Prayer for the whole week ahead – When it comes to inspiration, Mondays are usually the most difficult days to be inspired. The reason is because a lot of us look at the hustle of the week and then we are de-motivated to get up and get going. Most of the readers in here on a 9-5 job will be feeling the pressure already from the busy week.

I know making ends meet isn’t easy. We need to work hard so we can eat FINE. This is the reason why you need to plan your week and lay it all at God’s feet.


You need to pray that the beginning and the whole of your week be fine and special. That’s all you need to get through the physical stress and rigours of the week. Have you prayed already today? Are you looking for the perfect prayer for your week? Do you want to motivate family, friends with prayers for the whole of their week? Then here is the right places for you.

Prayer for the whole week

1. Dear Lord, bless our week. We know we will encounter challenges and pressure, but do not allow it get to us. Do not allow the bustle of the week become an issue of bad circumstance for us. Cover us with the blood of Jesus and help us with the desire to stay motivated. Remember us through this journey of life and bring us back home safely. Amen.

2. Bless the people we meet on our way oh Lord. On the road, in the restaurant, at the office, even on our way to the toilets. Let them see us and rejoice in you oh God. Let our lives be a point of contact with you. Let them appreciate you in our lives such that they would want to be a part of our happiness. Let us bring them closer to you, our source of joy. We know you have taken care of the week already. Thank you Lord.







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