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Benefits of A Wishlist To Your Wedding

The Benefits of A Wishlist To Your Wedding: The Aso-Ebi season is upon us again! Who knew ‘onion’ is a shade of color ehn? I sure didn’t. Gosh never have I felt so old knowing that piece of information. But I digress.

Weddings are simply the best Owanbe and wouldn’t you agree?

The vibe, that impenetrable feeling of love, food and endless dancing!  Oh and the slayage! You know there’s always an ‘Ebuka” and ‘Toke’ at every wedding making you swoon and run to your tailors trying to match their slay.

A Nigerian wedding has everything, everything, except one thing, is always missing, ‘The Gift Corner’ always so empty, everybody simply avoids looking in that direction, feeling guilty because you know you’re a part of the reason that little area is empty.

Telling yourself;

“Oh, I didn’t know what the couple would want”

“Couldn’t find time in my busy schedule to shop for gifts”

“Found something but wasn’t sure how to deliver it to the venue”

Thereby slowly but surely killing the wedding gifting culture in Nigeria.

Well worry no more about that awkward empty corner, TheRegistryNG has got a solution to your problems. ‘GIFT REGISTRY’  yes Gift! this registry is simply where soon to be married couples can create a “Wish List” consisting of the desired items they’d like to be gifted by their guests.

Why should I have a wish list you say? Well let’s break down the benefits for you;

  • A wish list saves your guests the trouble of deciding what to gift you as a wedding present
  • It takes the pressure of delivering chosen gift to the wedding venue.
  • Eliminate receiving that dreaded toaster and kettle twice or even three times!
  • Get the gifts you actually want and not yet another set of pot that we all know will never be touched.

Oh, and did you know, that creating your wish-list is absolutely free, we do all the work and all you have to do is share your unique link with family, friends, and invitees and with a simple click your best friend just contributed to your honeymoon funds! and your colleagues just purchased that camera you’ve been eyeing for months.

The benefits are endless, that’s why we here at TheRegistryNG are your No 1 destination for putting together your desired gifts. Couples have the added option to monetize their gifts meaning couples who chose to monetize will be getting the cash equivalent of the total amount of gifts bought off their Wishlist!!!!

How’s that for another benefit of having a wish list ***winks**.

Once your gifts have been purchased, we deliver it to your preferred location at no extra cost! Now how’s that for taking all the hassles away for you.

We are 100% safe and guarantee you won’t be disappointed by our excellent services.

Be a jolly good fellow, tell someone about this simple way to gift and let’s bring back the gifting culture together.

TheRegistryNG is at your service. Simply check us out on www.theregistryng.com and follow us on all social media platforms @theregistryng.


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