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How to Say Merry Christmas in Nigeria – Languages & Greetings

how to say merry christmas in Nigeria

How to say merry Christmas in Nigeria – One of the ways of celebrating Christmas in Nigeria is by sharing Christmas messages, SMS and greetings. This does not only add to the vibe and frenzy of the season, but it also shows that one remembers family and friends during in the middle of all the celebrations. In Nigeria, Christmas is celebrated as one big event, filled with a lot of pop and pageantry. I mean, who wouldn’t want to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in a special way.

Family and friends will come together in happiness to celebrate and have fun. In Lagos, a city filled with people of different tribes and languages, the Christmas period is noticed with the frenzy created by different sales and events happening around and as you move close to the 25th December, people will start moving out of the state to their various villages to celebrate the Christmas in their special way.

Awesome for them, right?

I know a lot of you are already planning on sending those Christmas card, Christmas gifts and to add more ‘spice’ to the joy of the season, Christmas messages to celebrate the love for one another. Why not add more thoughtfulness by sending Merry Christmas messages in your local language to your family and friends. Sounds cool?

Yes, I know. But before you start writing the Christmas messages, you need to first see the meaning of Merry Christmas in different languages. Right?

How do you say Merry Christmas in Nigeria?

We have more than 200 languages in Nigeria. From Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo, Efik, Ibibio to Ijaw. There are lots of languages to choose from and it is important to use the tribe of whoever it is you are sending the Christmas messages to, and end your Christmas text by the preferred language.

Let’s get to the different languages in Nigeria. Shall we?

How to Say merry Christmas in Yoruba

Yoruba – E ku Odun, Eku Iyedun

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How to say merry Christmas in Hausa

Hausa – Barka Da Kirsimati

How to say merry Christmas in Fulani

Fulani – Jabbama be Salla Kirismati

How to say merry Christmas in Igbo

Igbo – E keresimesi Oma

Anuli Ekeresimesi

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How to say merry Christmas in Benin


How to Say Merry Christmas in Bini Language

Emwin Ukpo n’ Ekhere

How to say merry Christmas in Ibibio

Idara ukapade isua

Usoro emana eyen Abasi Jesus Christ

How to Say merry Christmas in Lokaa Language, Cross River

Lekalang boku

How to say merry Christmas in Efik

Usoro emana Christ

How to Say merry Christmas in Ogoja


Do you have other languages that are not added in this list and you know them? Please include in the comment section below, and let’s have fun as we celebrate this Christmas season together.

Merry Christmas to you!













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