Dee’s Inbox: I Want to go back to Being a witch

being a witch

I want to go back to being a witch. Two years ago, I was delivered of witchcraft in a church in Lagos. I learned that it took them weeks to deliver me of my situation but they eventually did.

I never really knew I had witchcraft, but I knew I used to meet with certain people in the spirit, whenever I sleep and I used to have my way with men; in terms of money and other financial things. After the deliverance, things went back to normal, no dream meetings and no urge to collect the extraordinary from guys or even old men.

Before it used to be easy for me to get people to help foot certain bills since work has not been coming and all. But now, I don’t get advances from men like I used to, jobs has stopped coming ( being a fashion designer), nobody to look after me and even to feed has now become a huge problem. I am currently sad and scared that I won’t find another man in my life again.

Just recently I met a young man who I thought was the right man for me till he broke up after dating for one year. So many issues started coming up, unlike the past time when I used to have everything come my way.

My former friends in the society are not helping matters as well. They keep coming back to me physically now to join them. This temptation is so strong, considering all that I’m facing presently. I have since moved closer to God but he seems like he is not hearing or seeing me.

I am beginning to see signs of being pulled back by my former friends, which I have tried to avoid but then, these recent challenges I’m facing is not helping matters at all.

Please I need help and advise as I am feeling confused already. The urge to go back to my old ways is so strong.







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