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Sugar Mummy In Nigeria: All You Need To Know

Sugar Mummy In Nigeria

Sugar Mummy In Nigeria: All You Need To Know: As a young man in Nigeria striving all alone against life, wanting to find a means of surviving, it’s normal to get a heap of ideas flowing through your head. It is normal that these ideas would weigh you down when you find out there aren’t means of setting these ideas into motion. It is normal to get stuck in between two hard places; either to swerve out of the legit way you’ve been plying all along and get into illegal means or to keep staying in a legit way. Well, before you take that decision of swerving out of the legit lane. Firstly, people say finding Sugar Mummy is legit

Secondly, you see as a young man in Nigeria – Beautiful, agile, every woman’s choice, you’re subjected to become a synonym of an ant that’s fighting against hunger – all that’s needed of such ant is to possess a mother-ant in sugar – a sugar mummy!
I guess you get the scope.

See, forget the “holier than thou” facade you’ve been hiding under all these while. You and I know you really need this dough, and you know you can make use of what you have to get what you need. You know you can make use of that killer body structure of yours to sway any sugar mummy off her feet, thereby luring her to spend lavishly on you. You know all these things. You know I know you know.

So what’s keeping you. Dive into it. However, there’s a need to dice carefully into this pool, if not, you might find yourself sinking.

Hence, the need for this article. Here, I’ve carefully explained all that you need to know about sugar mummy in Nigeria. The pros, cons, places to find them, how to find them and make their attention catch you, etc. All these have I extensively explained in this article.

Thus, all you need do is sit back, and enjoy the read to another scheme for financial independence. Let’s go!

Popular Places You Can Find A Sugar Mummy In Nigeria

Having gotten a couple of insights as regards the aggravating importance of having a sugar mummy in Nigeria, as a young, growing, and hustling young man, as discussed in the introductory segment of this article, then getting a sugar mummy should be the next step to take.

However, getting a sugar mummy in Nigeria might sometimes turn out to be a very tiring, daunting, and challenging task. This, however, does happen when the process isn’t handled in the right way. And one of these right ways is getting to know the various places to get a sugar mummy.

Hence the question arises; “where and where are the places to get a sugar mummy of my choice in Nigeria?” might just find yourself getting shot on the leg as you mount the hill of this world of fantasy cum financial stability.

Thus, the aim of this section – opening your eyes to the various popular places around you, which you might not know houses these gems your life currently needs.

We’re still together right?

Good! So let’s proceed – I know you can’t wait either.

In Nigeria, there are inarguably several places to find them, thus in this section, I’d only be discussing the popular places amongst the many options available.

At this juncture, you need to be quite careful and read with utmost understanding. a mistake ion this places can mar the whole idea.

Places your choice of Sugar mummy can be found in Nigeria includes:

• Night Clubs
• Bar & Restaurants
• Resort Centers
• Elites’ Events and Parties
• Church And Conferences
• Dating Sites

Having listed them, let’s proceed to explain these places one after the other.

1. NightClubs

Nightclubs are not new things in Nigeria. Their existence can be traced far back into the 90’s.

However, this history of nightclubs in Nigeria isn’t for today, so let’s stop there and go straight to the point.

Nightclubs are very important places to find a sugar mummy, here in Nigeria. however, not just any kinds of Night Clubs. You wouldn’t expect to see the sugar mummy of your dream at just a roadside club. No! These people are usually catching their own definition of fun at top elites clubhouses.

Now, this is the trick. Most of these sugar mummies don’t want to associate themselves with just any caliber of boys. Instead, they need boys that would fit into their kind of personality, their kind of discussions…in short, they need boys that are neat and worthy of a look. you can’t just expect them to allow just any boy lay on them. Never! It doesn’t just work that way.

How then do you go about this? Fine, you’re still hustling in the ghetto and might not get the opportunity to visit these kinds of clubhouses till you die. Your thoughts are right anyway, but actually, there are a few ways to go about this and find your way into these Night Clubs.

How to? Keep calm and keep reading, we will get to that section soonest.

However, I do not mean you won’t find a sugar mummy at roadside’s Night Clubs, but all I want you to have at the back of your mind is that the kinds of nightclubs you go would determine the kinds of sugar mummies you’ll find. Simple logistics…lol.

