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Relationship Therapy Exercises For You And Your Lover

Relationship therapy exercises

Relationship therapy exercises: Often, couples live together for the rest of their lives, in other to enjoy the beauty of the marriage that exists between them. Relationship therapy exercises can play a vital role in building a solid rock for the continuity of a relationship and marriage.

These exercises will strengthen the bond of the love and understanding of the couples for each other. The reason is that, when you are together with someone all your life, you get to know him or her and get used to them due to some activities you engage together. In this article, I will be teaching relationship therapy exercises based on Gottman method which is a therapy method through which couples relationship is thoroughly assessed. This method has healed many relationships and also kept them healthy.

Thinking relationship therapy exercises?

Building Relationship

Couples are given the privilege to assess each other wants, interest, and expectations through selves’ interviews where they question each other upon several matters that is pertaining to their relationship in the present and future perspective. At the end of the interview, the couples are given the feedback of the sessions. Through this type of exercise, couples will get to know each other very well and also discover many things about each other and themselves. This is connected with knowing the psychology of your partner and as such, will help the relationship a lot.

Sharing Love and Passion

Love and passion are major factors when it comes to keeping a relationship strong and healthy. When you share affection with your spouse, it means you recognize their feelings and also respect their presence in your life. You give them the attention they need and are always answerable to both their sexual, emotional, physical and spiritual needs when necessary.

Prioritizing needs

It is not bad if we prioritize our partner’s need, but in other to enjoy a healthy relationship, we also need to state our needs to our partners, so that they will get used to them and also figure out ways to handle such needs rather than being blind about them due to our lack of stating what they are. Our needs when stated builds easy means to make the relationship stronger than ever. Stating your needs to your partner does not mean you are selfish; rather, you are building a solid foundation for the continuity of the relationship.

The Positive Perspective

So many times, some couples have destroyed their relationship because they see negativity in it. However, if you approach your relationship with a positive perspective, there is no doubt you are going to enjoy it in a healthy manner. You need to be optimistic when it comes to problem-solving after all, nagging will not in any way solve an issue, and it will only add more problems. The best way to successfully solve a relationship problem is to approach it with a positive perspective. This approach will strengthen the relationship and also build more rapport between the partners.

Managing Conflict

Patience and tolerance have to play a big role here. Managing conflict is different in meaning from resolving a problem. The bitter truth is that you can’t resolve a relationship problem because it is natural and also functional; therefore, you need to develop professional strategies on how to manage your conflict. You can invite a mental health therapist to scrutinize your relationship in order to figure out what the problems are and also develop positive strategies for you to manage your relationship conflict.

Making Life Dream Come True

each partner has his or her life expectations, values, passion and dreams, so there is no fault in discussing what you actually aspire to acquire or do in the nearest future. In fact, this will form a good communication skill for both of you and you will rapport well with each other which is also another way to get to know each other and the needs and wants. This atmosphere will create the room for each partner to talk more on their hopes, convictions, values, and aspirations.

Creating Shared Meaning

This has to do with how you share your vision with each other. Your visions may be similar while sometimes may differ but sharing them will create a healthy relationship as you will be of help and support to each other. You will not be in darkness about what your partner needs or expects, therefore, you will quickly respond since you already have understood their stand, through the sharing of your visions with each other previously. Sharing of vision also helps in knowing each other’s aspiration and expectations. Therefore, the result is to keep the relationship stronger than ever.


A relationship without trust for sure will not work. Even though your partner has some history of lie and deceit, you need to trust them in other for the relationship to work. You don’t need to show them that they are once a liar. Trust, sometimes may not necessarily be an issue of the past but of the present. This means, your partner may have turned a new leaf, therefore, you need to give him or her that courtesy of trust so that you can manage your relationship to a healthy level.


What is your commitment to your relationship’ now that you are together a couple? How important do you see your relationship and what are the efforts you take in order to maintain the healthy relationship that exists between you? You must discuss what commitment means to you with your partner and he or she will do the same so that you will understand your perspectives and then figure out how to handle your differences when it comes to commitment.

To some people, what they understand by commitment could me, giving full attention and care to the relationship while to some partners, it could mean to buy material things that will be needed by the couple. For this reason, you both need to define what commitment means to you.

