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4 Best Sexual Aids for Men

4 Best Sexual Aids for Men

Sex aids are a great way to fire up a relationship that’s gone stale. They induce a new dimension of excitement in your union by helping you to improve on what you’re already doing or craft new ways to please your partner. Whether you have a condition that limits your sexual ability or not, sex aids are vital.

Here are my top 4 recommendations for the best sexual aids for men;

Penis Pumps

For those with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), a penis pump is a great place to start. These incredible devices work to increase blood flow to your manhood, thus helping to achieve and maintain an erection so that you can achieve penetration.

Simply power up the pump with your penis in it. The suction draws blood into the blood vessels causing your penis to bulge temporarily. Once you’re satisfied with the size, slide a cock ring to the base of your penis to maintain the erection for longer.

Important: While penis pumps are considered safe, they might not be right for people with a history of blood clots, those with blood disorders, and those who take blood thinners.


Even as the discussion on whether pornography is good or bad continues, no doubt, watching these lassy videos can help with your arousal problems. Some studies have shown that people with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can benefit from watching porn, especially if the problem results from psychological or relationship concerns.

In these studies, men who spent more time watching porn had greater responsiveness to a partner than those who didn’t.

So, talk to your partner and have her on board. Watching porn together can give you positive sexual role modeling. It can also help you learn more about your partner by asking whether a specific move excites them, and if not, what does.


Like pornography, using a masturbator can help you better deal with ED. Masturbation or other forms of touching can help to take the stress out of sex. On the other hand, some men require a certain degree of oral sex before their penis can be fully erect.

In most cases, it becomes irksome to keep on asking your partner to do it, or they just don’t enjoy doing it. A masturbator can help you get the relevant foreplay before sex to get your penis up and ready in such scenarios.

Penis Sleeves

Another ideal sexual aid is the penis sleeve. It increases your penis girth and length in a split second for more satisfying sex. People with ED or premature ejaculation will enjoy using the sleeve because it maintains the rhythm even if you’re not fully erect or you’ve ‘arrived earlier.’ But here comes the good part.

Penis sleeves are made from human-like materials so that they feel like a penis does. Your partner won’t therefore feel weird during sex but will instead feel fuller and more satisfied.

If you’re interested to learn more about penis extenders, My Sex Toy Guide has written an excellent guide about choosing and using penis sleeves.

In conclusion, sexual aids are essential in today’s world, whether you have a sexual activity limiting condition or not. Luckily, there are loads of options available on the market, and your imagination and budget are your only limiting factors.

So, pick a sex aid that meets your needs the best and enjoy satisfying sex – as you should!

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