Samuel Otareri: The PreWedding Photo And What Went Wrong

pre-wedding photo

I just saw a pre-wedding photo.

The lady wore a red gown, beautifully made in a simplistic style. It had a sash in the middle that accentuated her curves, it was slit widely on her chest where it revealed Much of her cleavage and two slits below where most of her skin would show every time she moved her feet to sit.

And indeed, in one of the pictures the couple sit on a sofa, the lady appeared to sit on the backrest of the sofa while the husband slouched, her bosom hung out prominently and her thighs held your attention.

There was another from a week ago where the couple is actually naked — and the man’s lips are on the lady’s forehead.

The article in the news column is asking readers to react to the pre-wedding picture, the one with the red-dressed lady.

I am thinking that in this particular one, the guy wants to show his fiancee off. She is obviously beautiful; honey-colored skin and a fully healthy body. Very feminine.

What I personally found curious was that the guy himself was fully dressed; impeccably cut suits, turtleneck sweatshirt inside that covered everything to his throat. He even wore socks! The only parts of him that was exposed was his head and hands. He looked handsome alright.

The photo shoot must have cost a fortune. New shoots are trying to beat old ones in terms of expenses, craft, and adventure.

New couples are in a competition. They must check up on old posts, then they seek to outdo what has been done.

Something must stand out about your shoot. If you have the money, then maybe the shoot would highlight that: expensive clothing, jewelry, bam studio. Soon, the guys who shoot music videos are going into business doing mini prewedding videos and shoots. Then folks on your list would post pictures or videos of themselves “shot by Clarence Peters”.

If the couple doesn’t have much money the shoot might highlight their looks; if the lady is very pretty, and with a killer figure then they might have her clothed like the one in the red dress, with slits in strategic places to show the universe a bit of flesh here, there and about.

And if they happen to have all these resources, then they would combine everything. That way they put the next prospecting couple desiring a prewedding shoot into pressure and the competition.

Some couples already feel —especially ladies — that if they do not have a pre-wedding shoot, the whole wedding thing is not complete, that in fact, they would not be happy thereafter for the rest of their life. They want Facebook and Instagram to bear witness to the fact that they did it. If not they are doomed.

You want to wed on the 25th? What! No pre-wedding photos yet??

Folks may even lend you cash to do a pre-wedding photo-shoot. But make sure you don’t go broke after the wedding. Your marriage is not their responsibility. Of course.

The thing is slowly becoming a norm, a requirement, criteria for, whatever.

Couples are going to explore and the public is going to applaud, jeer, criticize, even top photographers like Deedee are going to have a field day making money!. In the end, everyone is going make a choice to either listen to the voice of their finances or to the thunderous whispers of social media.

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