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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Ikoyi Registry

ikoyi registry

The Federal Ikoyi Marriage registry is one of the most popular and most used wedding registries in Lagos. Located in a safe and secure location in the heart of Ikoyi at Falomo, The activities that take place there involve obtaining an Ikoyi Registry marriage certificate, swearing oaths, marriage ceremonies, and consultations of practically any sort.

Are you also planning to get married at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry? This is where you will get legal answers to virtually all the bothering questions you have had in mind about Ikoyi registry ever since.

Based on our recent and thorough research on this subject matter, we have discovered that a lot of people are confused about the process that involved Ikoyi marriage registry. The worse is that some are even fed with unqualified and entirely wrong information, leaving them stranded at the end.


It is for this reason that we bring to you a completely detailed FAQ that covers everything when it comes to getting married at The Ikoyi Marriage Registry. We have also provided constructively detailed answers to every question we have been asked so as to help you out.

If you have been going from one site to another, looking for explicit answers to your questions related to Ikoyi Marriage registry, you don’t need to do that any longer. Because you have just arrived at the final place.

Here are some Frequently asked questions about Ikoyi Registry, with their well-detailed answers

Q : Good day sir I have done my traditional wedding and now I need the procedure to obtain the court certificate and how much will it cost?

A : The requirements for the Registry wedding are:

1) 2 passport photos each for both of you
2) 2 copies of your birth certificates
3) An official identity e.g. National ID card or International Passport
4) Gmail addresses for each of you
5) Official fee (it was NGN 35 000 I paid in January, could be more now)
6) Lawyer’s fee – you need a lawyer recognized by Nigerian Bar to process your documents.

You can also process yourself if you have the time of contact us to process for you. We charge an administrative fee for this.


Q : Please, Is it possible that I register now and have the wedding in June?

A : Yes, you can but it is actually not necessary. Because, You can register and do the wedding just within two weeks.

Q : Excuse me, is there a way to confirm the date they gave me after I have made payments and all the necessary things. How can I confirm the date?

A : You will need to visit the registry few days before your intended date so as to make sure your date is confirmed. I will also advice that you get the phone number of one the staff there to keep in touch with them. If possible.

Q : Hello,can my court wedding be done Two days after the oath taking day?

A : Certainly! It’s really simple if you can just pay.

The most important thing is fixing the date! You need to have made payments by also visiting the place 3 weeks before your preferred wedding date, every other thing can be done anytime before or on the wedding day.

Q : I came to Nigeria with my foreign spouse to get married and I was told at the Ikoyi registry to pay N35,000 to the bank and pay another N25,000 to the office there before getting a date. Please I want to know if the N25,000 is legit?

A : The payment of N25,000 is totally illegal. They just want to extort money from you.

Q : Do they give certificate of bachelorlood? If they do, what’s the requirements and the price?

A : For Bachelorhood? If you’re not married, you’re automatically a bachelor and don’t need a certificate!

Well, you have your reason for asking but please take note that marriage certificates are given for couples getting married under the constitution.

Q : Please sir, I want to get married at ikoyi registry but I need actual amount that it will cost there, in terms of the registry fee…

A : Actually, It was about N35,000 at the middle of last year but I advice you to go there to confirm the current price.

Just Have your cash together because the website is not true when you get to Nigeria the price in dollars is about $500 in all. Do not think you will pay just $200

Q : Coming from America how much is total cost? I was told $500

A : With all of the additional included, the maximum $200

Q : I got married in 1998 in Lagos. How can I get a copy of the marriage certificate? My ex-husband destroyed everything after we got divorced. I am living in Germany…

A : You need a sworn affidavit and the other documents like newspaper publication then when you got married but I can’t tell the amount. If you however got divorced formally, I’m sure you don’t need the marriage certificate anymore!

Q : Please sir, I need to clarify this. My spouse is non-Nigerian. We would like to make court wedding.What documents does she need to bring along with her? Just want to make sure that we’ll get legitimate marriage registry certificates. Thanks.