Relationship Therapy Exercises you should know

Apart from the Gottman method, there are other methods of relationship therapy you can apply to your marriage in order to strengthen your bond with your spouse. They are equally amazing approaches you will not like to miss.

Never Go to Bed Angry

No matter how stressful the day is, or how annoying situations are, try and control your temper, so that you may not transfer the aggression on your spouse. This is why couples need to study each other’s moods very well before they marry. There are some people who when they are stressed, get angry easily if you discovered that your spouse is such a person, kindly let him or her be for the main time. Don’t try to ask them any question. When they are calm, they will be the same people that will protest why you didn’t ask them about their feeling the other time. This is when you will come in politely; I just don’t want to disturb your mood. I needed you to rest and calm. Sorry I didn’t ask. These words will calm the situation dawn especially if you are the man partner, your wife will respect you and your dignity before she will be high.

Appreciate your Partner’s Effort

Every human has a feeling of importance. Just like a child, if he or she goes for an errand for you, and was rewarded, next time, if you call the child for another errand, she will quickly run to deliver it. That’s exactly how the human mind works. We love praise and appreciation. If you want your marriage to work well, then you must not be an ingrate. No matter how little your spouse does, appreciate him or her; let them understand that you love them for who they are and what they have done really impress you even though it is not true, this will help you build your relationship to the next level.

However, you can’t continue to pretend, just as I explained previously, while I was commenting on Gotman methods, you must state your needs to your spouse. Don’t die in silence because you want your marriage to stay.

Temporarily do away with Technology

It is quite unfortunate that social media addiction has ruined many homes as the couples don’t have time for each other. The couples prefer to spend more of their time on the internet than they spend with their spouse. A relationship in which there is no communication will soon fall out like a decayed leaf. You must find a special time with each other in which you talk, play and plan a life together. However, technology can still be another smart means to strengthen your relationship. You can set aside 10 to 20 minutes every day to chat on Whatsapp or Facebook. This will remind you of how you used to chat earlier before marriage and as a result, will build your communication skills and close the gap of passion between you.

Pillow Game and Sport come in handy

Many don’t understand the magic of pillow game and sport. When we were young, I mean teens or kids; we used to derive great joy playing together with our friends either of the same s*x or the opposite s*x. How do you cope in a home where everyone cares about no one? Boring atmosphere indeed. Playing together with your spouse, strengthen your friendship relationship and as well as fuel the love of your marriage relationship. You have to be your wife’s playmate. In the modern day, the king like approach to living with women doesn’t work again. In fact, it has never worked before. Those who succeeded were lucky because their days were of monarchy, not a democracy.

Go on night dates

You now belong to each other, you can date at any time and no one will question you. if you like, go to the moon and date each other, it is your choice as a couple. Dating each other in marriage will refuel the emotion every day. You can cuddle each other to the point of even having s*x. play and sing for each other every night before you sleep. Some couples, after marriage still text each other goodnight messages though they will sleep in the same bed. That’s the power of dating in marriage; it keeps the passion alive and makes you boyfriend and girlfriend in your matrimonial home.

Don’t Deny Each Other Lovemaking without Good Reason

Both men and women love to make love except that we are not in the mood. Lovemaking is another factor that strengthens the bond between a man and his wife. Especially women, it was discovered that if you make love with them, they tend to get closer to you. A responsible man should not abuse this natural gift of women getting more attached to a man that can satisfy them. They should be treated well and then play along with their weakness. Show them love in return. Some of them will be emotionally inclined after lovemaking that they hold your hands tightly as children do to their fathers just to be sown some love. Don’t shy away. Show them the love, pet them, and acknowledge the fact that they fell in love with you. Through this, you will be able to build the bond with each other.

Advise Each Other

Many of the great men today in one way or the other were advised on what they do by their wives. Women are not children, they have their potentials too. Same goes to the men. As a spouse, you need a special time to advise each other. Listen to what your partner has to say concerning your plan or dream. Reason with the advice, if it is worth working with, accept and show gratitude, if it is not worth it, reject it politely. One amazing fact about advice is that, when it works for you, you tend to like the advisor better and reward them. Imagine when the advisor is your spouse. The love for them will increase and your passion for each other will definitely increase too.

Finally: relationship therapy exercises are very important in keeping a healthy relationship. Get on with it.


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