanctified in God. He has placed you in the waters of his protection. God with grace my dear, you are triumphant already. God is with you. Amen. Stay blessed.

Amazing Prayer SMS for my love

18. Our Lord, protect the one I love against his enemies and bestow upon him the good things of life, make our marriage work. I love you.

19. Lord, make us happy and never let us regret why we came to this world, let our marriage be stronger than we met. I love him so much.

20. You are my happiness and that’s why I am praying that the Lord should protect us against all evils, I will always love you till the end of time.

21. You are the most interesting person in this world for me because only you show me the love I have always wanted in a man, may the Lord protect and make you prosper in life.

22. I am so happy that you are in my world today, may you find peace and harmony in this world, I love you beyond the sky.

23. May the Lord be pleased with you because you are a blessing in my life; I wish you a life with lots of joy and endless happiness.

24. You are the most beautiful woman in my life, I pray that the Lord in heaven continue to bless you for the rest of your life; I love you.

25. I never knew how important you were to me until you left me, but thank God you accepted me back, I pray that your happiness will continue to increase.

26. I love you so much and it is the truth, I will always love you no matter what. I pray that the Lord should continue to uplift you beyond reasonable doubt.

27. Your success will have no reason to leave you; you shall be overwhelmed with joy this year. I love you my precious gift.

28. Since the day you came into my life, I have been so happy because you are a great gift; I love you so much that I can’t stop thinking about.

29. May you find peace in your heart, may your life be filled with lots of love and happiness. I wish you the most comfortable life.

30. O Lord, the life of my husband is in your hand, please protect him for me and bring him home safely. I love you my angel.

31. You are the most beloved woman in my life, may you find endless peace in your life. Have one of the most precious things in this world.

32. You are the most beautiful woman in this world, may the Lord beautify your daily activities now and forever. I love you with all my heart.

33. I don’t know how to love you better this, but always remember that you are the one I cherish the most among women. I ask the Lord to favor you in anything you do.

34. Thank you for everything, I really appreciate your love in my life; may you find endless peace I your heart forever. I love you.

35. I can’t stop thinking about you my love, the most precious one I have seen ever in this world. May you find light shining on your face.

Sincere Prayer SMS to my love

36. When I met you, I saw something special about you; I will always love you for the rest of my life. I ask the Lord to protect your interest forever.

37. You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love your shining face and will appreciate the fact that you are my dream come true. I pray for your success.

38. May the Lord always guide you to the right path and make you one of the most interesting people in your generation. I love you.

39. I won’t stop thinking about you in as much as you are the most beloved man in my life; I love you with all my heart. May the Lord continue to bless you.

40. Happiness is found only in Godliness, may the Lord purify your heart and draw you close to Him, I love you so much my dear love.

41. You are the most blessed love, my happiness and the one I cherish with all my heart. I beseech the Lord to increase your wealth.

42. I love you so much because you are the one I want in my life; I wish you all the best now and forever, may the Lord grant your heart desires for you.

43. I wish you all the best in this wonderful time of my life, may the Lord continue to protect you now and forever, I love you more than you can think. May the Lord be pleased with you.

44. May the Lord have mercy upon you and count you among His righteous servant. May your life be full of success and prosperity.

45. I love you so much that I can’t stop thinking about you; you are special, may the Lord continue to make you excel in anything you undertake.

46. I pray that the Lord lift you up to the height of joy and endless success, may you find rest of mind in anything you believe in. I love you.

47. My prayer for you is to see that you climb to the height of joy and endless happiness, may your days be filled with lots of love and happiness.

48. God please help me heal the one I love with all my heart and never let such illness fall upon him again. I love him so much because he is my heartbeat.

49. I am so scared and never want to lose you for any reason; I am running away from the grief, lost and pain of love I encountered in the past. May the Lord protect you for me.

50. O Lord, let me be complete and happy once again, let me be free from the pains I faced in the past concerning love and passion.

Heartfelt Prayer SMS to my love

51. I have been anxious and needy of the grace that comforts the heart, O Lord be pleased with me and make my love life a wonderful one to handle.

52. O Lord, take care of the need in me that makes me take unwise decisions, never let me down for any reason, I wish you all the best.

