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Signs That Show You Need A Counselor

signs that show you need a counselor

You want to read this post, yes, I know because you want to be sure whether you have signs that show you need a counselor. This is fine. Take a dive in!

At a point in life, you will come to need a counselor; however, you may not even understand it is time. A lot of people ask psychologists when it is time to seek a counselor’s.  I will make some justice to that question in this article. What are the signs that you need a counselor? They are similar signs you see at the time of depression, stress, and anxiety but are deeper in effects to the human body and spirit.

Here are the signs that show you need a counselor

When you think of taking your life

Due to some past life experience probably, a disappointment that affected your feelings too bad that you are depressed to the extent of thinking of committing suicide indicates that you need a counselor.

It is very important that you seek the help of a therapist as quickly as possible to avoid a dangerous move shortly. This has happened to many people I heard about. Ordinarily, they wouldn’t have taken their own lives if there has been a quick intervention of a therapist but due to overwhelming emotional pain, they do so. Some people may end their own life due to breakup in a relationship or probably they ran into huge debt of which they feel they may not be able to pay back.

When you are addicted to drugs and strong drinks

If you find out that you can do away with abusing substances due to depression, it means it is time for you to seek for a counselors’ advice. If you don’t take it seriously, you may end up hurting yourself which will affect your health and may lead to your death. At this point, you need a rehabilitation program to cope with this addiction.

When you experience a heartbroken event

In this context, a heartbroken event is classified into two. One is heartbreak due to your relationship and heartbreak due to a dubious experience on your wealth or property.

If you experience any of these two events, definitely, you are expected to suffer emotional pains. If you do, and you realize that the pain is persistent and has demoralized your spirit too much, then know that you need a counselor to look into your matter. You need a therapist to diagnose you and then prescribe a suitable treatment for you.

You hate yourself and feel like to be Isolated

Normally, human is expected to love himself, however, if the reverse is the case, it means such a person is suffering from a psychological problem which no one but he knows about. You feel demoralized, condemned and want to be alone all the time.

Once you begin to experience this kind of life, it means a counselor needed to attend to you as soon as possible in order to check the state of your mental health and give you the treatment that is appropriate.

You have switched in mood and find it difficult to live life happily

It may be due to some past experiences or current ones, you realize you are not always happy. This could be as a result of abuse or bully which has now caused you too much trauma. You just can’t lead a life in a day without being hurt, and as a result, you are always in fear, sorrow, pain and low self-esteem is your watchword. You need a therapist, to engage you individually and sometimes, may involve your family members or other professional counselors if your case should not be handled b him or her alone.

You find out get angry easily and can’t cope socially

In the case of some women that have suffered a series of heartbreaks, lost of child or husband, they may develop unnecessary fear, anger, and frustration. These negative qualities make them appear like mad women.

If this is what you are experiencing, don’t hesitate to see a therapist to check on you. He or she is a professionally well-trained practitioner to examine and treat such problems. You may be subjected to many critical questions in order for the counselor to come up with standard strategies to treat your issue. This indicates that you must be sincere in your opinions when asked.  Your sincerity will make the job easy for the therapist.

Withdrawal from the people and constant isolation

It is no longer normal when you lost your social life. you just want to be alone all your life. mingling with people is now like a problem to you. You just don’t want anyone to remind you of the nightmares occurring in your life. you feel like this world should just end because you are tired of the whole thing.

It is normal with every human, once in a while, we face challenges that will almost force us to give up, but if we can motivate ourselves or see a counselor to advise us on what to do, it will help a long way to restore our happiness. Remember the rule of life, after adversity comes prosperity.

You have been trying to get married but can’t

This happens to both males and females. You realized that you are getting older every day and yet no suitor or fiancée to marry. Especially, when the traditional settings of your environment demand that you are expected to have married at a specific age and yet you haven’t.

This will become a kind of depression for you. sometimes, you will stay alone, getting angry unnecessarily. Sometimes, if you are a believer, you will blame God for delaying your marriage. This is a sign that you have a disorder and therefore must seek for the advice of a therapist. The therapist will know how to talk to you so that you will be patient until your relationship history is being examined.

