The Reel Games That Came Before The Slot Machine

Reel Games

The Reel Games That Came Before The Slot Machine: Slot machines and casinos have gone through an abundance of changes over the years. Some of the most notable changes have to do with the appearance and functionality of the machines. This has been immensely beneficial for pretty much everyone involved. It ensures that the user has little to no trouble figuring out the game. This makes it accessible to everyone. At the same time, these enhancements make things better for the casinos as well. In the early days, casinos used reel games. Within this guide, you’re going to learn about the reel games that arrived before the slot machine.

How They Worked

So, how did those reel games actually work? Well, they were basic. Still, they were pretty similar to the slot machines that you play today. The consumer would enter the establishment and approach a reel machine. Then, they would insert a coin and give the lever a pull. Within a matter of seconds, the user would know whether or not they were a winner. The process was very basic, but it managed to be very successful. After all, the slot machine is still one of the most popular games in modern casinos. This is a testament to the innovation brought by the reel games of the past.

Who Made Them?

Before the introduction of poker online Indonesia, casinos were very basic. There were many people who helped invent the reel machine. Many people tried unsuccessfully. Then, Charles Fey built the very first Liberty Bell slot machine. Many of the earliest machines were actually inspired by Five Card Draw. Much of this had to do with the game’s popularity at the time. Chicago’s Ideal Toy Company was actually the first to release a machine like this. One of the machines produced in 1890 actually had five drums. Those drums were painted in the same way as a playing guard. The drums would spin when the coin was inserted.

From there, the machine worked just like you would expect it to work now. If you got a match, you would be declared the winner. If not, you would need to insert another coin to play again.

Why Did They Last?

There have been some great casino games. Others have been downright terrible. They certainly did not withstand the test of time. Slot machines have and it has everything to do with the uniqueness of the reel games. These games were revolutionary. They were very simple and basic, yet they were exciting and fun. They really helped connect every day with the larger casinos. While most cannot play blackjack very well, they can play the slot machines. This remains true today. The accessibility is one of the main reasons these games are still popular.


At the end of the day, the reel machines were revolutionary. They changed pretty much everything. Then, the slot machine was invented. While it was an improvement, it stuck with the things that made the reel games so great. Without those features, the slots might not be as popular as they are today.

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