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6 Grooming Tips for Men Before Your First Date

Grooming Tips for Men's

6 Grooming Tips for Men before your First Date: Indifferent of what you might have to say we know that the first date is always nerve-wracking and unnerving. The most people whose hands would sweat and they would have butterflies in the stomach in the name of the first date.

But if you are groomed enough for it, then you will definitely be able to feel confident. Most of the first dates which go wrong happen because the individual is not groomed properly.

We got Dating Expert John Santana from shares some of the best grooming tips for men so that you are absolutely prepared for your first date and you are ready to impress your potential lady love!

1. Have A Clean Shaven Look – We understand that many might feel that unkempt facial hair is the trend, but trust us on this it is not so. In fact, most girls find that an unshaven look makes guys look like a homeless haggard. Even if you keep a mustache and beard, make sure that it is trimmed properly and is an absolute shape. That is sure to give you a look of elegance- needless to say, show your face with a perfumed aftershave to complete your look.

2. Spray Cologne, But Not Too Much – We know that it is your first date and you would definitely like to smell good, but too much of anything is not going to be a good thing. In fact, If you put on more perfume or cologne it is more likely that you’re that might feel suffocated and the smell might be too overwhelming. If you do not have a problem of bad odor, then you can even skip the cologne part. Or even better, use an anti deodorant with a mild smell to be on the safe side.

3. Do Not Use Hair Gel Too Much – We know that you do not want to go out on your first date with a bad Hair Day but then you have to understand that using too much hair gel might give you a crunchy and a greasy look. Also, some hair gels hard in overtime and it might make your hair look wet and rough. So make sure that your hair is set and instead of gel try using something like a hair serum which will keep your hair in place.

4. Start Exfoliating Your Skin A Few Days Ahead Of Your Date – If you think that exfoliation is only for girls then you need to be upgraded. Due to regular outings, your skin tends to hold onto more dirt, and all your facial pores might get blocked. In order to get your skin in a fresh look, try using a good man’s face scrub two to three times a week, so that you can have a revitalized appearance and look absolutely stunning on your date.

5. Pay Attention To Your Nails – You might not pay attention to your nails, but it is highly likely that your date definitely will. In fact, If you have dirty and uncut nails then it is more than likely that your date would not be successful. Imagine somebody trying to feed you with dirty nails. Make sure that you get your nails trimmed and cleaned and along with hands make sure that your toenails are up to the mark. If you want to be perfect, you can also try your manicure as it would make your hands look picture perfect.

6. Take care of your teeth – Trust me, nobody wants to go out with the person who has black and teeth or bad breath. So it is extremely essential for you to take care of your teeth. Before you move out of your date, brush your teeth and swish your mouth with air freshener so that you can eliminate all chances of bad breath. Also, use dental floss, and use of whitening strips so that you do not have a yellowish tint.

As an Endnote, we would like to add that it is always a good thing to be perfectly groomed on your first date because the first impression is the one that lasts forever. And whatever happens, remember to be on time because it is very insulting to keep someone waiting on the first date itself.

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