Sometimes, your delay in marriage does not have anything to do with spiritualism but the pattern through which you follow it up has been hindering the success. A counselor will help you to find out what you are doing wrong—probably you have been repeating the same pattern in all your relationships. Such a pattern will be changed for you and then your chance of getting a spouse will be high.

Your family members reject you and say you are a liability

There is nothing that is more painful as to be rejected by your own family. This life will become a hell for you. The thought that there is no one for you again will never give you rest of mind. This kind of thought accumulates and metamorphose into a deep depression.

At the stage in life, a counselor should involve. If your family refused to talk on your reconciliation, you can involve a religious cleric they respect so much and can’t disrespect his decision.

This is dependent on your religion and that which your family members practice. The cleric will resolve the matter amicably through the wealth of knowledge he has about marriage and family relationship. He will professionally reveal everyone’s fault to him and then present principles through which the family will be guided to avoid future conflict. If staying with your family is the trauma because they want you to leave them, you can still try and move on with life. You may first try a friend to see if you can manage to squat with him or her for the time being, to reduce your depression.

Constant quarrel and fight, humiliation by family a member

Probably, you are staying with your elder sister, and she constantly quarrels you. No matter what you do, you are wrong and even when you do things right, she will never appreciate it. If this is happening to you, definitely, you will not be happy. You will be depressed all the time. Sometimes you will cry in secret calling on God to your rescue while the one that causes the trauma does not even notice any of these. However, you don’t need to keep such a problem too far in your heart. It hurts and builds several anger and sexual disorder in you. The next step is to see a counselor or a religion cleric for professional advice.

Feeling helpless and hopeless

You have tried several ways to get rid of a problem in your life and yet it is not working. You are faced with extreme poverty, hardship and health issues but there is no sign of remedy. This type of experience definitely will demoralize you. When it does, search for a competent counselor to help you out. Remember, when a person feels hopeless and helpless, the traumatic level has reached the worst part.

You need to act fast so that the thought of suicide will not come to your mind. A lot of innocent souls ended up in suicide because they lack motivations or a counselor that can give them hope about this life.  The truth is that no matter how much you love someone, you shouldn’t commit suicide for them. Lead your life normally and or start a new life with another man in another pattern. If you really want your new relationship to work, go for relationship counseling for singles, and you will be taught different principles to handle a healthy relationship.

Loss of appetite and interest in daily activities

If you are no longer interested in what anyone is doing or you begin to lose appetite, it indicates you are no longer normal. Something terrible must be going on in your mind which you need to voice out to a professional therapist. Don’t hesitate to complain about your problem to people you know can help you out about it. I have seen some people that appear as if they are the happiest on social media, but deep inside them, they are the saddest. They wish life has ended. It happens, but there is always a solution to all problems in life. The first step for every problem is to communicate it with the people you trust. The next step is to look for a solution.

You know what it means when you cannot eat, so you need to do something to restore your mental health and if possible your medical health.

You are addicted to something that makes you sad

The human mind, as I studied it has a reproaching quality. I mean, not all humans mind but some, when they do wrong, always regret it. This regret forms a lot of depressions in them. They are not happy at all. If you are the kind, it is better you go for a rehabilitation exercise; this is because addiction is not curable but can be replaced by something else. Try a new positive thing that gives the same reward to the brain as the current addiction. This new thing will not only satisfy your pleasure for what you are addicted but will have a positive effect on your health and wellbeing. You may not necessarily know what to use as a replacement for your addiction but if you asked a therapist, he or she will help you out with professional suggestions.

 You lose concentration due to sorrow and worry

Your life has been through setbacks. You lost your job, children and wife at the same time. This is a great tragedy that needs serious attention. I have seen some great men that experienced this kind of agony and then lost their minds. Some are lectures in the Universities. The common courage I noticed about them is that they never want to give up. They continued as lecturers despite the trauma remains as a threat to their health. Some of them ended up becoming drunkards. In such a situation, a person needs an immediate counselor.

The shock of the incident might have affected his or her brain and therefore will not necessarily seek therapist advice. The closest family members or friends should take this responsibility. They should act fast so that such a person does not commit suicide or try something else funny. This is the reality of life.

You must learn how to know when you need a counselor or therapist to intervene in your matter. In the United States, BetterHelp are doing an amazing job with counseling all around the country Do well to check them out.

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