A : Good question. You will need both couples passport photographs, means of identification and she needs to sign an affidavit that she’s still a spinster and never married before. Then you will fill form of yourself, your bride, both parents details and residential address.

Q : Please I want to know the process and how to register for the course of wedding there, If is possible to have a wedding under one month because my wife have only one month visa to stay in Nigeria and we both live abroad together. We need Agent phone contact.

A : It’s possible. Make plans to come in the country and go there immediately. You need to make payment and pick a date under 3 weeks so you have the time.

Q : Good evening, with the situation of things between the federal government and state government as regards issuance of marriage certificate can someone still go ahead with the marriage at ikoyi registry? Warm regards.

A : I think the key issue in marriage is the oath taking and public declaration. Are they legally constituted to administer it?

Yes. Looks like what is the matter between Lagos state and Federal government has to do with revenue. However whichever way the case is decided, it would not void a marriage instituted at Ikoyi Registry previously.

Q : How do you get a divorce from Nigeria if you live in America

A : We will need you to be specific Sir.

Do you need divorce PAPERS that are in Nigeria? OR Do you need to PROCESS A DIVORCE in Nigerian Marriage Registry? In case you already have the papers in Nigeria, you need to hire an American lawyer.

If you have not started the process, you need a Nigerian lawyer , and an American lawyer just to be sure. Edit: You DEFINITELY need someone on ground (a friend or family member) to supervise the lawyer. I could recommend the lawyer that wedded me.

Why are many couples so aimed at getting married at Ikoyi Registry? They have their reasons, one of which is the reputation of the facility.


Q : So do you mean those that got marry at ikoyi registry are not legally married?

A : Marriages conducted at Ikoyi Registry are legal and confirmed

In fact, right now they conduct marriages and will continue to conduct marriages at the Federal Marriage Registry, Ikoyi and other Federal Marriage Registries in Nigeria.

Q : I have a friend, her husband is Nigerian but currently not in the country and can’t make it in soon. Is there a way she can register and have the wedding certificate without her husband present?

A : Thanks for contacting us.

Just as commented earlier, the possibility of getting the marriage certificate issued in absence of either one of the couple is zero.

Both parties have to be present in court to take the oath before the registrar and witnesses (family or friends) after which the certificate is then issued. Meanwhile, I always suggest to intending couples to directly visit the Marriage Registry to speak to any of their staff inorder to get verified information. I hope the feedback helps. Regards!

Q : What steps are to be taken to register and pick a date for registry here?

A : Your wedding date must be not less than 21 working days after you submit these through your lawyer:

1) Between 30,000 – 40,000 court fee
2) lawyer fee (varies)
3) original and 2 photocopies copies of birth certificates
4) original and 2 copies of your ID (passport, national ID card or Drivers license)
5) 2 passport photos

Q : Please will appreciate a response from you. Can I and my fiance who is a foreigner marry in less than a week. Is it possible?

A : No, I’m afraid that is not possible owing completely to the fact that you need a lot of documents

Q : Hello there. Who do I contact urgently to get a copy (even a scan or a picture) of my marriage certificate? I cannot go to this registry office. So I need a contact number.

A : You can’t get a copy just like that. You have to send someone to the Registry and follow proper procedure before you can get such document.

Q : If one lost their marriage can one get another one? What are the process?

A : You must go to registry, and pay necesssary fees.

Q : What are the things I need for marriage certificate in ikoyi and how much does it cost?

A : The documents needed and money depend on the type of marriage. There is the one called special and another called ordinary.

Q : Please, my fiance is a foreigner and planning on coming for our Court wedding and he intend to spend a week, how do I go about everything so that we can go their together only on the wedding day ? How much will it all cost? Is two sponsors each mandatory?

A : You need to go to the registry to pick a date and make payment so that when your partner can arrive the weekend of the marriage and you only need two witnesses,its mandatory because they will sign the marriage certificate

Q : What is the difference between the certificate issued in Ikoyi registery and the one issued at various local governments?

