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When Love Gives

when love gives

When love gives. Ever heard of the love that gives? Maybe we should start by looking at the attributes of love.

Love is kind, love is faithful, love endures, love overlook faults and mistakes.

Love is the ability to blend with your partner’s ways, ensure correction where possible, make sure there is physical and emotional connection and have the capacity to endure. Since love is one of the forces that control the world, then it is suffice to conclude that love breeds unity and peaceful co-existence not just between partners in love but also with others.

The power of love is exemplified by GIVING. When you love someone, giving will come naturally to you. This is an action that remonstrates the power of love. Giving is an expression of a heart that loves isn’t it?

People say since love acts, and love is about giving, why do people feel so bothered about expressing love through sex! Well Sex could be part of the act of giving though love, I’m not of the school of thought that love is expressed through sex.

You know why? A million and one prostitutes give their bodies to men they don’t love. So does that really play into what we are trying to promulgate here?

I’d leave that as a gist for another time!

Get your partner gift, it is one of the most basic, harmless and ‘inexpensive’ way of expressing your LOVE.

Giving gifts shows thoughtfulness, care and leaves a lasting memory in the heart of your lover.

I love giving a lot, not just because I had the gifts to give but because I get the feeling of love and fulfillment when I forebear a certain part of me, ‘my finances’ to show that I care. This does not make me any less of who I am but it shows a deep sense of responsibility and care.

Learn to give. A heart that loves gives. Giving is a form of love declaration.

You will just be fine!

 – About Janet Fadeyi

Janet Fadeyi is a lover and a deep passionate writer who knows what love is and loves with no reservations. I am outspoken, resilient, and extremely caring. A lady who knows what, when and how to do things that is love related. She believes that love is life’s greatest gift and as such, spreads the LOVE word everywhere she goes!

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