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Tarkwa Bay Island in 2018 – Shocking Story Of An Amazing Community

tarkwa bay island

Tarkwa Bay Island is an enclosed beach located near the Lagos Harbour. It is one of the many beaches located in this commercialized town. Being an island, it can only be accessed by boat or water taxis.

This Tarkwa Bay Island beach is very popular with swimmers and water-sports enthusiasts. It also has a welcoming resident community. As it is far removed from the normal hustle and bustle of which Lagos city is noted for, you cannot but fall in love with this beautiful island. And unlike most public beaches in Lagos, this beach is not often noisy or overcrowded. This makes it a great place for some alone time with your significant other or perhaps a fun day out with your friends.

tarkwa bay island

The Beautiful Tarkwa Bay Beach

A lot has been said about the Tarkwa Bay Island Beach when you visit the Social Prefect and NaijaSingleGirls’ blogs about their visit and experience, but it is shocking to know that no one has really talked about the village that haboured the beautiful Tarkwa Bay Island Beach.

So, I picked up my cameras and decided to pay the Tarkwa Bay Island Village a visit. Despite the fact that I took quite a number of pictures detailing the lifestyle of people in the community, I also met with and interviewed the Baale of Tarkwa and the revelations were as enthralling as shocking:


Video Documentary of the visit and interview

tarkwa bay island

Yours Truly with the Baale of Tarkwa Bay, Chief Olatunji Maxwell (left), Baale of Ayebo Agala, Onisiwo Island, Chief Prince Saheed Onisiwo (Second right), and a youth leader in the community

History of Tarkwa Bay

Away from being a tourist attraction for both locals and foreigners, the Tarkwa Bay Island village which reeks of abandonment from the government of Lagos State holds an amazing story and history.

Tarkwa Bay used to be very unorganized with no definite pattern but this village has taken a new shape with the amazing organization of the residents in ensuring the village is more organized that in previous years.

Tightly packed shacks dot the landscape. Just few of the building are made of block and most of these were erected by the European sailors and slave merchants, who used the place either for leisure or as transit camp.

tarkwa bay island

A newly developed factory by an N.G.O for coconut oil production in Tarkwa Bay Island – Coconut oil is one of the numerous products done in the community. Imagine if there was a big factory here investing in coconut oil production. Massive investment opportunity. No?

tarkwa bay island

The Tarkwa Bay Community

tarkwa bay island

Tarkwa Bay Island Community Hall

tarkwa bay island

Tarkwa Bay Island Community Hall

tarkwa bay island

A Tailoring Shop on the Island – That Moment They Said Nigerian Youths Are Lazy!

Tarkwa Bay has no electricity, not enough safe transportation, police station or industry, health centre to  support the ever increasing population.

Wikipedia’s incorrect information on Tarkwa Bay Island

From being a natural island with amazing natural beaches which was different from Wikipedia’s incorrect information that Tarkwa Bay was an “ARTIFICIAL BEACH” to the sojourn of Queen Elizabeth III and General Yakubu Gowon’s residency, this village reeks of amazing history that can’t be found in any books.

Before we get to the pictures, this interview with Chief Olatunji Maxwell and Chief Prince Saheed Onisiwo will make you fall in love with Tarkwa and also let you into a world that was left undocumented for a long time. A story of love, hate, abandonment and acceptance!

Residents of Tarkwa Bay Island

tarkwa bay island

Portrait of Tolulope Bradley – Chief Coordinator , Tarkwa Bay Island Beach

tarkwa bay island

Speaking with Oga Tolu Bradley – Coordinator of the Tarkwa Bay Island Beach

tarkwa bay island

Children playing on the general playground at the Tarkwa Bay Island

The residents though, are fun loving. Every evening, residents and visitors of the Island moves out to have fun at the local gin stalls and beer parlous.

Nights at Ajegunle, in Tarkwa Bay, can be much busier than Abule and Okunayo, which are also other parts of the island. The fun spots play current tunes from within the country and elsewhere. Popularly played is the music of Timaya- a Bayelsa state born hiphop artiste.

