Loving You Letters For Him And Her

Loving you letters

Loving you letters for him and her:

1. My missions are to make you happy, love you better, support you and always be the last man standing by your side when you need me most. Why won’t I do so when I claim that you are the loveliest person in my life? I am so happy to meet you in life because since the day we became a husband and a wife, you haven’t for once hurt my heart with any attitude or a foul language. This is the reason why I will always be proud of you. You worth been proud about to everybody. You are a princess. No wonder your face is as bright as sunshine. You are not just a princess but an honorable one that deserves lots of respects. From the way you conduct yourself, down to the way you live your life are enough for anyone to give you the entire world as a reward. I also want you to understand that I miss you a lot. Your beautiful eyes have for long been seen. Your awesome voice whenever you sing for me has not been heard for too long. I wish you could be here to make me happy once again. You may not know how much you mean to me. You are a precious treasure. You worth more than a million dollars, and every single day the special love I have for you increases at a speed of light. I love you with all my life.

Great loving you letter for him and her:

2. In this very moment, I am only trying to be close you than ever. Baby, truly we have been so far from each other for four months, and I don’t think it is a good idea. I told you that I love you with all sincerity; however, this distance has hindered me from showing you how much you mean to me. How do I know how you feel without me when even your eyes have been hidden from me since these days? You are simply the most loving man in my life. You care about me, take care of me and my kids. You never for one day complain of my attitudes even when I err almost every day. You are my happiness because no man has been able to do what you have done for me. Is it the dream of those days you achieved for me through your prayers and support’ or the simple life you lead with me? There are many instances of help and love you showed to me which I cannot document because words cannot describe them. I also want to use this opportunity to thank you for every single love you showed to me when I was sick. How you stayed beside me in the hospital to take care of me. The way you were holding my hands so that you are sure that I am fine. The tears that fell from your eyes are all signs of the true love you have for me. I love you.

Soulful loving you letter for him and her:

3. I don’t know why the Lord sent you to me as a guardian angel. In my goals, you played a brighter role. In what I believed in, you supported and also gave directions to make it a reality. When I was sad, were you not the same angel God used as a means to make me happy once again? Didn’t you stay by my side to console me with your powerful words of comfort? Have you not been kind enough for me? Why then will I not love a man who can sacrifice everything just to make me happy? You are always on my mind as the fish is always in the river. Not even for once, I thought of replacing you with anyone. Is there any man like you at all? You are so amazing. Everything about you keeps amazing me, astonishing characters that surround you. How I wish that I met you ten years before now. Truly, I went through a lot in life until a guardian and caring angel that you are came into my life to wipe away my sorrows. Now, I am sound, strong, happy and always willing to play around with you. Your presence in my life is a gift. You gave me a new life to live through the leave of the Lord. You changed my life and gave me another reason to smile once again. If I knew this is how sweet this life will be with you, I would have told God to let me live forever on earth. Notwithstanding, I hope that we meet again in the hereafter. I will always love you for the rest of my life. I won’t replace with anyone, no matter how rich or famous he could be. Take, and have a lovely day ahead. Never get stressed out today, focus more on your job than any other activities in the office. Until we meet again to spend more time together.

Beautiful loving you letter for him and her:

4. If this life is a color, I guess it should be blue. Blue, to me, is the color of love because anytime I look into your eyes, all I see is a charming blue light. I see joy, happiness and long life in peace and harmony. You understand what I am saying because you are a living witness of what it takes to fall in love with someone special. I don’t know how to completely show you how much you mean to me. You came into my life, and solve the challenges of the past and present. You supported me when I need a shoulder to lean upon. You lifted me when I was falling. This kindness from you is enough for me to thank God forever. He gave me a gift that can’t be found in the market. He sent down a rain of hope and joy in a form of a human to shower happiness on my life. My life has been bright and pure because God through you, bath me with the water of comfort. Now I have a mind filled with joy, a heart glowing like moonlight in the darkest hour of the night in the sky. I now have the confidence to show my thirty-twos to the world as a sign of a true lover found of recent. I will always love you to the end of life because you are a precious treasure to me. With you, I attained many of the goals which I could not achieve alone. I found another shoulder to lean my head on, another chest to hug. You are the most beautiful gift in my life; your presence in my life is divine. The reason is that anytime I see you, my mind is always at rest. I know you won’t frustrate me. You are not an object of fear why ten will I not be free with you? I wish you all the best in this world and the hereafter. Thank you for the love you showed to me. I wish you all the best. I want to see you smiling every day of your life. I want to see you excel in anything you are doing. If this life is pleasing to you, it means I will also be in comfort with a good man full of kindness and light in his heart. Your love in my heart is like an egg. I don’t joke with anything delicate because I cherish them with endless passion.

