Staying Alive Requires More

staying alive

Staying Alive Requires More – How much we want we want to live should determine how much we want to live for, but it’s a sad case that this isn’t so in many humans. Nobody wants to die, everyone hopes to see what the next day has to offer because of the awareness that nothing is promised, yet people would rather live like life is a joke. Does the air you inhale mean nothing to you? Even if I asked right now how you would live if you know you will die in the next 24 hours, most people still wouldn’t know how to live because all that matters to them is pure existence or survival.

We deserve more from life than just to survive, nonetheless, survival is all life is to so many people. They don’t understand their purpose and all that bothers them is not to die soon because of the ‘false hope’ that tomorrow will be better, even when their efforts negate it.

How much is your life worth? What meaning will your life hold if you die in this moment? Ever wondered if the way you are living is how you ought to live?

I strongly believe that as long as we desire to stay alive we must earn it. Life is vanity like we love to express when the wind of sorrow blows. Shouldn’t that awaken our spirits not to live vainly? No one deserves to stay alive who only makes wishes without purposeful demands.

It isn’t enough that the best we can be is the ‘wish’ in who we wish to become. You want to be a renowned writer; you nurse that idea in your heart for as long as possible until it becomes a burden because you refused to outgrow that idea and manifest into it. You just have to do better.

Living transcends how we want to live, it is indeed about how we ought to live. Wake up each day with your dream and set out to achieve a task that edges you closer to it. No one has died from having big dreams but most people have died from allowing their big dream become a burden, it is all in mind. From personal observations, I arrived at a conclusion that 50% of depressed individuals walk into it because they create a perfect imaginary design of the life they desire but do little or nothing to achieve it. By the time they realize what misfortune they have inflicted on themselves, they succumb to pressure and sorrow attacks their courage, hence misery.

Life is a world of opposites, when the walk gets easier the journey gets tougher and vice versa. Nobody should impose their journey on you but you must be willing to walk your walk. The problem with some people isn’t that they are travelling in the wrong path, it is the fact that they aren’t moving at all even when they know what passageway to follow.

All I am saying is fighting to stay alive is enough motivation to get more from life. You don’t know how much time you have left, don’t waste the next minute.


Oluwasegun Femi Fragile carries within him a world of limitless emotion which he always seeks to express with his heart as ink in his pen. Also known as The Cooking Pen; a writer cum cook. He is popular for his heart melting and life-schooling style of writing which he refers to as ‘personal’. He often states that everything about life is his source of inspiration.

This author of two eBooks: The Spark in My Quiet World and Letters to God which was nominated as best fiction for the Nigerian Writers Award is also a consultant on love affairs. He is driven by his purpose to help others in their pursuit of happiness. He blogs at www.femifragile.com, a platform he uses to cure the emotional curiosity of his readers.


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