The youths on the beach area in touch with current trends also. They dress in jeans, T-shirts, canvas and loafers which are sold in the local boutiques there. Like their mates elsewhere, they are also crazy about European football leagues. Any time there is a match, you will surely find them at the various viewing centres. Such teams as Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona FC and Real Madrid have them as fans. There is also a local football field, where the youths display their skill.

Sex epidemic

tarkwa bay island

Iya Ibeji posed for the Camera – The interview with her will be on the Instagram handle @the.photoblogger.

tarkwa bay island

Hardwork is not soft work at all! Woman resting under a big canoe at the Tarkwa Bay Island Beach

According to an online forum who mentioned that ‘Tarkwa Bay at night is like daytime, most especially at weekends. Fun is without limit. Talks on abstinence or sexual restraint in Tarkwa Bay are almost alienated. At almost every corner, sex crawls like a disease. Public display of sexual intimacy is a common place. A number of these girls presents sexual favours, just after some drinks. Indeed, sex is cheap at Tarkwa Bay.

If you are concerned about having your sexual gratifications met, it is as easy at nothing. All that needs to be done is to walk into one of the drinking joints and place an “order.” Indeed, the waiters and waitresses at the drinking joints are also pimps.. A nocturnal activity of couples having sex in dark corners is commonplace. A times, two couples will be engaged in the same room at the same time.’

This seems untrue as Tarkwa Bay Island is just same as everywhere else in terms of people and lifestyle. The community being mentioned as a Sodom & Gomorrah is very unfair and belittles the amazing history behind a community that has been self sustaining for several years.

Tarkwa isn’t a Sex Haven of any sort! – Stop this propaganda!

Expensive community

Largely due to the how it is located, life on Tarkwa Bay is expensive. On the island is an acute case of suffering and smiling. Bottles of beer, sachet of water among other necessities, fall under this category.

The other oddities

Other oddities to note are the lack of adequate public or private toilets in Tarkwa Bay. When nature calls, the norm is to answer at the shoreline where they are being swept away by waves that comes and goes. Also on the island are quite a number of lunatics.

When Politicians visit

Even though they lack social amenities this does not in any way suggest that government and politicians are ignorant of the existence of Tarkwa Bay. During election, politicians defy all odds just to get in touch with the community. They will strip themselves of their ego, smartly bringing themselves t the level of these communities so as just to canvass for their votes, with promises of goodies and social amenities. But regrettably, these promises fade away like the sands carried off by the waves.

tarkwa bay island

The new Jetty under construction as at April 2018 – I learned it will take 6 months before completion

Churches and NGOs to the rescue

Unlike the government which has abandoned the people of Tarkwa bay, churches are in one way or the other trying to deal with their spiritual welfare. This congregation includes the Cherubim and Seraphim, Assemblies of God Church, International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Bible Life Church and Evangel Pentecostal Church, Our Lady of Tarkwa Bay Catholic Church. A number of their activities and impacts are evident in life on the beach presently.

More pictures of the Tarkwa Bay Island

tarkwa bay island

As a foodie who wanted a taste of what was on fire, I waited!

tarkwa bay island

…and then this came out

tarkwa bay island

Handwriting on the wall? The Tarkwa Bay Health Centre was even renovated by the Nigerian Army. Abandoned by the government, this community. What can we do?

tarkwa bay island

The Central Drainage System that needs government intervention. Hmmmn!!

tarkwa bay island

The Generator Repairer beams with smiles as the camera approached him.

tarkwa bay island

The Coconut oil manufacture process.

tarkwa bay island

What do you think about this?

tarkwa bay island

According to the Baale of Tarkwa Bay, since the government installed this solar powered water, it barely worked for 6 months before it packed up. All these happened 4 years ago.

You want to have some fun? Directions to the Tarkwa Bay Island Beach

How to Get to Tarkwa Bay

No matter where you are coming from in Lagos, when you get to CMS board a bus (N50 Only) going to Victoria Island or Lekki and Stop at Police Check Point. You can also ask to be dropped at where you can board a ferry going to Tarkwa Bay. Then, cross over. It is so easy to locate.