Special loving you letter for him and her:

5. If I can find a way to always make you happy, I will adopt. You deserve love, passion, respect and comfort in your heart. You are indeed a wonderful person in my life, and will always love you for the rest of my life. I want to see your beautiful face all the time. I want to hear your melodious voice for the rest of my life. I want to always wake up next to you. If a beautiful girl that you are is my wife, the world will become a better place to live. It will become a peaceful paradise to dwell in. Baby, anytime I look into your eyes, I see a long lasting desire. I see a burning desire to want to spend the rest of your life with you. You are my joy, happiness and the one God has chosen for me. Why won’t you be the angel of my life’ when your presence in my life only makes me happy? I am so compatible with you. I am so happy to have been in this world with you. If we get married, it does not change anything as it turns my sad heart into an ocean of happiness. I want you to know one thing. What is it? It is the fact that I have never experienced a good life the way I do, since the day I set my eyes on you. I love you beyond what an ordinary man can figure out. My feelings for you cannot be measured by any machine. In you, I saw the kind of woman willing to spend the rest of my life with. I wish you all the best now and forever. You are my dream, the one I cherish with all my heart. My joy, happiness, and the most precious lady I have ever met since the day I was born. In fact, loving you is my strength.

Emotional loving you letters for him and her:

6. You may not know how much you mean to me. You may not understand how important you are in my life; however, I will let you understand that you have changed my life. You have removed the fear I used to have in my heart by your words of action. I will always love you now and forever. I mean it. You have proven to me time without number that a home with you is a home of peace. Why won’t I love you more and more? Why won’t I want to spend the rest of my life with you? This is evidence that any child born by you has to be a great one. An intelligent mother only gives birth to an intelligent child. A great child will always have his or her root traced to wonderful parents. Baby, you are wonderful, beautiful, awesome, lovely and above all the most interesting woman in my life. Let me tell you one more thing. Do you actually know how special you are to me? Come to think of it, since the day I met you everything has been going fine in my life, this is a sign that you are a blessing that worth been celebrated forever. I will not stop loving you until the end of time. I will try all my best to make sure that there is lots of joy, happiness around you. You are so special, lovely and precious. May you find comfort in your heart like never before. I wish you all the best desires. May you find rest of mind; thank you for always be loving.

7. I just want to reach out to the one I love. That man that puts a smile on my face. A precious lover that keeps to his promises. A sincere man with lots of qualities every man should have. Thank God I have someone as special as you are in this world. I wish you could check my heart and see what is written in it for you. These as written are so complicated that no word can describe them in the human world. I will try all my best to show you some of them as they can be described in action. I will show you how much it takes to find a true love. You are my heartbeat, and as such want you to understand this phenomenon and then accept it as a truth. Believe me when I said I love you. Why won’t I love you when you show me, endless love? Why won’t I return your love when you show me respect? Why will I just take you for granted when you have proven to me time without number that you can bring the entire world for me if you can? I love you so deeply that I can’t stop thinking about you, no matter how busy I may be. It is hard to forget about a great lover like you. A champion, a true love and the heartfelt wife that pleases me the way I want. No one will see you and then says “I can’t see anyone.” You are so gorgeous, easy going, lovely and above all the most beautiful girl in the world.

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