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The Dream Girl I must Find

the dream girl I must find

The dream girl I must find. I must find her, I just need to!

She kissed me with such passion and ferocity that I had to kiss her back. Rubbing her tongue against my lips, made me fluster in pure submission. The quick sweet sensation hit my groins and my feet quavered.

As hard as I try to stare at her face while we kissed, it was difficult for me. There was this type of blurriness that covered her face. As much as I could not see her face, I was not really bothered about it. The feeling I had at that moment swept every thing else aside. I pushed her to the wall, her back towards me and I grabbed her two mound of flesh from behind.

I pressed my already hard member against her and she moaned. Some words escaped from her lips but I couldn’t hear them. I thought I heard something like ‘… me!? But I just did not care about what she said!

I licked her spinal area from the back of her neck to the two hollow region of her behind. She gasped for breath and pushed me onto the only sofa in my living room. She sat on me back facing me and I straddled her, sliding in with no barrier.

I held onto her waist as I began to glide in and out furiously as if I would never get another chance at the honeypot.

Beads of sweat cascaded down my head and body and it wasn’t until a tiny bead of salty sweat touched my mouth and she she said ‘Ahhhh’ while she shifted to accommodate me further that I woke from my Wet dream.

Gosh, I cussed under my breath, Wet dream? It sounded too real and enjoyable to be true! What the heck? Why wet dream on a Tuesday of all days. A Tuesday noon infact! Wallahi, I just wish Rente my babe was here!

I was still wondering and pondering on the wet dream when my Nokia 1616 phone rang. It was Jane that called.

‘Hey Tola’, she said from the other end of the call.

‘Hi dear’, I responded.

‘Can you come to Kilo by 3 in the evening?’ One Maga is spending money for me there. I want you to join us at Amobel Fast Food. You know there nah?

Thank goodness, free lunch for me yet. ‘I’ll be there Jane. I hope our maga has enough cash to spare? I can’t waste my last kobo on Okada oh!’

‘Dee, don’t worry nah? Have I ever told you to come and you don’t get to enjoy yourself?’

‘Okay, see you at 3 then!’ I replied.

Jane was a Shakara girl I met six months ago at Ebedi Food Canteen, Aguda. We just met while we were arguing about the assorted meat to put in our meals on queue when we just connected. Fair in complexion, six foot eight. Jane was every man’s dream, but based on the fact that we live on the same street, SOLOKI, we could not even have a fling. I so dislike street parole and the wahala it brings!

So, we became close friends. She uses me for her escapades with old men who wanted her honey jar so bad than she was ready to give ( I just pray that one day bush meat won’t catch the hunter).

Thank God something else came up that took my mind off the wet dream, I jumped on Instagram to check out some cute babes I slid into their DMs last week, if anyone had responded.

By 3pm I was already dressed, picked a bike to KILO, Surulere.

I flirted subtly with the pretty female security at the entrance of the Eatery and she smiled shyly at me, She could not be more than 26 years of age. All these Lagos eatery and young security girls. Na wa oh! Is it a strategy to attract customers? I wasn’t bothered.

As I sauntered into the eatery, Jane and her 60 something year old maga was at a not too conspicuous area of the eatery. She beckoned at me, as I quickly walked towards them.

Hey baby, she quickly said, ‘Meet Alhaji Audu, Alhaji meet Tola the guy I told you about.’ I thought Alhaji was going to be angry I was there but he was happy and told me to use a seat.

Jane in her customary self had already bought food, ‘Ah Ofada, my favourite, and a five alive drink. Oh No, no drink today, I’d only do water.’

‘Make I enjoy today sha, I no go carry last!’ I said to myself

I excused myself and proceeded to the counter to pick a bottled water. The only lady who was the attendant was backing a wall that looked like the wall of my living room. Same painting, brown kind of glossy painting that reminded me of my wall in the wet dream.

Again I asked, please can I have a bottled water! She quickly jolted out of her trance like status and said ‘Ahhhhhh’. The sound reminded me of the Wet dream that I had and I began having this feeling of DejaVu.

Have I been here before? Do I know this babe from somewhere? Did we go to the same church? I was about asking her all these questions when she turned and then it HIT me straight to my face!

Can it be her? She was the girl? Oh my God, To say I was shocked was an understatement.

She smiled in my confusion, and said:

‘Hey Tola, Do you like me?!’ I remembered the words spoken by the faceless girl in my dreams which I could not hear when she mouthed them.

She continued ‘Unfortunately you did not allow me orgasm! You are such a naughty boy!’

Shocked at the realization, bewildered at the thoughts and while trying to gather myself and the sudden turn of events! I slipped and fell on the marble floor of the eatery!

‘I woke up three hours later to the voice of Jane and Alhaji Audu. Where are we,’ I asked them. ‘We are at Randle hospital Dear,’ Jane responded.

‘You just fainted while you were about collecting water at the eatery and we had to bring you down here when you did not wake after trying all first aid.’

Interesting, why did I faint? What happened? Then I remembered, oh Dear, the girl, the dream girl. I have to go back, I need to see her!

The next day, I visited the eatery to inquire about mystery dream girl and was informed that she did not show up the following day, she just came to intern and they told her to come in for a mid test when I arrived to request for water!

There was no information that I could use. Mystery babe was gone! I was scared, what do I do? I must find mystery girl. I just have to find her! I don’t know why, but I have to!



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  • Reply
    August 30, 2017 at 11:19 am

    May God help you in your search ooo

  • Reply
    August 30, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    Mr dream guyy, u never check in to Oyingbo or Alaba Suru maybe u go find d gul dia, u know guls too dey waka dis days.

  • Reply
    August 30, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    Ultimate search, continue ooo

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