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Sweet friend SMS of Love

1. My beloved friend, I cherish your way of life because it gives me joy whenever I set my eyes on you.

2. I love the kind of company you keep with me, it is one of the best mutual relationships ever encounter by a human.

3. When you have a good friend, your problems are half solved because all he wants is your joy.

4. Happy friends are always seen around each other helping each other to grow. You are my best friend and I love you.

5. A friend like you is rare and can’t be taken for granted because you gave me back my life through the leave of God.

6. All my wishes are that your life be filled with endless love, your face shall not be deprived of light and sorrow shall not dominate your heart.

7. May your days be filled with longer joy and longer rest of mind. You are a cute friend, beautiful, nice and beloved.

8. I cannot stop loving you as you make me happy every single minute I think about you. A good friend, very interesting to be with.

9. I can do without thinking about every moment we shared together because you are the most wonderful person everyone should share his moment with currently.

10. Since the day I met you as a friend, I have come to understand that you are an epitome of love, caring, and mercy.

11. I wish you all the best as a sweet friend to be with, you are such a person whose name should be written on the platter of Gold.

12. Being loved by those close to your heart gives you more energy to do the best in life. Have a wonderful time with your family.

13. I love the way you smile because it gives me more confidence in this world that I have people that are still in love with me.

14. I wish you one of the most interesting moment as a friend, may your life continue to be blessed with success.

15. I have seen a lot of people in this world but have not seen someone as special as you are. I love you, my dear friend.

16. If I have this world under my feet, I will give you the largest share because of you worth being celebrated to the end.

17. Without you, I am quite sure that this world will be a bit boring because to me every other person cannot play your role.

18. Friends are always been loved by everyone because they have this uniqueness in the way they relate to each other.

19. Thank you for the passion you have for my success in anything I try to achieve, thank you for being the kind of friend I need.

20. You are just my favorite, the most beautiful friend and one with the kind of heart you possess. I love you.

Sweet Friend SMS that shows you care

21. You are the best person in this world for me; your love will never leave my heart because your person is a great character.

22. I wish to be yours always, the most beloved one I can never in any way forget about for the rest of my life.

23. To the gentlest friend, thank you for the sacrifices you made just to ensure that I have my face filled with a smile.

24. You don’t have the idea of how your presence in my life has changed my life. I mean it and you are the best of my friends.

25. The most loving thing I have witnessed so far as this year is a concern is your friendship. It is the most interesting experience.

26. I love my friends because they are not just special but equally my comfort whenever I need a shoulder to lean upon.

27. I will not in any way forget everything you have done in my life; you will forever be the real guy everyone should have around him.

28. Wishing the best of friends a precious moment with lots of love, joy, prosperity, thank you for the smile that never ends.

29. The greatest thing I can beat my chest upon is friendship. The reason is that it makes different blood one.

30. Friendship is the sympathy and the urge to help between two people that love each other with sincerity.

31. Love is the most beautiful bond I have ever heard about and experienced but friendship is on its own a special kind of love.

32. I will rather dine with you for the rest of my life than to eat with a silver plate. I trust you so much that I can leave my property for you.

33. What a fun friend like you, will just come and wash my plate for me so I can serve you the most delicious soup ever?

34. Nice to meet a friend like you, you are just like that chocolate we take together at the eve of Christmas.

35. I just want to make sure that you are fine, you what? I have missed those beautiful moments we shared together.

36. Loving you has been the most interesting thing I cherish most this year. There is no time you came to my home without me being overwhelmed with joy.

37. Thank your endless love for me; it is not easy to find a precious person like you. I appreciate your effort in my life.

38. Thank you, my beloved friend, you have really changed many things about me and I will always be happy about that.

39. Being in a friend with you has to be the real love of my life, I appreciate your impact because it is also another source of joy for me.

40. In your friendship I found the kind of joy I deserve, I will never stop being your friend because you are precious.

Funny Sweet Friend SMS

41. I am blessed because I have you around me; your friendship gives me strength and love to see through the darkness.

42. With you, I am sure I can win every fight. Sure, this life can’t just be complete without you. I wish you all the best.

43. Your thought my maturity, and give me hope that there are still good people in this world. I love you.

44. You are to a drop of water bringing life, a drop of honey bringing joy and a bar of chocolate bring interest to this world to my heart.

45. I admire you with complete passion and pray that you understand the kind of value I have for you as a friend.

46. Forget, you are my sunlight, the best female friend I have ever met in my life. I hope you understand the love I have for you as a friend.

47. A day comes and go, the night passes away but true friends never depart from each other until they are no longer friends.

48. I want to always be close to you to feel the impact of your love for humanity. Thank you for being there for me.

49. The Lord shall bless you beyond your

50. Friends are a blessing to each other, they never get tired of holding hands. They move in flocks and dine in the same bowl.

51. If you don’t what it means to love a friend, it means you need a year course to learn how to be kind enough.

52. Friends are those guardian angels that are always after your wellbeing. All they want is to see you happy all the time.

53. I have seen a lot of things in this life but I am yet to see anything as special as a friend. I love friendship than anything else.

54. If you have a good friend, you can sleep with your two eyes closed it is only a fake friend that betrays.

55. A true friend does not only protect you but also protect your children and properties even after your death.

56. I have seen in your true friendship. When I was in need of your help, you rendered it to me without hesitation.

57. I can’t just be with you without thanking God for bringing a special friend like you to my life. My life finds its best since the day we met.

58. The love that exists between two friends burns like fire and brightens the heart like a light. I am happy to have you in my life.

59. Thank God for my life, your friendship is one of the most important ones ever. You are just always there for me.

60. Sometimes I feel like you are my mother because of the way you care for me; only a mother can do so. I appreciate you my sweet friend.

Sweet Friend SMS that shows appreciation

61. Friends should be happy with each other every day because they are sweeter together than chocolate.

62. If I have a million dollars, I will build a castle for you because you have to be a good friend for so long.

63. No one can be more interesting than you are my precious angel and the most beautiful angel in the realm of friendship.

64. I am used to your presence but your absence is the most difficult thing I cannot cope with at all. I wish you all the best.

65. Having found you as my best friend, I still want to thank you for the entire things you have done in my life. Happy to see you.

66. We have been a good friend for so long, so this is a great enjoyment in this world because I really learned a lot from you.

67. Even as a friend, I still see you as a role model, I love you more and more every minute, every second.

68. Friends are more beautiful than the flowers; they are the best of all that life can bring for you. You are my friend and also a sweet wife.

69. Just want to be happy and then I called upon my Lord to give me a friend and then He gave me a comforter.

70. I must confess that I am yet to see a comforter like you in this world. You came into my life and wiped away my sorrow.

71. I love the fact that you are the most beautiful I can choose for a beauty pageant. You are really worth it, my love.

72. As my friends, all I am interested in is to make you happy. I wish you understand my point? You are just the best for me.

73. I don’t know why everything is fine but it all began since the first day I set my eyes on you. I love you so much.

74. I used to remember every single moment we share together. Those times we hug each other on the neck and play around.

75. Sometimes, the best people we can run to in times of need are good friends. They are always ready to give us a special hand.

76. Though, I may not be perfect but having you as a friend draw me close to perfection and makes me happy every single day.

77. Can’t you see that I am so much lucky to have you as a friend? Your charismatic nature makes me smile anytime I see you.

78. A special love is found in the heart of a good friend, he cherishes you for whom you are and gives you the best of help.

79. The wealthiest people we have today are made by friends who love good things for others. I love you.

80. Being your friend has a lot to do with your great attitude, you are just very interesting, nice, beautiful and lovely.

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