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Christmas Gifts for Yourself this 2019

Christmas Gifts for Yourself

While you exchange gifts with friends and family, you should also get Christmas gifts for yourself, because you are fabulous and you deserve it!

On the other hand, if we decide to be prudent with our money and save it, we are only deceiving ourselves because life is all about maintaining and taking care of ourselves. In this reasonable connection, we have compiled an amazing list of twenty Christmas gift items for yourself.

It’s high time you got yourself some goodies for this Christmas. Do not disappoint yourself this season.

You have been so busy buying Disney princess wreath for your little cousins and that special beard oil for your dad and a personalized cutting board for your foodie BFF but hey, have you ever longed to see what you have gotten yourself under the towering tree on Christmas morning?

The thing is, we spend too much time shopping for our family and friends each Christmas season that we almost (if not completely) forgot to gratify our want (and needs, too) with some retail care, yeah?

Wait a minute, do they know how lucky they are?

I know, I know right. It is better to give than to receive, a giver never lacks, it is a season of love, blah blah blah… but who cares really?

Just because the holidays are about the joy of giving doesn’t deny the fact that you feel pretty much excited to tear off gift items from their boxes and red-silver wrappers under the Christmas tree, on a Christmas morning to see the amazing Christmas gift items given to you by loved ones.

You do not need to play martyr about it as it is not a crime for you to scope out gifts to buy yourself for Christmas. Hey friends, you deserve it.

This year, add yourself to Santa Claus’ nice list and treat yourself to at least one of these twenty gifts – if not all. And, sorry to your bank account in advance! You’ll surely want them all.

Our list of affordable Christmas gifts for yourself

Christmas Gifts for Yourself 1. Spark drone


Ever since I wanted to get a drone for my self, I discovered that compact and portable sized drones are quite difficult for consumers to find and buy. But this particular spark drone from Amazon is everyone’s top-notch and everyone’s top pick.

These drones have a spectacular camera and can be flown on a preset path or set to active track mode – this feature allows them to recognize an object and track them anywhere. Too! They are lightweight and not big.

You should try them for some little adventure this season and spy.


Christmas Gifts for Yourself 2. Bamboo Bathtub candy


Although, it kind of nice to have your wine poured into the tub, but you can be sick of spilling your wine in the tub accidentally. Now, the bathtub candy is your buddy!

Never again will it happen as you can now watch Hobbs and Shaw in the tub just the way you want it.


Christmas Gifts for Yourself 3. Special Spa robe


I bet you are going to buy this spa robe with the kind motive of giving it to someone you love who deserve your pampering. But at the same time, you can’t help but keep it all to yourself as a Christmas gift because it’s simply sumptuous!

This is, in fact, the holy grail of relaxation. A super practical feature for drying after you step out from that cool bath is the towel-like terry cotton on the inside.

You know those luxurious hotel robes you always long to steal, yeah? The waffle weave on the inside of this spa robe makes it look like one of them.

Just as you crave to have this particular one, you also yearn for gifting it to a loved one. But hey, there is no crime in doing some self-care!


Christmas Gifts for Yourself 4. Hoodie wearable Blanket


Naps are vital and important, they help you to get one best part of a free day. But when you want to enjoy a nap, look no further than this hooded blanket.

This is just one right step on how to enjoy your Christmas holiday.

Damm, what have you been doing with your life without this?


Christmas Gifts for Yourself 5. Espresso coffee machine


Each morning is filled with joy, the joy of a grateful heart. Spice up the joy with a mug filled with freshly brewed espresso with this always-converted appliances – espresso coffee machine.

It has a steaming function for making lattes and cappuccino which makes it cool for use.

You also get to choose either the 1 or 2-cup brewing options. Your ever-day life can be really simple, sometimes all you need is just that freshly brewed espresso.


Christmas Gifts for Yourself 6. Morrocan Leather Barbecue Slippers


Since the last Christmas season, I have always wanted to rock the Kazbck design Morrocan leather barbecue slippers

I wanted the perfect one but all the ones I saw didn’t just fit in. Not until I purchased on Amazon lately. It arrived earlier than I expected.

And trust me, these cute pairs are cool, buttery-soft on your feet and far from anything dowdy.


Christmas Gifts for Yourself 7. Pasta roller attachment


You will need a mechanized roller to do the work for you when making pasta. This particular kitchen aid makes your work easier and faster. Get it now and be forever grateful to yourself.

If I were you, I’d make my purchase any sooner than now as it is still 40% off the actual price. Make your Christmas season full of pasta!

