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Relationship Counselor Online in Nigeria – How You Can Talk to Deedee

Relationship counselor online

Relationship counselor online – How you can talk to Deedee

Are you depressed in your relationship? What exactly is your problem in your current relationship?  Is it Violence, Misunderstanding, Addiction, or Emotional Abuse? Don’t worry, DeeDee and other Nigerian counselors are going to help you out of this mess.

I shall provide websites and recommendation of other prominent counselors across the country will be provided too.

DEEDEESBLOG, the Best Relationship & Counseling Platform in Nigeria

DEEDEE is the African foremost counselor I have ever heard about before now. This implies that if you are looking for number counselor online in Nigeria or Africa as a whole, Dee Dee is the number one so far. Most of the contents on his media website are about relationship hacks and relationship counseling.

If you wish to get engaged with this great man, you can via He will attend to you and give you some suggestions based on your complain about your relationship.

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Bose Fawehinmi of Marriage Matters

relationship counselor online

Bose Fawehinmi of Marriage Matters is another counselor I can recommend for you. She is one of the most capable counselors we here in Nigeria. A lead counselor in Marriage Matters, Bose has amassed tremendous skills over the years and with her skills and experience on matters relating to relationship and marriage, it is guaranteed that your encounter with her will be a life-changing one. Probably, your problem has always been to figure out the root of problems in a premarital relationship, couple relationship, or you wish to grow probably as a form of personal development, Bose Fawehinmi, is number one for those jobs.

To contact this precious counselor, whose encounter either physically or online promises a life-changing process, you can shoot them an email on

Joro Olumofin

Joro, Olumofin according to recommendations is a renowned scholar of relationship therapy, whose style of delivery is exceptional since he does that on Instagram rather than the normal platforms of delivering counseling services such as WordPress, blogger and any other available platform as the case may be. To be strictly précise, Joro is one outstanding love Doctor—people popularly call him 24th-century love Doctor. If that’s the case, he really worth it, since this credibility is coming from the people who think upright.

If you are in need of counseling on extremely controversial situations, don’t hesitate to mingle with Joro. He is known for featuring controversial topics on his platform, but that’s not even the issue, the most important thing is that in the end, the topic is completely justifiable. It has been recorded that Joro claimed he receives close to 800 emails daily from his audiences in conversations about relationship advice.  This daily job of replying emails does not bother him much since it has been his declaration to help Nigerians out the country about their relationship matters.

One of the five best Universities in Nigeria is the University of Lagos—popularly known as UNILAG. That’s exactly where Joro, studied Bsc., MSc in Psychology. Shortly, he forged ahead to acquire his doctoral degree in the same field.  Joro’s Instagram users are increasing every day. The last record, the number of followers was 300, 000 however, now, the number has increased to 599, 000 followers. This is an amazing fact to talk about. If you are in need of relationship therapy, don’t hesitate to follow this great man on Instagram.

He has been helping people to stand back on their relationship; this signifies that he is a living genius, who has through his wealth of knowledge saved many marriages.


relationship counselor online

I recommend this platform for you as one of the best where you can find counselors that will help you with your relationship issues.  This platform features lots of counselors here in Nigeria, located at Lagos. The platform focuses on relationship and marital development, as it is, it was established to train and equip couples on how to stay positive in their relationship daily. If you have known about this company before, you will be able to testify how people lumber it with the responsibility to provide adequate knowledge of relationship. They have been doing this in a simplified form, encouraging people to stay together in their relations both premarital and marital.

The company has taught couples the beauty of cultivation, developing and strengthening a healthy relationship within them as couples. All these are based on tested and reliable principles.

Just like I mentioned the above, this company is located in Lagos, Nigeria, it has been actively known to intervene in relationship and family issues—this strongly signifies that there are both marriage and family counselors available. The institution has been in existence since the year 2008, this is another credibility that can be attributed to the counselors involved.  They have trained, retrained and continuously train couples on how to sustain their marriage and family to avoid future conflicts.

One good thing I love about them is that they attend to you as long as the service finally yield a positive answer. They have their processes, as attached to what they named Point Man Program; this system ensures that every contact with their counselors brings about an uncommon development to the couples involved. Don’t doubt this about them; you can try them for yourself.

They also focus on areas of relationship counseling, marriage counseling, child psychology i.e. children and adolescents as well as therapy in the case of post-traumatic events.

The leader of the team is the author of the book ‘Relation Ship: the builder’s to Excellent and a regular TV show co-anchor who discusses everything relating to relationship.

You can reach the company’s representative via +2347083268000.


This is another mind-blowing platform where you can get both your premarital and marital problems solved if you comply. The world SWiM as coined by the company stands for—SISTERS, WIVES, and MOTHERS. It is originally, a forum based on a nongovernmental setting whose aim is to meet the entire needs of women through a standard and qualitative information that deals with precautionary, proactive, and preventive approach that will serve as a guide for them when it comes to decision making at the time of emotion, careers, and relationships.

