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Formal Wedding Wishes For A Friend

Formal Wedding Wishes For A Friend: This is a bulk of SMS that you can send to your newly wedded colleagues, friends or family members. You can cheer them up with prayers and amazing wedding wishes and that is the reason why we have made this bulk of SMS available on our website for easy access to the entire world. Feel free to send our wedding messages and great wedding wishes to those that are important to you. Let them understand that they are special to you.

You can always count on us to send one of the most powerful twedding wishes ever. We are always in a sleepless mood just to make sure that we serve you in the best of our capacity.

We have written a wedding text messages which we believe you may like:

1. As you are wedded today, I am wishing you an everlasting love and happiness, good home, abundant of children.

2. I wish you blissful co-existence with your spouse; today is your joyous day, so I pray that the joy of marriage finds a seat in your home.

3. Wishing you the most beautiful weeding in the world. Have a gracious moment with your wife. Happy wedding day.

4. I just want to congratulate you as you are now a man. Have one of the most beautiful moments with your husband.

5. It is my joy and happiness to wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Happy wedding day to my beloved sister.

6. I want to wish you all the best as you begin a beautiful journey together. May your home be filled with love and understanding.

7. Have this blessed union as a gift that will never fail you forever. I just want to say a happy marriage life; may your new home favor you better than you wish.

8. As you become a husband and a wife today, may the year ahead be filled with lasting love for you. Happy marriage life.

9. May wishes for the most awesome couple in the world today is that the love you both share today grow stronger as you grow old; happy marriage life.

10. I wish that today becomes the beginning of a precious life together. May you find peace in your heart, now and forever; happy married life.

Wedding wishes messages

11. I pray that today shall mark the beginning of a new cute life together. Prosperity and happiness, long life and peace. Happy married life.

12. We are happy that we witness today as you share your love together. Have one of the most beautiful homes in every time.

13. Wishing you all the best on this blessed day of your life; the joy and love you share today shall last with you forever. Happy married life.

14. I am wishing you sunshine and success in your marriage all through the year. May you find endless love and happiness; happy married life.

15. I just want to wish you all the best in this beautiful moment of your life, may your success never end until the end of time.

16. This beautiful journey of yours shall reap love and happiness for you. I wish you a life full of happiness. Happy married life.

17. I wish you endless joy, an ocean of happiness and a lifetime of success as you sign in to a new home. Happy married life.

18. Thank you for inviting us to your wedding ceremony, we will always be grateful for allowing us to share in the bliss of love and harmony.

19. May the new journey of life be filled with lots of love; we are happy you both. Have a nice day ahead.

20. I am wishing you a voyage of love, peace and happiness and a life time of endless love as an extra bonus.

Wedding wishes congratulations congratulations

21. Best wishes on this special moment; may your love and happiness last more than you can ever imagine.

22. Wishing you happiness and success this special day as you begin the journey of a new institution called marriage in your life.

23. I pray that your marriage will be blessed with the fruit of labour and success that has no limits. Happy married life.

24. I am wishing you the most precious married life; may you find peace and harmony in your home. Happy married life once again.

25. It is my pleasure to wish you a fantastic married life as you become one today. May you last long with each other; happy married life.

26. Wishing my best friend a glorious wedding today, your new beginning shall be filled with endless love. Happy new month.

27. As you begin a new life together, I pray that you should both grow together in peace and harmony. Happy new month.

28. I am wishing you a blessed moment with your newly wedded wife; may the queen of the house last long with you; happy married life.

29. I appreciate every single moment I shared with you as a friend; I am happy for you as you become a wife today; happy married life.

30. Wishing you a happy married life, may your new home be filled with protection, success, love, peace and harmony.

Wedding wishes cards messages

31. I am willing to send you all the best wishes in the world. Have one of the most beautiful days in this world together as spouse.

32. You are now a woman and this gives me joy whenever two hearts come together as husband and a wife.

33. You’re your new discovery be blessed with the Mighty Hand of the Lord; may your union last forever. Happy married life.

34. Happy married life to those who saw each other, love each other and finally married each other for the sake of God. Happy married life.

35. Happy married life my best friend, my happiness and the companion closest to my heart among the human.

36. I have never seen a sister as cute as you are before. Your new home shall favour you until the end of time. Happy married life.