2. Bar & Restaurants

Closely related to the Night Club earlier discussed, is the Bar and/or restaurants. Hence, I wouldn’t spend much time on this.

Same scheme as the Night Clubs, you can’t just find them at any kind of bar, these sugar mummies are always positioning their selves at strategic places – bars, in other not to just get hooked up with any kind of boy.

In bars or restaurants, especially at night, you’ll occasionally find busty, rich women, looking for the services of young boys who can give them the kind of crazy ecstasy they desire.

3. Resort Centers

A resort center, in summary, is a place set aside for recreational purposes. Hence, going by common sense, after a rigorous and energy-sapping week, it can be predicted that these rich sugar mummies would visit these centers to get rest and be free from the public place.

In places like this, there are higher tendencies of meeting very rich sugar mummies that are capable of changing your story forever. Don’t get it twisted, getting a sugar mummy in this kind of place is however difficult in relation to the other Highlighted places.


It’s simple, many times, these people do not come to these kinds of place alone, It’s either they come with their real family, or they come with an already acquired sugar-son. Hence, this kind of place works more with Luck, and also your persona. Your persona in the sense that, that your choice of sugar mummy might dumb her present client for you. But you know for this to become possible, your outward appearance and any other characteristics reflecting the kind of person you are, must be very appealing – your greatest luck comes when she comes to this place with the group of her friends. They know themselves pretty well and hence would practice the same thing. Luckily, they might end up Arguing as regards who should finally approach you.

4. Elites’ Events and Parties

Anywhere a party is holding, and elites are to be present in such a party, then you will find one or two sugar mummies there. Definitely. Just anywhere an elites party or event is taking place. They’re always there.

So all you need to do is truly your searching for a sugar mummy, is to find all means to get into that party. Attend these kinds of party or events, be it weddings, naming, housewarming, whatever party it is, just ensure you’re an attendee of such event.

However, Like you will also agree, attending isn’t the main deal, but getting one that’ll get a flair for you. One that will want to have you to herself. Hence, the next stage if knowing how to get the attention of a sugar mummy. Don’t let us rush things anyway, so you wouldn’t just talking in a chunk of things without really getting a total understanding Of them.

Thus, keep calm and continue reading, I’ve specially dedicated a section of this article for discussing how to catch the attention of a sugar mummy after you might have found her.

5. Church And Conferences

Yes! Don’t get too surprised.

They’re in your church, in your mosque, in that big conferences. They’re there. Just that the only problem you’re having is knowing how to recognize them. That’s the problem most young men who are willing to have a sugar mummy face. Many do not know how to know them when seen. And this as made a lot of people lose potential sugar mummies.

How to recognize a Sugar Mummy is not for this section, what this section is for, is to make to know that you can find a sugar mummy in churches, mosques, and even at conferences. How to recognize them has been painstakingly explained in another section.

6. Dating Sites

This kind of site is basically the best option for men who find themselves as introverts. These dating sites have been optimized in such a way that you can now get to scan for a potential sugar mummy even without having to leave the comfort of your home.

As an introvert, this is the best option you can get if truly you’re keen on finding a sugar mummy. However, these type of sites isn’t best for introverts alone. They are also great aids for young men who do not like to associate themselves in social gatherings, for young men who neither go to church or mosque. And also for those who might not get the opportunity to gain entrance into the places that have been aforementioned.

So, that’s all for this section. Places mentioned above, are popular places you can find a sugar mummy in Nigeria. Try them out, and come back to give a review of the things you encountered. I’m sure about these places because they’ve worked for young men like you in the past before I put up this article. So, why should you be an exemption?

How To Find A Sugar Mummy In Nigeria

Having discussed the popular places you could find a sugar mummy, then the next topic of discussion should be the various “hows” required in finding the right sugar mummy.

Finding a sugar mummy in Nigeria is quite very easy and simple. However, like I keep repeating since the onset of this article; if the process of finding a sugar mummy isn’t handled well and correctly, it becomes a very daunting and difficult task, and you might end up losing at the very end.

Hence, the need to get very intentional when going through this sector of the article. Most importantly I must say this, finding a rich and tolerable sugar mummy can be done on your own, please try as much as possible not to include the services of agents who claim they’ll help you find the sugar mummy of your choice. Most of them are thieves, and all they want to do is to carry away with your hard earned money. Please be wise. And peradventure you find yourself in dire need of these agents, please make use of your sense – be wise. I’m saying this so you wouldn’t fall into the ends of hungry scammers. You know there’s a difference between being scammed by an ordinary scammer and being scammed by a hungry scammer. Please be wise.