53. Lord, restore my faith and make me strong in love and faith, strength to handle whatever bothers my heart about my relationship with my husband.

54. I am sad, and that’s why I bow down before you today, O Lord, accept my prayer and bring my husband back to me so that I may show him more love.

55. I am happy that you are the best woman for me, may the Lord focus you success this season and restore your health, purify your heart for good.

56. Lord, I thank you for bringing true love to me at the right time; please elevate his status so that he will be more comfortable than ever.

57. He has always been my choice since the day I set my eyes on him; my prayer is to see him excel in life for the rest of his life.

58. I pray that the Lord should begin the healing process in your heart and purify it for a better tomorrow. I wish you all the best.

59. Lord, bless the love of my life with abundant joy and happiness, always put smile on his face until the world identify him as a great hero.

60. May the Lord guide and help you succeed in life; may His mercy follow you till eternity. I wish you long life and prosperity.

61. Lord protect partner, make him a good partner who will enhance my life and make me his friend and wife. I love you my darling angel.

62. You are my happiness and the joy I have in my heart; may you find peace in this special day of your life; I love you so much and there is no doubt about it. I pray for your endless success.

63. I can’t stop thinking about you in this world; you are my heartbeat and the most beautiful face I have ever seen in this world. May the Lord restore everything you lost in this past.

64. Lord, open my eyes to see the one, who truly love me, never make me suffer when I need you most. Build my home and let peace reign between me and my spouse.

65. Let true love come into my life; let me be the one that smiles most in terms of love and happiness. I wish you all the best in this world.

66. I love you so much that I cannot stop thinking about you; I pray that the Lord will continue to protect you may you find peace of mind.

67. May your heart be filled with endless love, you are the most blessed man I have ever come across in this lovely life; have a wonderful day ahead.

68. May the Lord uplift you and bring you close to an endless success until you achieve it with ease. May the Lord achieve your heart desires for you.

69. I ask the Lord to make your heart desires become reality, may you find endless peace now and forever. You are my love and the most precious gift in my life.

70. I wish you a wonderful an precious day ahead, may the Lord fill your home with lots of joy and happiness that has no bound.

Cool examples of Prayer SMS to my love

71. I will continue to love you for the rest of my life as you are a great person in my life; I will never stop thinking about you because it is a precious experience in my life.

72. I love you so much that I can’t stop praying for your happiness so that I will also benefit from it. I wish you long life and prosperity now and for the nearest future.

73. I praise the Lord for bringing to my world, you have actually changed my life with your love, may you continue to find rest of mind now and until eternity.

74. I ask the Lord to continue to protect you against all evils and make you a great impact to your generation, may you find your leadership career easier than ever.

75. I will always love you no matter what comes between us because you are indeed a blessed person in my life, I love you and will always do forever. May your face shine with prosperity.

76. I don’t know that you will be this important in my life until I finally realized that, when you were not around for few months, May you prosper wherever you are.

77. I wish you a great joy in your heart, may the Lord always protect you beyond imagination, I love you so much and pray for your endless success.

78. I will never stop thinking about you because you are simply the most beautiful achievement in my life; you are a great impact in my life. I pray for your endless happiness.

79. You are my love and the most interesting friend and lover that my heart has chosen, may you find your heart desires easily achievable for you.

80. God has His way of answering our prayers, may He make this special moment the one of answering your prayers as you wish. Thank you so much.

81. I will not stop loving you until the end of time because you are my happiness and the one I will always love for the rest of my life.

82. Wishing you all the best in this world, you are the most beautiful face my eyes have seen before, may the Lord make that face glow with joy forever.

83. May you find it easy to win over your life obstacles, you are a great happiness in this world for me and that’s the reason why I cannot live without you. I pray that you find honor in anything you do.

84. I wish I can make this for you and me alone, so that I will always be proud of the fact that someone special is in my life. May your dreams come to pass.

85. Wishing you the most interesting things in this world, may your success always be the one that will benefit everyone in your life; I love you.

86. I will always cherish you because you are my angel and the most beautiful discovery that occurred in my life; I love you and pray for your progress in life.

87. May your life glow as your eyes glow in beauty; may your heart experience endless success as the sunshine, and be pure as the snow. I love you.

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