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A Letter To All Potential Rapists

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In the wake of the recent allegations of rape flying around on Popular Nigerian Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Orifunke has decided to  write this letter to all potenial rapists. It is a week of life lessons. You should read this.

Dear potential rapists,

When next you want to rape your victims, please, ensure you record it. It could be a video, it could be audio. But your society needs solid evidence from you so don’t disappoint.

We know you bank on the fact that your victim will never get over the trauma of what you’ve done to them.

We know if they tell some people, they’re going to tell them they’re lying and support you rather.

They’re going to tell her stuff like she shouldn’t have visited you at home, or worn skimpy dresses.

You know they’re never going to blame you and before they eventually blame you, they’d have torn her down a million times.

You know that if she ever gets to speak about the trauma you put her through, the world will certainly ask her why she didn’t speak out years before it happened.

They’re also going to tell her there are “holes” in her story because rape accounts are supposed to be clean and clear, for cinema viewing.

They’re going to tell her her story does not add up or make sense, even if you have raped fifty other people who have come out to say the same thing about you.

They’re going to ask for “solid evidence” because they’ll expect her to have expected you to rape her and therefore, gotten ready for the rape beforehand.

You know the longer it takes, the more they’re going to ask for “solid evidence” because they trust you, the rapist, more than they trust her.

They’ll give you sides and ask for evidence that both you and they know that she won’t be able to provide.

So, do us all a favour.

When you’re planning to rape your victim, ensure you keep evidence. Ensure you tell her to take pictures, ensure you tell her to do a video of you either manipulating her or forcing her to have your way with her.

Also, please, tell her to speak up immediately because if she speaks up one week after, your people are going to ask her “Why now?”

If she gains the strength to speak up twenty years later when you have made it, grown fans and influence, they’re going to tell her she’s planning to “stain your white”.

So do this for posterity, Oh rapist! Help us get the best solid evidence so even though people will not still believe her if she has blinding evidence, they can, at least, accept the fact that she was raped…with solid evidence.

Yours Not Sincerely,

Just in case you have not seen the video on the rape allegation on Pastor Fatoyinbo, then you should watch that here:

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