Having said that, let’s thus move to the crucial part of this section; how to find a sugar mummy in Nigeria.

Listed below are the steps you need to take when finding a sugar mummy in Nigeria

• Get A Good Location

Yes. The most crucial step to take when finding a sugar mummy in Nigeria is to get a good location.


Fine, let me explain even better. To get the perfectly rich and moderately tolerating sugar mummy in Nigeria, then you need to get the best location in Nigeria. You need to leave your current state to states that have a high potential of getting a sugar mummy.

By potential state what I mean is simply; states that have the highest number of sugar mummy living in them. However not just any sugar mummy, but sugar mummy that has an abundance of money.

You know, the sole reason of seeking a sugar mummy is to have a woman who you’ll sleep with, and even still get paid for it. And as you will also agree with me, there are loads of women out there who you can sleep with, and yet wouldn’t get a dime.

Hence, the need to get a rich sugar mummy. Now back to the matter.

Potential places to consider when finding a rich sugar mummy in Nigeria conveniently are:

• Lagos
• Oyo
• Abuja
• Portharcourt
• Owerri
• Calabar
• Enugu
• Delta

All these states listed above would give you a variety of sugar mummies to pick from. Sugar mummies that would give you a whole lot of experiences, both positive and negative. Positive or negative, all depending on the kind of woman you meet, and also the way you handle the woman you meet. Lagos tops this list. They are the state with the highest potential of finding a sugar mummy easily. Thanks to the high level of industrious-ness recorded in this state. As well as the high population in this state.
Oyo is also very much in this list of states with high potential. The main reason is the high population present the capital of this state – Ibadan.

Abuja, Port Harcourt, and the rest on this list are also states you can conveniently get a rich sugar mummy in Nigeria.

Now don’t get confused.

Don’t find yourself juxtaposing things together. The previous section just before this section that birthed this sub-section is about the popular places you will find a sugar mummy here in Nigeria. However, this sub-section is about the exact places in these popular places mentioned in the previous section of this article, where you will find a rich and comfortable sugar mummy of your choice. This however also doubles as the first step to take when looking for a sugar mummy, here in Nigeria.

I guess we all understand that analysis, and we aren’t confused any longer.


So, on to the next step required to get a sugar mummy in Nigeria.

• Frequent Yourself On Dating Sites

Of all the popular places listed in the previous section, the only non-physical place mentioned is the dating site. Hence, the need for it to be explained in a different sub-section. With the birth of the internet and the evolution of dating sites and relationship blogs, finding, meeting, getting a sugar mummy in Nigeria has become a very easy task to execute. I’ve got loads of testimonies from users. Both from those I know personally, or from those I don’t even know, but just share their story with me via my mail. So, dating sites works. It does! There are lots of dating sites available for you to choose from when searching for a sugar mummy in Nigeria. Loads of them. However, for each and every of these various dating sites, there are common etiquettes that you need to learn in other to get a sugar mummy to look towards your profile. To get a sugar mummy in these dating sites, you may take more of the following;

• You must have a clean profile picture
• Portray yourself as being attractive
• Have Class on these sites
• You must continually do good for yourself

Yes. You can’t put up a tattered and eyesore photo as your profile picture and expect sugar mummies to check your side on these sites. Never. It’s not done that way. You need a very clean, beautiful and attractive picture as your profile picture on these sites.

Also, asides from having a clean and beautiful picture, you need to portray to the world via these sites that you’re not just attractive in looks, but all around. This can be done in the way you chat, use the features of these sites, etc.

Also, ask intelligent questions. Very smart and intelligent ones. In addition, never bring up the issue of sugar mummy in any of your chats. Never be the one to kindle such chat. No. Make these women break the gourd keeping their thoughts themselves.

Never talk about it until they do that themselves.

Having done all these, she’ll be ready assured you won’t just be a burden unto her. And hence, her interest for you kindles in her heart.

With that said and understood, let’s quickly talk about a few of the different kinds of dating sites available in Nigeria, for Nigerians.


