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Sad Love Series Episode 3 | Adesua

sad love series episode 3

Sad Love Series Episode 3 | Adesua

Hey Guys, Welcome to the third episode of Sad Love Series ! If you also have stories to share on the Blog, do not hesitate to share. Let us all build a community of fiction, non-fiction writers, alright? 


Kenneth and I had been friends since our days in the university of Maiduguri. We were 3 years and counting when he met and started going out with Adesua, a light-skinned beautiful student of the department of Theatre arts, University of Jos. He was doing pretty well in his marketing job while she was a very popular girl on campus due to her enviable talent and ability in singing.

A multiple campus award-winning act, she was well known in the city and had hosted red carpet events at several major entertainment shows. A year to graduation, she wasn’t going to be forgotten, her marks in the city seemingly eternally engraved.

Her parents worked as bank branch manager and accountant respectively with two of the top leading financial institutions in the nation’s capital- Abuja. I recall meeting her father in 2014 during a brief stay at my sister’s. he was a gentle, soft-spoken man, who left a lasting impression on me.

“I hope one day you and Adesua get to make a movie together,” he had said to me that day “she talks about your skills all the time.”
I mentioned this to her when I saw her much later, alone, at the Airport junction, in Jos, May 2016.

“Yes, I hope so too, but I will make more money than you,” she had laughed.

That laughter that hot afternoon in May was to be the last I would ever see on Adesua’s face. By December 2016, She and Kenneth were tinkering on the brink of a nerve-wrecking break up for they have become more of a married couple. Too many fights, too many arguments, too many troubles, too many silent treatments.

“Now I’m sure this has to end- it’s no longer working,” a dejected Kenneth had told me over lunch the day I visited him in his railway quarters residence. It wasn’t the best of times for him, the marketing agency had recently laid of staff, and poor Kenneth, he was waved away too. He was both heartbroken and frustrated.

“Look, Ken, “I told him quite frankly” no one should make you feel less of a man, not this way. Were you working for her in the first place?”

“A man needs to feel he’s a man, taking charge of proceedings.”

“What the hell. She’s got enough money to take care of her until things fall in place for you.”

Without a shred of doubt, he was not the guy I had known all along. Weight loss, blank distant face and occasional pensive mood made me feel sorry for him.

After eating, we returned to the flat and saw a series on cable, then played video game until very late in the night. By 1:00am, we decided to sleep.

“Goodnight, buddie.”

“If you like sleep, if you like think about Adesua.”

He chuckled and turned his back to me. The night was cool, calm and soft and only the crickets’ orchestra assailed its sanctity.

Fate was beckoning…….

At about 4:00am, we were rudely woken up. Someone had gained entrance into the compound and was trying to force their way into the front room. We both jumped out of bed.

“You guys have armed robbers or vandals around here?” I whispered my question.

“No, “he whispered shaking his head “this is strange, never experienced it around here.”

Suddenly remembering Maiduguri and the many safety tips we had learnt, I motioned to him that we pick somethings- anything to serve as weapons. We just shouldn’t stand helplessly as cowards waiting for the intruder to come finish us, for I was certain it wasn’t opportunity knocking on that front door. He took a clipper, I quickly settled for a sledge hammer.

The miscreant was gaining leverage.

We tiptoed to the sitting room through an alternate route in different directions. Momentarily, I caught a glimpse of the un-welcomed figure. The room was dark but our nocturnal guest had something that looked a small torch. Fortunately, I was in a position secure enough to knock the person from behind without them realizing in time. I moved closer, my hands clutching unto the sledge hammer fiercely.

Then the figure spoke……the voice decidedly unmistaken.

“Adesua!” Kenneth exclaimed shocked, as I was.

“Yes baby, it’s me, please turn on the lights.”







(To be continued next week)


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