4 Important Tips On How To Travel Light

How to travel light

How to travel light – Recently I went on a documentary journey to Ado-Awaye in Oyo State and my dream of traveling light came through with the Jansport Ultra-light Backpack. As a photoblogger, I have realized over time that I packed a lot of unnecessary things in my bag, and I do not realize this until I get to my destination. When the Jansport bag came in through Travelstart, I knew the time to start traveling light is here.

Who wouldn’t anyway when there is a light backpack for you use to make use of. I did a review of the Jansport Backpack here on Youtube. Check it out:

Since the backpack was all about lightness, then I figured that the time to really start traveling light has come. For those traveling outside the country, your laptop backpack does not necessarily mean you are cheap even when you are traveling on one of those numerous cheap flights. There are light backpacks in Nigeria that comes with a high/ moderate price tag, an example of which is the Jansport backpack which is immense value for money because it is ultra-light and sturdy.

1. Your backpack determines how light you would travel

Whether or not you know, you can never travel with more than what fits into your bag. For you to be able to travel light, the type of travel bag you use should be put into consideration.

Which is where the Jansport backpack comes in.

The light travel backpack helps you with efficiency with packing. When you think of maximizing your backpack travel space, then you should think about the Ultralight backpack. It surely helps you make the most of your process and allows you to be efficient with your packing.

2. Create a mental list of what you need

Or better still, just write it down. No matter how many days you intend to go on your travel, creating a list of what you need is as important as booking your cheap flights tickets.

This will enable you to remember to pack what is extremely important for your journey and do away with all potential substitutes.

This may sound a little off for you but trust me when you start this out, you will see how efficient you will be and how organized the backpack will look when you are done with the checklist.

When you are done with this and you want to appreciate me for bringing up such an important to do, then you can take one of your cheap flights from Lagos to New York as a token of appreciation! Hehe!

3. Learn to be a minimalist with your clothing and other accessories

Hold on, I’ll explain better:

Do not pack heavy clothing items into your bag – When I did my travel and I knew I would go for two days, I wore my heavy Jean trousers for the journey, this was because the other jeans were lighter and could fit into the big and allow for more spaces.

Smart thinking, you would say?

Also, travel with items that can serve more than one purpose. There are various body creams that can double as hair or beard creams, you know? Chargers that has different holes to charge your gadgets.

In fact, remember that you can certain clothing items twice because they get dumped into laundry, right? Then go with these type of clothing items.

Make use of every little compartment in your travel backpack.

Ensure you make use of every space/ compartment in your bag. There are smaller compartments that could hold your brushes – toothbrush, shoe brush, toothpaste, pomade, hair/body cream etc. Ensure you maximise these little spaces, so as not to fill other important spaces in your bag where bigger items can go in.

So you see?

4. Replace bulky electronics with alternatives

Your laptop can be replaced with an iPad or a phone. It is just light travel. Alternatives should be created for heavy items such as laptops and big hard copy books you intend to take on your journey.

Get more acquainted with using lighter electronic gadgets whenever you intend to travel light.

Do you have more experience to share on one of your travels on how you were able to travel light? Please drop them in the comments below. We can all learn together, can’t we?

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