Sunday Romantic messages from Boyfriends to Grilfriends

36. May your presence with your family brings great joy and love to you always. Remain blessed this Sunday.

37. Sundays always come with many expectations and ends in awesome experiences, so enjoy this expectant SunDay every day of your life. Enjoy your life well while you still have it.

38. I pray that your Sunday will be brighter than your past days. I pray that you meet abundant adventure and fun along the way. Happy Sunday dear.

39. It’s a brand new day full of brand new blessings and possibilities. Seize them passionately in your hands and don’t ever allow them to slip away. May God bless you. Happy Sunday.

40. Free yourself and spoil yourself today. Enjoy every moment and live the life to the maximum on this day. Have a great Sunday.

41. I can’t be whole if you are not in my life. You make me complete my love. When I’m with you, I feel your love for me and for that, I’m very grateful. I give thanks to God for bringing you to me because you are a very rare gift. Happy Sunday my dear.

42. I am very well and sound in health because of your love for me, and I’m so happy to have you in my life. Happy Sunday, love.

43. I woke up this beautiful Sunday morning to three baskets of fruits God presented to me; Happiness, peace of mind and love. My love, I have no one else to share them with except you. Have a great Sunday.

44. Sunday is a special day, unique in its own way. Enjoy yourself to the fullest and have fun. My love, don’t forget to go to Church.

45. I pray you witness a wonderful Sunday so that you can be prepared for the new week. Enjoy your Sunday!

46. Sunday is the golden clamp that joins together the capacity of the new week. Enjoy your Sunday dear.

47. My love, be free to be lazy today because it’s a work-free Sunday. Sleep very well and don’t bother about the daily house duties. Have a lovely Sunday.

48. Be easy on yourself today, sit back and relax. Have a good Sunday.

49. It’s a new day with a new way on a new Sunday which is on its way. It is the most appropriate day to be happy, cheerful and relieves you of your tensions. May you have a stress-free Sunday.

50. I wish you to be happy, remain healthy and be accomplished on this wonderful day. I pray for you to have all your wishes come true. Happy Sunday my love.

Sunday Romantic messages to wives

51. I pray that the love of God fills your heart with an abundant joy. Have a Sunday blessing!

52. I pray for more blessings and love in your heart, happiness in our home, peace in your soul, and joy in your life. Happy Sunday.

53. Today is Sunday! Let’s just lay in bed throughout the day and exchange sexual pleasures for trips to the kitchen. I bet you will love it because it’s gonna be a sweet experience.

54. Wake up early in the morning,
Receive and breath in fresh air,
Plan your schedule well,
Give time for yourself,
Set goals and be determined to accomplish them. Have a wonderful Sunday, darling.

55. Do not allow the remnants of yesterday’s worries tarnish your sunshine today. Have a beautiful Sunday.

56. Every morning brings with it a renewal of our existence. Our actions of today will tell so much on our lives. Happy Sunday.

57. Bathe in a sea of euphoria and bliss today. Good morning, darling wife.

58. Today is Sunday, so wake up and be ready to witness whatever today has to offer. Be happy, new meetings with great expectations are assured.

59. Let today’s atmosphere help you to conquer new heights. Amen. Happy Sunday.

60. Put your trust in God and be bold to accomplish all your plans. Enjoy your Sabbath.

61. I pray to God for you to be presented with mercy, peace, laughter and happiness, not just for today Sunday but on every day of your life. Amen. Happy Sunday, my wife.

62. May the good Lord give you the best strength to conquer whatever you see as a challenge today and always. Happy Sunday darling.

63. I pray that you will never experience sadness, disappointment, sorrow, grief and problems. Always be happy my dear. GOD bless you my wife.

64. If you are joyous today, let God share in this joy with you. If you are sorrowful, pray to God to give you strength to carry on, and don’t forget that He is always at the door of your heart. Happy Sunday to us.

65. Sunday is a perfect opportunity for us to begin living our lives to the fullest, so dear, do what you want and forget about consequences. Have a great Sunday.

Sunday romantic messages to husband

66. May you have endless joy, richness, prosperity, sound health, and abundant wealth, so are my prayers for you this Sunday my husband.

67. May this beautiful Sunday shine brighter than before for you. Have a fun-filled Sunday.

68. Every time I look at your teeth, I will remember the stars. Anytime you speak out, your words make my heart to melt, and the words yet unspoken give me the peace of mind that you belong to me forever. Happy Sunday, hubby.

69. To my best friend, best husband, and the most durable spare tyre, I wish you a Happy Sunday today and forever.

70. I want to seize this day to thank you for seeing the goodness in me and for not giving up on me. Your love gives me strength, courage and confidence about myself. Wish you a beautiful Sunday.

71. Sunday is a great day to spend time with your family and friends. Lett’s make good use of today and the whole week.

72. Begin something where you are, utilise what you have now and do what you can do to be better. Happy Sunday, dear.

73. What a beautiful Sunday morning? A great chance to appreciate the Lord for reminding us of our blessings. Happy Sunday, love.

74. My love, please don’t stress yourself today. Take a break and relax! Happy Sunday.

75. Don’t waste your Sunday, especially today. Make good use of this Sunday. Don’t allow it to waste, because if you do, you may not enjoy its full blessings. Happy Sunday, darling.

76. On Saturdays we go for adventures. On Sundays, we cuddle, so let’s cuddle each other today and be in love again.

77. Sunday is the most reliable day to regain your energy. You know you had an amazing week, with many successes. It’s now time to recover and plan how to conquer the coming one. Have a good Sunday.

78. Do not let your Sunday be taken from you. Let’s prepare for church. If your soul has no room for Sunday, it becomes tired.

79. Don’t ever allow your cry to supercede your smile, don’t allow what you take exceeds what you give and love more than you’re expected to. Happy Sunday dear.

80. Be positive today. Develop challenging ideas and you will be surprised at how good they would come to reality. Happy Sunday.

Sunday text messages to friend

81. You have worked so hard throughout the week.
At last! A day to relax has come.
Sit back, take a drink and have fun on this day.
With endless enjoyment.
All day long.
Have A Happy And Wonderful Sunday.

82. May you have all the best that this sunday has to offer. May you be happy, healthy and successful on this day of the Lord. I pray that all your wishes come true. Have a nice Sunday!

83. Begin your Sunday morning with a free heart. Don’t nurse doubts, don’t shed tears, have no fear, entertain no worries. Give thanks to God for his priceless gifts & miracles throughout all over the world.
Have a Good Sunday.

84. Monday is loved by some, Friday is cherished by some, while others love birthdays, But my friend, I love only one day, and that is Sunday. Happy Sunday.

85. Sun arises when moon sets… Moon arises when sun sets… When Saturday goes….. Sunday comes up…. Spend your Happy Sunday with your family & not in the office.


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