As it is an island, Tarkwa Bay is only accessible by water. You can board a ferry or high-speed boat to the bay from various part of Lagos of course. But the most popular of the places are: Marina, Mekwe Jetty and Tarzan Marine (Victoria Island).

  • From Mekwe Jetty (this is near Bonny Camp on Lagos Island): boarding a boat is just a journey of 15 minutes.
  • From Tarzan Marine Services beside Lagos Oriental Hotel: at the cost of #2000 you can board a speedboat for the entire journey (to and fro). The ride is more or less 25 minutes.
  • From Marina (CMS): You can board a speedboat at N1500 per person. The ride should last for 20 minutes.

For Fun seekers – When is the Best Time to Visit Tarkwa Bay Beach?

Looking for a quiet and romantic time, then a visit during on one of the week days is just ideal. Although this beach is very small and so it has lesser visitors of all the beaches in Lagos, yet it can be crowded during weekends, public holidays and festive seasons.

The time of the year should also be considered when visiting the beach. As all other beaches, it is beast not to visit duting the rainy season  which is April to September. This is because you can only get to and from the beach by water and rain makes the ocean tempestuous. Everyone knows that rain and beach relaxation is actually not a good combo.

Also, it should be noted that the last speedboat taking passengers back to Marina (CMS) leaves the bay by 6pm. If you do not have plans to stay over on the island then setting out early to enjoy the scenery at the beach is the best of options.

What to Wear to Tarkwa Bay Beach

You can choose to wear whatever you like to the beach as Tarkwa Bay is one of the smaller and more private beaches. And as bikinis are not an uncommon sight on Lagos beaches, people who have visited Tarkwa Bay have attested to the fact that it is a place of freedom. There’s a changing booth available at the beach. Making use of it costs N50.

Things to do at Tarkwa Bay Beach

1. Relax

You might want to escape the loudness of Lagos city and Tarkwa Bay Beach is one of the best options for this. On this beach there are not many shacks playing music from different directions. This leaves you to enjoy the chill day, play around in the water, lay around in the sand and enjoys a nice time. Just rent a tent and enjoy the calming sights and sounds of the ocean waves.

2. Eat and Drink

Tarkwa Bay Beach is also ideal for a little picnic. You have to pack your own lunch and drinks as there are no food stalls around. There’s almost no perfect place in Lagos to enjoy some fresh coconut juice straight from the husk.

In abundance are a number of local gin stores, if you are interested in those things then you are sure to get them.

3. Fun Activities

You can indulge in fun acts like swimming, surfing, enjoying a game of beach volleyball or enjoy numerous other beach games with your friends and family.

How Much Will a Visit to Tarkwa Bay Cost?

As low as #1000 and as much as #10,000, depending on your budget of course, you can have a fun filled day on this beach.

Here is a list of some items at Tarkwa Bay Beach and how much they cost as at the last time I went on this trip.

  • Unofficial entry fee – N200
  • Boat fee (to and fro) –  ranges from N600 – N2000
  • Tents – N300
  • Chair – N300
  • Table – N100
  • Changing room – N50
  • Water (sachet) – N10
  • Beer – N350
  • Grilled fish – from N500
  • Coconut juice – from N200
  • Beach Volley Ball court – N1000

Last words on the documentary of Tarkwa Bay Island

Finally, as you can see there are in-born and associated problems in the Tarkwa Bay Island and also amazing investment opportunities in this community. As an NGO, this is the perfect opportunity to extend your arm of help and assistance to this unique island and as an investor, move away from the hustle of Lagos to a more serene environment where you can invest with amazing ROI for your money.

Thinking of paying a visit to the Tarkwa Bay Island and you need me to join you on this trip, you can send a mail to our admin email on You will be amazed at the relationship between myself and the community – how friendly and welcoming they are. This is your time to help, support, and invest in Tarkwa Bay Island!

I hope you enjoyed every bit of the journey, and I was able to take you to the Tarkwa Bay Island through my eyes and lens. Please drop comments if you want me to visit your town/ village or you intend to support our travel documentary!

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