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she is not the one

If when you have money, you spend it with her

You bought a new thing, she is the first to know

You want to see a movie, you go with her

You want to eat lunch, you buy for both of you

You go out and buy her gifts

She ask for a need, you give it to her

She is the first person you call in the morning

You make a move, she is the first to know

When she is sad, you make her happy

If she says she need something you get it for her

You place her so important in your life

You give your best whenever she ask

You give her money, you give her time.

Then one day…

You got broke… really broke

You needed help

But you cannot call her

You cannot tell her

You start asking your friends for help

And she is no where to be found

But remember she was the one that was the first to cut

When you bring the meat home

Now it is time for her to stand up for you

She cannot.

My brother,

She is not the one for you

Your real person

Is the first person you run to

When you are broke

When the die is cast

She is your ride and die

She is there in sun and rain

She supports and do her best

When you are sick, she is by your bed side.

Forget the glamour, it will fade

Forget the drama, it will stop

Forget the make up it will wash

The one that has your interest, is the one for you.

Never let her good girl go because she is not wearing make up

Never let a good girl go because she is not speaking with her nose

Never let a good girl go because she is not on high heel

Never let a good girl go because she cannot cat-walk.

All the best.

Author - Iyzzah Ibrahim

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