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My Shocking Supernatural Story – When God Came Down

God came down

This was shared by a reader after I posted the Shocking supernatural story on Facebook yesterday. Read and enjoy:

I always heard that God was everywhere and I once heard a pastor declare that if you ever needed to feel his physical presence he’s going to be there in a tick.

In 1998 my ex (then husband) and I had had one of our infamous quarrels and he had hit me, stormed out of the house, slamming the door in his wake. I was filled with a deep sense of loss, regret, and overwhelming sadness that threatened to engulf me as I stood by the kitchen sink, washing dishes slowly. I tried to cry but the tears wouldn’t come as my heart spilled over with such grief, it was palpable.

Suddenly I felt him come up behind me, and felt his warmth as he wrapped his arms around me and I leant back; still sad but glad he’d come back to comfort me. It wasn’t a spoken apology but as his warmth engulfed me, the wave of sadness started to ebb as I relaxed into his arms.

Suddenly, I realised that I’d heard his footfall as he ran down the stairs, heard the door slam and the latch click, but I hadn’t heard the usual click as he opened it when he’d returned. I turned my head around to look at him and saw no one…the warmth was still around me but there was no one but me in the kitchen. I was not afraid…! I just felt so loved that I knew that my darkness had brought down the physical presence of the Comforter and I was okay.

To date I call it “The Day that God Came Down”

Dionne Obodo

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