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How To Choose The Right Wedding Ring Set

How to choose the right wedding ring

How to choose the right wedding ring set: You are finally engaged! It’s now time to start planning your wedding. On top of your to-do list is to find a wedding ring that will go along with the engagement ring. However, finding the perfect wedding ring usually feels like a wild goose chase because of the many available options. There are a variety of pretty and versatile bands available that it is difficult just to pick one! You have to remember that it is vital that you find one that you will love for years to come. So make sure that you choose the right one!

Wedding set

A wedding ring and an engagement ring can be bought together. It’s growing in popularity because of its style and convenience. The styles of each ring are already matched perfectly, and the settings will fit together. This will make your search for wedding ring sets very simple. You will not have to worry about ring sizing and unmatched rings.


There are two things to contemplate when thinking about the style of wedding rings. Are you matching with your significant and are you mixing metals? Mixing metals means using warm toned and cool toned metals in the same wedding set. For example, if your engagement ring is rose gold, your wedding ring can be white gold. This gives room for versatility with the other jewelry you will wear. Always look for inspiration before you start to buy.

You and your partner can choose a matching set. However, they should fit each person’s personality but also share a common design feature. For example, a two-tone white and rose gold band for you and a rose gold band for your partner. This way, you make your wedding rings a perfect and matching set.

If you and your partner prefer a non-traditional look, there are alternative metals that you can mix and match to create a unique design for your wedding rings. You can choose from titanium, cobalt, platinum, and steel. If both of you love a studier style, heavier and durable metal alternative metals are for you.

Engagement ring

Another thing you should consider when shopping for the right wedding ring set is how it will look paired with your engagement ring. If your engagement ring has rubies, find a wedding ring with similar stones. You need to follow the golden rule, never purchase a wedding ring that will out-bling the engagement ring. It is also critical to put into consideration how the bands sit together. A set usually looks best when the bands are alike in width.

Stay on budget

The rule of the thumb is usually that your wedding ring should cost you at least two months of your salary. However, it is not a must that you follow the rule. Just stay within your budget. If you and your partner see a ring that you love but are intimidated by the price, it is understandable. However, think of the ring as an investment, it is something you two will wear the rest of your lives.

To help both of you utilize your budget well, you can buy just below the carat you want. Furthermore, if you would love for your stone to look bigger, you can opt for one with a large surface area. Another great advice is that if your engagement ring has a big center diamond, you need to go for a shaped band that interlocks with the stone so that there is no visible gap between the bands.

Take your lifestyle into consideration

For perfect wedding rings for you and your partner, pick a ring that you will not continuously remove because it makes you uncomfortable. You may lose it eventually; this will be a massive waste of money. So consider picking one that suits into your daily habits. Remember that a ring will become part of your life, pick a comfortable one.

Buy them together

If you want perfect wedding rings for you and your partner that complement one another, you should go shopping together. When shopping rings become a joint venture both you and your significant other can get rings that pair well. Trying on rings together is a great way of seeing how the styles and color look next to each another. You can hold hands and see how the rings look together.

The stone

The stones usually make up the cost of your entire ring. There is a great chance your ring will be custom made for you. This means that you will choose the stones separately as opposed to getting the completed ring you see on display. You, therefore, have to find the most stunning that will fit into your budget. Stone shapes in your engagement ring should match those in the wedding ring.

If you are looking for something classic, you should go for a diamond. If you prefer something with color, then you have an extensive range to choose from such as light amethyst to onyx stones. If you and your partner are sentimental, you can pick gemstones for your wedding rings. Some gemstones represent essential dates such as the month of your wedding or the month the two of you met. We will love to make your imaginations come to life!

Size matters

When purchasing your wedding rings, never do the final ring sizing in the morning. Ensure that you do the final fitting when your body is calm and the temperature is normal. The times of the day can influence the swelling of the hands. Remember that you will have to wear your ring through pregnancies, exercise, hot and cold temperature.

Whatever your choice, we will work with you from your very first day you interact with us to the last day you pick your rings. We will answer every bit of questions you might have. If you are unable to visit us physically, you can order through our website. We will give you incredible experience no matter how you find us. You can visit our site to start your search.

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