Instagram has over time proven to be worthy of use. The kind and caliber of women you get to meet in this space alone is something that births affinity to its users. Now don’t get confused here; Instagram isn’t really a dating site. In fact it was not originally launched as a dating site. However, the high tendency of you getting to meet women who are willing to offer you money for lovemaking, makes me highly recommend this site for anyone seeking a sugar mummy in Nigeria.

Moreso, its ease of use. When searching, you do not in any way need to beg anyone to accept your friend request. At all. All you need to do is to follow these people handles, do all I’ve asked you to do as regards dating sites, and boom! That’s all. Perhaps they find you interesting as a sugar son, then lucky you are! It’s as simple as that. Nothing more. Instagram is really a good site to connect. A very perfect one. With the high quality it gives to pictures uploaded, added filters, you can make any potential sugar mummy pick interest in you.


This site notably used to be one of the best dating sites that have ever existed in the social space. Having been designed specifically for dating – getting to meet new people who one could ever into a relationship with; either long term or short term. Various testimonials and reviews by users attest to this claim. However, over time, Badoo had seemed to list its credibility in going young men up with sugar mummies who are willing to pay heavily for their services. All thanks to the high influx of runz girls to the site. This had thereafter made it very hard for a user specifically interested in meeting a sugar mummy to find one eventually.

Howbeit, Badoo is still a dating site to consider as a dating site to go when finding a sugar mummy in Nigeria. You know, luck could eventually shine on you on the long run. You just can’t tell. Sugar mummies still use this site, just that they’ve reduced drastically in numbers, as a result of the abuse posted on it by runs girls. In statistics, the probability of finding a sugar mummy in Nigeria on Badoo is 50% – 55%.


With the advent of Facebook via the help of guru programmer, Mark Zuckerberg, dating and meeting a sugar mummy got even easier. However, don’t get it twisted; Facebook isn’t meant for meeting sugar mummy. No. Even some of its policies don’t allow it. However, with its various feature, having being upgraded often, it’s inarguably true, that your tendencies of meeting a sugar mummy here in Nigeria on Facebook are very high.

I’m sure you aren’t a stranger to how Facebook works. I’m quite sure about that. Hence, my explanation here should be getting quite easier. Now, having listed Facebook on the list of dating sites doesn’t mean you could just post it on your wall stating your bedding or desire of having a sugar mummy. No! It’s not done that way. And as a matter of fact, Mark might place you on suspension or worse still, a ban from Facebook.

It has happened to me before. Long ago when I was still in dire need of a sugar mummy, yet with no one to our me through, just like I am doing to you now.

Now, what to do?

Simple. There are loads of Facebook groups that are meant for Married men and women. Single men and women. And even single old men and women.


These groups are all you need. All you need do is to Become a member of one or more of these groups – they’re numerous so don’t expect to belong to all. Become an active member, and most importantly, make sure to follow the guidelines I explained to you earlier on in this article; about making your profile picture neat and attractive, posting intellectually, etc. With this, these sugar mummies might pick interest in you, and boom! That’s it.

However, this thing just explained above isn’t easy at all. It’s not easy to come by.

These kind of groups are usually very hidden on Facebook. Very deep that you need to search consistently for days and perhaps weeks to see a good and active group. Also, asides this, almost all, if not all of these kinds of groups needs you to send a request to join before the admins of such group can accept you. This sometimes takes forever to happen, and sometimes, luck might smile on you, and you get accepted the next minute.

Overall, your probability of getting a rich sugar mummy in Nigeria via this Facebook groups is pegged at 60%– 65%.

• Visit Expensive Popular Places

In simple words, “the place you visit would determine the kind of sugar mummy You’ll attract.” So all you’ve got to do is to simply take note of all the popular avenues of finding and meeting potential sugar mummies, thereafter, make sure to choose the expensive version of these places before they’re hooked already.

Many times, loads of people get to meet their sugar mummy while Visiting these expensive popular places. As also mentioned earlier in this article, these popular places include; clubhouses, church, mosques, bars, resort centers, etc,

• Hang Out Often With Classy Friends

This is the last step I’ll be discussing how to find yourself a sugar mummy in Nigeria. Hanging out with classy friends still boils down to what I’ve is repeating all these whole since the party of this article; no sugar mummy will want to be associated with a smelly or not well-packaged boy. No. They’re always women of class, and hence, to get through to women of class, you need to set standards for yourself, make yourself classy as well and be unceasingly neat.

