Short Story: The Love Triangle (Part 1)

the love triangle

My makeup was done, hair styled, and strutting around campus in my pencil jeans, round-neck top and sandals, my plan was to hook up with my cousin who was in her final year, finish up my registration and head straight to lectures. I wrote jamb 3 times before gaining admission and I was determined to give it my best shot. So here I am, rushing along like a focused girl that I was, and then I see HIM.

Dark-ish, tall-ish, slim-ish, dapper from head to toe with a lovely pair of shoes, his toned abs were everything and his beards just crowned the looks. Hmmm, I know what you’re thinking but I’m not tripping for him. My plan is to be focused. ‘’No boyfriend till your 3rd or 4th year in Uni’’, my sister had warned.

Even better than his looks, was his voice.

Gosh, his voice.

My mission to finish up my registration and head straight to lectures was soon forgotten as he approached me, then my phone rang and I reached for it in my bag, as I turned to look up, he was gone and I was back to reality, back to finishing up my course registration.

I had gone through a serious heartbreak before gaining admission and he was my first love so you can imagine how torn apart I was. I gave him my time and love but he wanted more. Dude wanted sex but I wasn’t ready to get down so he sent me a text to break up with me, he didn’t even do it while we were on a date like Nollywood people do lol. It was during my first jamb so I couldn’t concentrate or read well.

Now I’m older, wiser, stronger and able to tell who a good guy is and who is just a playboy or a mixture of both. Apart from getting my degree and finishing strong, I also hope to mingle and maybe find true love? Well, only time will tell……….

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