This platform has helped a lot of souls in a relationship either by training women on how to manage their emotions, or counseling them about good relationship etiquettes—this is normally done through a series of seminars they conduct, their support groups, counseling sessions, online forum and community, podcast service, and other major Social Media platforms.

SWiM is equally known for its expert works on relationship, and Academia related matters—this means, they are a first class provider of relationship education that will help shape the relationship of couples into a well-organized scenario. The institution helps singles to make the right choice in relationships while it helps married couples to increase their skills in handling relationships better. You can contact the desk at or call this number: +2349080088503.

Counselor Nonye Martins

relationship counselor online

Has the news of Counselor Nonye Matins reached you? Here is the profile about her. She is a counselor, a wife, and a mother of 4 kids. She graduated as English Foundation Student in the University of Port Harcourt. She has chosen counseling as her line of career, especially on marriage-related issues. She is also a relationship coach, a teacher and the proprietress of Angels of Mission Schools Aguda, Lagos. She is also a public and Inspirational speaker; she loves the female gender and is always ready to fight for their right in terms of love and emotion. Less I forget, she is also an author.

Dr. Stephanie Oarhe

relationship counselor online

Dr. Stephanie Oarhe is known with the Heart2Heart foundation that is located in Port Harcourt. It is a nongovernmental organization. She offers marriage counseling as a means to regulate the relationship between couples. To tackle misconceptions in a relationship, and to enhance the mutual understanding in family life; she has to build this foundation, with the aim of helping Niger Delta region of Nigeria, manage their relationships in marriage and family aspect.

The foundation is quite old, as it has officially begun since 1996 with a talk show hosted by her which was named after the foundation.  As at this time, it was quite uncommon to find any organization around that region addressing marital issues or those relating to a relationship in the public.

Since then, the foundation has gained reputation about various areas of relationship teachings and impacts such as Train a Child Project, Annual relationship conferences, for women, singles, and teenagers, marriage counseling program for singles and married, Quarterly leadership and wealth empowerment seminars, HIV enlightenment programs for schools. If you look deeply, will realize the entire programs are related to marriage and family relationship.

Olatoun Ayoola

relationship counselor online

Unlike many counselors that can be reached on the website, Olatoun Ayoola keeps it simple, she operates on LinkedIn, she is a relationship and marriage counselor, a Sex therapist, Family life Coach, and Blogger.  She said, “I started counseling because of the need to help provide hope, support, and guidance for individuals and couples, both in and out of marriages, relationships and their sex life, and also help them live a fulfilling and enriching life.”

She claims to be an intimate relationship counselor, which means, in one way or the other has some listening skills in her. She provides skills and tools to help solve problems in a relationship, heal hurts, restore falling relationship, deepen your intimacy and connection and strengthen your relationship.

She is good at training you on how to excel in the sexual aspect of your relationship with your spouse. No matter how hard it is to say a particular thing out of shyness, don’t hesitate to tell Olatoun your problem, she will find a way out of it for you.  She also claims to help couples become more intimate in their relationship.

She works and counsels her clients in both private and confidential settings to help solve the relationship issue. She will help build confidence in you concerning your bedroom, helps you with skills to save your marriage, and builds your communication skills, for better enhancement of the marriage relationship. She strongly believes that sex is part of the intimacy in marriage, so, she will be ready to guide you on how to use sex as a tool to enhance your marital relationship.

In one of her words, she said “Helping families heal is my passion and my life’s work, because I have seen firsthand how people struggle with their relationship life…” this belief, must have driven her to apply a lot of efforts in dealing with marriage and family issues. So, for this reason, meeting her shouldn’t be a difficult decision. If you don’t want to meet her in person, you can still contact her by clicking the link placed on her name above.

Gbemisola Ogunrinde

She is known for her professional work when it comes to mental health issue treatment—precisely, she specializes in Marriage and Family therapy, play therapy for children, and adolescents. Asides these, she has been known for conducting individual therapy for adults along with training people of professional counseling, parenting education workshops, and conferences on mental health.  If you must be recognized as a real therapist or counselor, must have acquired some qualifications and as well built with some certain skills for effective communication, in the case of Gbemisola, she is a professional counselor, who uses multilingual approach to attend to her clients. This is a sign of a good counselor. She has worked with several clients, both children and adults to help prevent mental health issues that may negatively affect the family and marriage.

One amazing fact about this woman is that she has worked with many ethnic backgrounds, as she deals with issues concerning relationship, marital conflicts, management of anger, grief, depression, self-harm, suicide thoughts, and all kinds of problems faced by human in life—as far as it is related to psychology and relationship.

I think she is born with a silver spoon, attended her bachelor’s degree BSc. in Psychology at Covenant University Ogun, Nigeria.  And master’s degree MA in family psychology at Hardin Simmons University, Texas, USA and has been a member of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology. She is also a member of the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy and was taught in Trauma based Cognitive – Behavioural Therapy as she works for troubled kids.

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