With this, you’ll see a high number of old and single women who would be craving to be your sugar mummy.

The trick? Simply be classy!

Not-To-Do List When Searching For A Sugar Mummy In Nigeria

Having painstakingly explained the various steps required for getting a sugar mummy in Nigeria, I feel it’s quite important and necessary to also highlight the number of things you must not do when looking for a sugar mummy here in Nigeria. These things stated in this section should be avoided like a plaque. Do everything you can to avoid them. Steer far away.

You see, you and I would agree to the thesis that, a skyscraper can be brought down to nothing within seconds if a crack occurs at the foundation. Then, that’s exactly what these things are. The crack.

Finding yourself doing any of these things to be avoided automatically spurs you into a pool of risk. Risk of losing that potential sugar mummy, the risk of getting defamed, risk of losing respect in the face of such a person. All in all, the risk of being the losing side in the long run.

Thus, like I said earlier, try as much as possible to avoid these things about to be listed like a plaque. Like the biblical devil, flee from it.

Things to avoid when finding a sugar mummy in Nigeria includes;

• Desperation

Never look or sound desperate at any moment during your search for a sugar mummy here in Nigeria.


Your desperation paints another picture of you entirely. It ties a rope of suspicion to your neck and pushes you off the cliff of success. And boom! You find yourself losing it all. Yes. You lose all when you show desperation while searching.

Even when you are desperate, and in dire need of one, know how to hide behind a façade of calmness. Don’t let such potential sugar mummy know. Cause if she knows, her trust for you might fizzle out, and that might be the end of the story.

• Agent (3rd Party)

When searching for a sugar mummy in Nigeria, never pass through an agent. Never. A whole chunk of them are scammers. All they want to do is dupe you of the little money you have. Most of them have nothing to offer. That’s more of the reason I’ve carefully explained the various steps to take when looking for a sugar mummy in Nigeria in the previous sections. Agents in this part of the world are already skilled in duping vulnerable people. Be warned.

• Never Assume To Be The Head

In other words, do not allow yourself to be in charge of the relationship. Allow her be.

This actually comes to play when you’ve finally gotten a sugar mummy here in Nigeria. Hence, in every moment, make her feel she’s in charge. Make her feel authoritative and possessive. However, do not because of this lose your self-worth. But still, make her feel on top. Follow her rules painstakingly.

Advantages Of Having A Sugar Mummy In Nigeria

It’s quite agreeable that the society we find ourselves indefinitely would pick a jersey of war with anyone who publicly announces his desire of having a sugar mummy. However, while society might raise eyebrows at this kind of relationship, or irrespective of the kind of negative welcome they give to our, there obviously are lots of advantages that come with having a sugar mummy here in Nigeria.

In the course of this article, I’ve taken bold, although quick and brief steps at explaining the various importance or advantages of having a sugar mummy in Nigeria. However, in this section, I’ll be explaining in full details, the various advantages attached to having a sugar mummy in Nigeria.

Over time, with the of a few personal experiences, testimonials, and online studies, I’ve come to note loads of importance having a sugar mummy can birth for you as a young man, here in Nigeria.

Here are some of the benefits in dating a sugar mummy in Nigeria instead of dating someone of your age range.

1. Financial gain

Financial gain is the most common and greatest reason why young guys indulge in a coital relationship with older women. Apart from the money they get, these Sugar mummies also tend to shower their young lovers with massive gifts such as cars, houses, expensive trips, phones, the latest trend in fashion and many more. The only thing you have to do is fulfill her fantasies, offer companionship and risk getting STIs or getting caught by her husband if she has one. This is far from easy and most young men just see this as a way to get quick money. So having a sugar mummy is just a way of getting lots of money with just little effort. You have more than enough to take care of yourself and even have enough to awe younger women your age. And as a man, it feels good to have someone else cater to your financial needs once in a while.

2. No commitment

Young men of nowadays tend to run away from commitments as if it is a plague, so if you are the kind of guy that doesn’t do well with commitments sugar relationships is a very good idea because it requires little or no commitment or emotional investments. It can easily be seen as a business transaction between the two parties involved i.e. the man get paid for the service he renders. A Sugar mummy also won’t bother you with unnecessary female trivialities so she won’t get angry when you forget her birthday, or that you didn’t text her when she is sick, or get mad at you for forgetting your anniversary. She also gives you space and not very clingy. Sugar mummies are usually assertive and tend to display a high level of maturity. Moreso, an older lover is easier to deal with since you both clearly know what you gain from the relationship, should it fail to work you can both walk away with little or no fuss at all unlike when you are dating someone your age when breakups tend to cause lots of emotional problems.