$59.95 (40% off)


Christmas Gifts for Yourself 8. Leather passport cover


Have your passport in a new leather-like look with this leather passport cover from amazon. Fan the flames of your adventure into international countries with this perfect passport cover. Isn’t it time you started talking about wanting to travel the world?

This is perfect for your journey.


Christmas Gifts for Yourself  9. Electric muscle stimulator

“It feels like heaven laying on the couch while these little guys do all the work”. Take that from a lifestyle editor who has already splurged on. When it comes down to post-workout recovery, the electric muscle stimulator is your best friend as the app makes it so easy to locate where to place the patches on your body, irrespective of the area you are looking to focus on.

They speed up the recovery process from back problems and likely pains in the body. They also prevent the risk of injuries in the future. This is that electrical, wireless muscle stimulator you want, and you want it now.


Christmas Gifts for Yourself 10. Selfie lights and stand


You need a selfie ring light with cell phone holder stand for yourself
Make your followers on a social media envy you with theses selfie lights and stand and the so much photogenic YOU!


More Christmas gifts you can buy for yourself

11. Heated unicorn slippers


I’m in so much love with the plush unicorn heated unicorn foot warmer slippers because it is simply adorable. They help you keep your footsies warm even when found in the most chill of temperatures.

They are not just Christmas gifts to make you happy, they are an absolute necessity for this season and beyond. To chill the chill with these wonderful pair.


12. Sleep sound machine and Bluetooth speaker

This is one inexpensive gift you can get for yourself and even a love one. It is very portable – 2 Inches tall, has a durable battery life that can last for a whole day. The interning thing about the Micro2 sleep sound machine is that it isn’t just a sound machine, it also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

While it is capable of playing 11 built-in sounds to help you fall asleep much faster, its sounds contain five digital fan options, four variations of pink, white and brown noise.

You’d be shocked by how loud and impressive the sounds quality is. Don’t you dare doubt it by its size – small but mighty.


13. LED Oil diffuser

Get the essential oil diffuser and enjoy its purpose. You might have thought of the generous plan of gifting it to your neighbor’s grown daughter, but it is so nice you have it all for yourself. Serves her right for not running those little errands for you.


14. Soundcore Wireless speaker

Every tech-obsessed person will want to spend money on a very good speaker – a portable one at that. Let your money speak its value with this quality, waterproof speaker.

If we had the chance to choose, the soundcore flare wireless speaker by Anker is our first choice. Plus, it is wireless and has 12-hour sustainable battery life.

Why go extra length when you have it all in just one click away?


15. Wine stoppers

I love those who plug up a bottle of wine in a style at parties or cheerful gatherings. With these witty wine stoppers, You are in full control of the bottle, not the other way around.

Get this wine stopper and avoid yet another bottle of wine going just commonplace.


16.  High volume mascara

Christmas Gifts for Yourself

Hardly anyone who comes across this Amazon’s high volume mascara shrugs his shoulders – especially a beauty buff who knows a good product when it is seen.

Despite its gimmicky advertisements, it is a fantastic product to try. It’s simply a nourishing, hemp-dewed oil that acts as a binding agent for the fibers of the mascara.

It also holds up well against any hay-fever allergy tears. When it comes to brunches, theirs are fluffy and thick.

Try it now and have yourself buying it over and over again.


17. Trendy sunglasses

Christmas Gifts for Yourself

Do you still trade on cheap sunglasses?. Look, you are old enough to invest in a nice pair of sunglasses.

These sets of sunglasses are cute and pretty much affordable. You want to feel stylish when you put them on and check yourself out in a mirror.

Investing in good, fashionable sunglasses is money well spent. Plus, avoid the sun’s disturbing rays on a sunny day and still look cool at the same time.


18. Perfect make-up kit

Christmas Gifts for Yourself

If you will need to perfect a full face, then this perfect make-up kit is essential. With 25 exclusive matie and metallic eyeshadows, cool bronzer, and highlighters… Be the perfect maker of a wicked cat eye and a well-painted bold lip.

This is one make-up kit that every beauty buff like you deserves this year.

Purchasing high-quality make-up adds up fast, but thankfully and luckily for you, it now comes at a more affordable price this time


19. Succulents

Christmas Gifts for Yourself

This is a perfect set for anyone who cherishes homey aesthetic plants like my mother. From her experience with this product, they help in lovely blooms.

Sometimes, she forgets to do the daily watering of plants and thorns trimming. But it has been placed in a very strategic place for sunshine, water, and nourishment.

Not everyone has a green finger, I know that well, but this set of succulents should help out.


20. A graphic sweatshirt

Christmas Gifts for Yourself

Has a phrase written on a roomy-seized sweatshirt spoken to your soul?


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