37. I remember those days you used to be single and then we decided to call you a boy; now you have signed into the realm of men. Happy married life.

38. Wishing you a lifetime success in your marriage as you are now signed into the realm of patient and tolerance. Happy married life.

39. Attitude really matters in a marriage, make sure your attitude is in line with your husband’s. Have one of the best moments together.

40. May you find this marriage easier than the fall of the snow on earth; happiness shall follow you all through your married life.

Wedding wishes for wedding couple

41. I pray that the Lord should grant success to this marriage. Make your love last forever. Happy married life.

42. Happy married life; may your new home favor you with lots of love and success. May your days be filled with lots of peace.

43. I just want to say a big happy married life to both of you. May your new beginning be a vessel of endless joy.

44. You are both one today; I hope that you will always remain so for the rest of your life. Happy married life.

45. May this fortunate bonding be blessed forever; happy married life to the best couples in the world.

46. Wedding is a lovely bond that leads to marriage that will continue to the end of time. Happ married life.

47. I just want to say a big happy married life to my best friend. Have a sweet moment with your wife.

48. I cannot not pay you back of the entire sacrifices you made just to make me happy; however, today been your wedding day I great you in the best form. Happy married life.

49. I have never seen two people more deserving of love and compassion this awesome pair. Happy married life.

50. I want to celebrate these two compatible lovers I knew for so long. May your union be blessed with lots of joy.

Wedding Wishes SMS

51. I cannot wait to read the next chapter of your love story; happy married life to the best couple in town.

52. A new chapter has begun in your life today; may you both find the favor of God in it today and forever; happy married life.

53. Have one of the most interesting weddings in the world today—wishing you a life time of an incredible success in your marriage.

54. Wishing you a belated wedding ceremony as you both are united today. May your success never have limit.

55. My dearest friend is getting married today, it will really hurt me that you are now been snatched away from me. Happy married life.

56. I just want to make sure that I reach out to you in the most beautiful manner. Happy married life my joy and happiness.

57. Congratulations to the most amazing couple in the world, as you are joined together may your happiness continues to grow till the end.

58. Congratulations on your wedding day. Be a good husband, plan to be one of the best fathers in the world. Happy married life.

59. You have always stayed together through the storm of life; there is no day you gave up on each other. Happy married life.

60. Today, a great journey has begun be ready to finish it together in peace and harmony. Have a wonderful moment with your wife.

Wedding Wishes for sister

61. What a beautiful beginning? Two becomes one. I hope that you will manage this same decorum forever. Happy married life.

62. Best regards this day as my beloved brother is getting married today; have one of the best times ever.

63. I am so happy for both of you. I am wishing you the best today and always. Happy married life.

64. It is my pleasure to congratulate the best couple in the world. Have a lovely happy married life.

65. I am so glad to spend and celebrate this beautiful day with you. Happy married life; may your new home be lovely forever.

66. Have a valued married life as you celebrate one of the most important days of your life. Happy married life sister.

67. As you finally become a wife, may you continue to be live in peace and harmony in your marriage; happy married life.

68. You dream is finally achieved. This gives me so much love and will always be grateful for that. Happy married life.

69. Wishing you a lifetime of peace and harmony; joy and happiness, success and prosperity. Happy married life.

70. Happy married life my dear lovely brother. We have always been together all these days as best of friends; however this lucky lady is snatching you away from me.

Wedding wishes for brother

71. I never knew I will fall deep in love with you until now remember your text that day?, now it has come to pass. Happy married life.

72. Best wishes on this wonderful day of your life; may you both live together as true husband and wife with true love, happy married love.

73. Today, you have become a new treasure to our society. We love you both and will always do. Happy married life.

74. Let love dominate your heart every single day; play with each other and never find fault in each other. I am wishing all the best.

75. Thank you by honoring us to share the joy of your love together. We really are happy for such offer.

76. May the Lord bless your union, reliefs you of your life pain. Happy married life to the most beautiful sister in the world.

77. We are happy to have you as part of our family. Happy married life. May you find lots of success. Happy married life.

78. We are delighted for celebrating you today been your special day. Happy married life to my darling daughter.

79. As we add another member to our family, we celebrate her in love and joy. Have an awesome time forever.

80. May your union be a blessing to the entire society; as you just add up to the family; may you find lots of peace in your new home.

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