It’s the new month people, YAAAY!

Happy new month guys and beauties. I guess this is the time to begin to reflect on 2016. How has it been for you guys?

For me though, it’s been filled with a lot of ups and downs, and trust me, my experience is enough to write a book.

Yesterday, I was on Youtube for practically 6 hours and I saw a lot of amazing vlogs/ videos that I thought it would be impossible for me not to share!

Now I am beginning to think, Youtube videos will just be nice for my brand going into 2017. What do you think?

Remember I shared Adina Rivers’ ‘Art of French Kissing’ yesterday. She made me fall overly in love with french kissing again!

Now, I would love to share this amazing video by Harjit and Jaz of YoutwoTV who shares amazing Relationship related YouTube video content online.

This particular video talked about stupid and weird things lovers do in their relationships, and truly I can relate.

Jeez! These guys were spot on as to the displaying exactly what we all get to do with our boyfriends and girlfriends.

Things that we would have not been able to deal with at first then becomes what we begin to handle because we love our partners.


I know you are itching to see the video, but wait! Let me set the ball rolling by sharing the crazy 5 weird things I do or ask her to do ( Dont’ smile, okay? Just read!!)

1. Most times, I beg my girlfriend to help me use the nailcutter on my finger and toe nails. This is not bad, is it?

2. I usually fart when both of us are in the sitting room or sleeping on the same bed. Hehehe! I enjoy that part a lot

3. I have this love for smacking her bombom whenever we are alone. The sound drives me crazy. LMAO!

4. That part where I tickle her toes! Oh Lord, that is usually the most enjoyable part. Most girls get tickled by this obviously. Trust Me. LOL!

You know the craziest part?

5. When I tell my girlfriend to help smell my armpit, does it smell? Don’t scream Ewww!!!…. I always use the deodorant, roll-on, perspirant ( what do you call it again?)

Over to you, watch this video and see exactly what I’m talking about. Hehe!

Look at you, you want to leave after watching this video without leaving your thoughts and comments bah?

Make me happy, share those weird things you do in the comment section below.

Yours In Love


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