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How to Make a Drink Cold without a Fridge?

Looking for Ways to Make a Drink Cold without a Fridge?

A drink is most enjoyed when it is cold and not warm. There are situations when you will be unable to make your drink cold due to the unavailability of a refrigerator. There are few life hacks that can be implemented in such a situation to make it cold. Most of these life hacks work well with drinks like Coke, sodas, and beers either in cans or bottles. All you need are few items like a bowl, ice, water, salt and many more.

There are several methods that can be used, ranging from natural ways to advanced modern ways involving some kind of technology. Below are some of the methods used to make a drink cold without using a fridge.

Wind method

This is the simplest method that works well with bottled drinks. With this method, a bottled drink is placed in a sock. The sock should then be thoroughly wet and exposed in a windy place. The best way is to hang it so that you can maximize the availability of flowing air. It can take between 20 to 30 minutes. You can alternatively wrap the canned or bottled drink with pieces of newspapers and then sock it with water and expose it to the wind outside for 20 to 30 minutes. A wet cloth or kitchen towel can also be another option

With this method, the drink in the bottle is cooled through evaporation. Heat is taken away from the drink through this process leaving it cool for you to enjoy. This method might not be effective when the breeze outside is not steady or on a hot day.

Using water

This is the easiest way to cool your drink. Place the drinks in cool water and it can be in a container, nearby stream or in a sink when you are at home. When on a boat fishing or touring, you can place the drinks in a net, string, duct tape or any other secure equipment, attach them on the boat and let them drop in the river as you cruise. The drinks will become cool with time. This can take approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Unless you in the Caribbean, you can agree that water moving around you is cooler than the air. This can act as your instant fridge and to achieve better results, you can wrap your drinks with a sock or any other clothing or towel just like the previous method and then submerge them in the cool water. Wrapping them in a sock will make the drink cool faster and within 10 minutes you will have your beverage cool and ready for drinking.


This is another effective method that works better than air as the ground is usually cooler compared to air. Shade plays an important role in making this process effective. The ground should also be able to be dug so that you can bury the canned or bottled drink. The deeper the ground is, the more your drink will be. Also, when the ground is wetter, the drink becomes cooler. It is, therefore, better to note the two factors so as to achieve the best results. This process requires some patience as compared to other methods. Alternatively, if you are around a rocky place or camping at a nearby rocky area, place the drinks between cool rocky places to cool them.

Outdoor method

This is an easy method and it works well in winter and autumn periods. The method involves placing the drinks outdoors overnight or during the day. They can get pretty chilly in the Irish summer as well.

Using ice cubes with a cooler

Using ice cubes is one of the most favourable and commonly used methods to cool your drink. Ice cubes can be bought in a nearby retail shop and the method is simple. Place your favourite drink in a bucket, sink or any other convenient equipment and fill it with ice cubes.

Using a cooler is the most effective way to make and keep your drink cool for several hours. This is because the coolers are well insulated to overcome heat from outside, keeping the drinks inside at its cool temperature. Some ice can be chucked inside the cooler box if the drinks are warm to make them cold.

It is important to note that when you crash the ice cubes into smaller cubes will make your drink cooler while block ice will take you for several hours. When using the cooler always remember not to expose it in direct sunlight. You can put it under the shade or use wet blankets or towels to cover it to maintain the coolness in the cooler. Also, make sure that the water collected from the ice melts is not drained out. This is because it helps in insulating your drinks better than using ice cubes or blocks on their own. You can also add a bit of salt to the ice water in the cooler which improves the cooling effect.

Beer Koozie

This method has the same principle as that used by cooler boxes only that this is a portable way of cooling your drink. Another difference from the cooler is that it only holds a single can so you will require a couple of them if you have more than one drink. The beer koozie insulates the drink from the heat around it so that it remains cool.

Use of technology

This is an advanced method compared to the others but it seemingly works well when you are ready to have your drink. With this method, you can make your drink cool without watering it down. We have a crushed ice maker, whiskey stones which work perfectly well in glasses, chillpuck for cans and patented chillsner cork circle, which is designed to work with bottled drinks. They are first cooled and then you can later on use them in your favourite drink to make it chilly without the addition of water.

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