3. Connection

Most Sugar mummy s are women that hold important positions in the society. Their group of friends are elites and sophisticated people that also hold important positions across different industries and occupations such as fashion, art, banking and finance and so on. So if you are a young entrepreneur looking for who to pitch your business to or looking for sponsors or an upcoming artist or a fashion designer, this is a once in a lifetime Bonanza you just can not allow slipping off your fingers. Just tell your sugar mummy and everything will be completely taken care of. Or if you are a sweet talker you could just follow her to one of her big events and charm your way into the crowd since you have unfettered access to her close friends and valuable contacts. And also everyone knows there are great perks to having people in higher places, most of your problems can easily be solved with one phone call to the right person up there.

4. Experience

Experience is also one of the perks of dating an older woman. Since most Sugar mummies are experienced women who have excelled in their chosen professions, they can offer you experience that younger women won’t be able to offer. And even though it might sound somehow, any young man in need of mentorship or experience can easily date a Sugar mummy.

That’s not all, Sugar mummy s can also offer live experiences because they are older and have passed through lots of obstacles and hardships to get to where they are, and they have enough life experience to know what matters and what doesn’t. And lastly, they can also offer crazy experiences, they have had a series of different lovers in the past and thus have more experience in the bedroom. It’s actually amazing what extra ten years or more of experience can teach you.

5. Maturity

Everybody knows that women who have more life experience are more emotionally mature, and since Sugar mummy s are experienced women they are more mature. It is actually rare to find a younger woman who will display the same level maturity a Sugar mummy would. She doesn’t beat around the bush when she wants something so any problem that arises can be easily solved. And little things don’t cause problems or get her angry, unlike her younger counterparts. She is also matured enough to apologize if she makes a mistake or does something wrong. So if you are a young man tired of dating young women because of lack of maturity you get yourself a sugar mummy in Nigeria.

6. Relative Independence

Are You tired of catering for your girlfriends financial and emotional needs and you need someone that is independent and wouldn’t depend on you? Then an older woman is the right choice for you. A Sugar mummy is usually always emotionally and financially independent, she is more established in her career than to rely on any man to cater for her needs. Also, an older woman’s independence is a relief to any man especially one that knows how hard it is to date a woman who is Many times she doesn’t even need you to bring anything to the table except yourself. Yea, you heard that right; except yourself. Remember, the greatest service you can render a cougar is to feed her with the maximum level of pleasure she can ever think of. This is also a great perk to dating a Sugar mummy.

These advantages go on and on and on, loads of them exist, but for the sake of avoiding possible repetitions and perhaps wasting of time, let’s keep it locked up there for now in this article.
So having successfully described the advantages derived, let’s briefly talk about the disadvantages and risks involved in having a sugar mummy in Nigeria as well. Remember, life exists as two sides of a coin; everything with a good side, definitely must have a bad side.

Disadvantages Of Having A Sugar Mummy In Nigeria

This might sound discouraging, but you see, the truth has to be told; everything existing, either breathing or otherwise, on this planet earth, had its pros and con. The good and the bad side of everything does exist. And we would be doing a whole lot of harm to ourselves if we fail to acknowledge this fact before delving into any action.

Having a sugar mummy here in Nigeria has a whole lot of disadvantages. Lots of them. Hence, knowing them should help you better in decision making, and also in threading maximally cautiously when you finally get yourself a sugar mummy in Nigeria.

These disadvantages are quite many, just as much as the advantages, but for the sake of time and brevity, I’ll be discussing just a few of these disadvantages, right here in this section.

So, without much ado, let’s devour this one as well as we’ve done to other “must-knows” in this article.

• Jeopardized Relationship

Having a sugar mummy automatically leaves your own relationship with that young, curvy girl in a state of uncertainty of the future.

You really would be caught between the river and the Sea when deciding either to keep your real girlfriend or not.

Sugar mummies in Nigeria are usually very jealous, with this feeling of insecurity anytime they find out their baby boy is having another relationship asides the one with her. The case even then goes aggravating when such relationship is with a younger lady.