A : Certificate from Ikoyi is a federal govt. compared to state government issued at local governments. Also Ikoyi is the most famous for genuinely certificate others are kinda doubted in embassies and other organizations.

Ikoyi registry operates through weekdays and can help young couples in a whole range of matters connected to the ceremony


Q : I’m a Nigerian, I also base in Nigeria, but my fiance is based in outside the country, he said he want a legitimate marriage registry certificate, so which of the registry re we to go for, is it a Nigeria and non Nigerian, or Nigerian and Nigerian?

A : Your marriage can take place in Nigeria. Any Federal Marriage Registry is good. We call such special marriage at the Federal marriage registry, Ikoyi. Contact me and get more detail.

Q : How much does it cost to do registry at ikoyi?

A : There are various types of certificate so I suggest you visit their office for a detailed cost but prepare that the highest cost is N50,000. So it depends on date of allocation, if both couples are resident locally or abroad to determine cost price.

Q : Can I have a court wedding on Wednesday?

A : There isn’t an official number as far as I can tell but people have different contacts of their staffs! You’ll still need to be there anyway to ensure this!

Q : Can I have my court wedding on saturday

A : Yes, you can!

Just be ready for the queue and extra unofficial cost because this is the date people choose the most!

Q : Please, I would like to know if local government registry certificate can be exchanged for federal registry certificate with a fee?

A : Hmmm. The word is not EXCHANGED , rather it is ADDED. The Local Govt Certificate will still be a valid document in matters up to State Level.

The Federal Certificate is valid at National and International Level. Most people I know aren’t travelling abroad, so do not need Federal Certificate.
But it is better to have one, because not even Benin Republic will recognize Local Certificate.

Q : Please I need an urgent response to this. Can I use age declaration affidavit for my registration at the court in place of birth certificate? Can’t find the birth certificate at the moment. Thanks in anticipation

A : Yes you can. However, you should get the Affidavit sworn to by a person standing in the capacity of parent or guardian who can give evidence as to the time of your birth. On the other hand if the declaration is just for loss of the certificate, you can swear to the Affidavit yourself.

Q : Since my sister can help me with the registration and payment, please how do I now go abt the national ID card,will they accept a scanned or photocopy of the national ID card or voters card and birth certificate?she doesn’t have them because I’m not in lagos

A : The ID is not complusory, the birth certificate can be scanned and emailed

Q : Good morning to you, please I want to know if a relative like my sister can help me with the registration and payment at ikoyi registry?

A : Yes she can

Q : Can registry form be filled online and later appear at the registry?

A : Yes. The registration process is actually online. To commence the process, check the Ministry of Interior Website here.

Q : I’m coming to get marry how much is emergency marriage license and how long will it take to receive it and what counseling we need.

A : You have to apply for international. Within 7days. It costs less than N50,000


For all divorce issues, your lawyer is in the best position to attend to it since the marriage is a court marriage. If you don’t have a lawyer, walk into human rights office near you, you will be assigned a lawyer.

Please be aware that, For now, marriage certificates are not available online. They are still classified as security documents.

We do hope that with these set of frequently asked questions and answers, you are pretty much satisfied and cleared about all that entails Ikoyi marriage registry.

If you have any other questions apart from the ones we’ve given answers to, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment section.

We will be apt in giving you legal answers to your questions.




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    We have ,of course,arranged for a proper wedding at a place of wedding,that is, a church wedding.

    After that,is it still compulsory to go for Ikoyi registry marriage
    Or can we just go with the church wedding alone.

    Please I need answers.

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    Good day sir, please I want to ask if they do request for other package like food and drinks in Ikoyi Registry after the registration fee.

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    Good day sir. I’m really confused about the date of oath and date of marriage. I will appreciate it if you can explain better.
    Then after the online registration, is it necessary to go to the registry for verification of documents and approval of dates chosen or one should wait till the wedding date

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    Please I was not given my marriage certificate some years ago because of my husband can not provide his birth certificate . pls what can I do

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    Hi, I want to do a church wedding with licensed place of worship, is the license legal for processing for my spouse to travel abroad.

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