They tend to let hell loose. And things might eventually go from bad to worse for you in the long run. This is actually not limited to sugar mummies in Nigeria alone. It’s a common feature for almost all of them across the globe; they hate sharing. They want their baby boy all to themselves. Hence, you might be forced to end that your relationship upon getting a sugar mummy. And ending your relationship draws a lot of conclusions pertaining to your life matters.

Firstly and most importantly, is that you wouldn’t be getting married any time soon. All your plans on getting married are put to a halt and perhaps scraped into the bin of forgetting. Also, it simply connotes that you aren’t going to really catch a full wave of your social life. You’ll always be on her radar. This happens most especially when your sugar mummy is extremely rich and influential.

Your social life with ladies, in the clubhouse, the bar, anywhere, would be highly prohibited. Gradually you get to harbor envy within yourself. You find yourself unconsciously getting envious of your friends who can cruise effortlessly and unharmed, around town with the best girls. While you only get to enjoy your romp in an enclosed room. Except in exceptional cases.

Another conclusion that can be drawn from a jeopardized relationship, is sometimes loss of love. You will find yourself finally losing interest in love. All you would be interested in is sleeping with any female gender that comes your way. You will find it really hard to love truly and deeply.

• Hyper Urge For love making

Even medicine specialist confirms it that women are more especially stimulated than men. They get horny quite easily and are very hard to satisfy. This feature, however, waxes even stronger as a woman grows older. Meaning, a woman at 45 years would have a higher urge for lovemaking than a lady of 29 years.

…and this exactly is the disadvantage involved in having a sugar mummy in Nigeria.

You’ll make love repeatedly, and at some point, I’m sure you might get to start thinking you wouldn’t be able to survive. It’s as bad as that. You’ll always have to be on your toes to satisfy her always. At least, that’s what she’s paying you for. Hence you need to deliver your services. Delivering it, even without the slightest grumbling or complaining.

Anytime she beckons, you need to be at her service. Just anytime, anywhere. And this actually poses loads of danger on you as a person;

Firstly, you’re at a large risk of jamming her husband one day during your romp. This is or cases in which the woman still had a husband.

Jamming her husband is a clear definition of DOOM, which might cost you a whole lot of things – most likely, your life.

Yes. Don’t doubt that statement. Is a fact. And I’m sure you’ll agree that no man in his right sense would catch another man, especially one very younger than he is, lovemaking with his wife, and still make him go about free. I’m sure you know that.

Also, another danger her high urge for lovemaking might cause you is your health. There are large possibilities of you breaking down. They can kill you with lovemaking.

It goes worse if she’s plump. Theirs cannot be met. Their urge is off the maximum. And while trying to study these women, you might end up endangering your health.

Some of these sugar mummies when encourage their baby boy to take energy drinks before sleeping with her. This energy drinks, in turn, damages your system… And sometimes it might end up taking your life.

Another danger is your slim chances of contaminating coital infections.

This is however very slim, mainly because, sugar mummies in Nigeria, don’t just pick up any boy from the street to make their baby boy. And this again confirms the need of you going back to read how exactly to get a sugar mummy in Nigeria. The various things you need to do. And things you mustn’t do. These things have been carefully explained in the previous sections.

Finally, you might eventually lose yourself.

These disadvantages go on, and on, and on…, But let me stop with these major ones. Having A sugar mummy in Nigeria is really sweet, however like you’ve agreed earlier, everything that’s good has its downsides a well. And, I’m happy I’ve explained a few of these downsides in this section.

Conclusion on Sugar Mummies in Nigeria

Sincerely, it’s being really fun and edutaining taking you through this target long adventure on sugar mummy in Nigeria.

Perhaps you got confused at some points and would require some levels of clarification, please let’s meet and interact at the comment section of this article. I’ll really love to help you out. Also, did I forget, omit anything during the course of this journey? You can do everyone who gets to read this article a lot of good if you bring such information to us using the comment section, and make us all learn from it.

Finally, Testimony!

Yes, I’ll is very happy to hear your testimonies with your sugar mummy in Nigeria. Your story would be very interesting you know and would be eye appealing to read. Hence, please don’t deprive me and other readers the fun of reading your experience.

I know you wouldn’t right?

I patiently await you sell at the comment section.

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